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Carlos Alberto Montaner

14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami, 17 September 2017 — In the middle of the hurricane I received a mysterious photo of Fidel Castro. At the top it said: “Fidel resurrected.” Below the portrait the mystery was clarified: “His name is Irma.” The Commander was reincarnated as a ferocious hurricane. The joke has a serious basis Juan Manuel Cao, … Continue reading "A Hurricane Called Communism" Continue reading
Ana Navarro, a CNN analyst, says that Donald Trump must stop behaving like a “mean girl.” She was referring to the president’s latest tweets against Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, hosts of Morning Joe, a popular morning show on MSNBC. Trump called Joe a “psycho” with low audience ratings (which is false). He called Mika … Continue reading "Trump and the Tweets of Wrath" Continue reading
Carlos Alberto Montaner, 2 April 2017 — Maduro changed course. The country’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, facilitated it on a silver platter. Surely it was prearranged. First, Nicolás Maduro eliminated any vestige of democracy in Venezuela. His hitmen in the Supreme Court of Justice took care of it by assuming all the duties of … Continue reading "Maduro Continues to Be a Danger for Everyone / Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, 11 March 2017 — They are five: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador. That’s the main nucleus of the 21st-Century Socialism countries. They have different economic structures and their governments manage the productive apparatus in diverse ways, but their rulers coincide on an essential aspect: they attained power so they could keep … Continue reading "Ecuadoreans Are Gambling With Their Freedom / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, 25 February 2017 — On May 24, Rafael Correa will leave the presidency of Ecuador. Not long now. Don’t despair. I understand; the wait has been long and painful. He has spent a decade in power. On that day, whoever wins the April 2 runoff will take over the government. If the … Continue reading "Rafael Correa and the Populist Syndrome / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading

DDC trasmitirá hoy, a partir de las 6:00 pm, un panel auspiciado por la Asociación para el Estudio de la Economía Cubana.

Organizado por ASCE, el conversatorio tendrá lugar en la Casa Bacardí de la Universidad de Miami, en el campus de Coral Gables, Florida. Se analizarán las implicaciones de las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Cuba.

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14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Madrid, 29 January 2017  —  Europe is terrified by Donald Trump’s triumph. it fears the vision of the American friend, the primus inter pares. That fact has just been revealed by a macrosurvey by the French pollster Ipsos, which conducted it in 24 nations through interviews with 18,000 people. Ipsos is the … Continue reading "Europe Is Terrified / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
La isla está a punto de declararse en bancarrota Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami, 25 December 2016 — Exactly one quarter of a century ago, the Soviet Union disappeared. The hecatomb occurred on Dec. 25, 1991, the direct consequence of the prior (and failed) coup in August of that year. Vladimir Putin believes that it was the worst disaster that has happened to his … Continue reading "The Second Cold War / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
El país petrolero sufre una fuerte devaluación de la moneda local y escasez de billetes Continue reading
Parece evidente que la Rusia de Putin pasará a ser el gobierno 'amigo' de la nueva administración Continue reading
Carlos Alberto Montaner, 10 December 2016 — Raúl Castro is on his own. Gone is his mentor, his paternal figure, the man who molded his life and led him at gunpoint — literally — from insignificance to the nation’s leadership. But he did so brusquely, reminding him every so often that he despised him for … Continue reading "Raul Castro at the Crossroads / Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
El Miami Dade College le acaba de realizar un homenaje a la periodista venezolana Continue reading
El gobierno de centro izquierda de Matteo Renzi ha renunciado Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami, 3 December 2016 — Almost no one knows how his final hours passed. Did he die suddenly of a cardiac arrest, did he agonize for several days, or did he suffocate because a throat obstruction, as rumors circulate sotto voce in Havana ? Why the hurry to cremate him? Was it … Continue reading "Questions After Burying Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
El escritor asegura que el cambio llegará con la muerte de Raúl Continue reading

El periodista y escritor Carlos Alberto Montaner consideró este miércoles que es "muy probable" que el futuro inquilino de la Casa Blanca, el republicano Donald Trump, "invalide la apertura política" del actual presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, con el Gobierno cubano.

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"No habrá un levantamiento del embargo a corto o medio plazo" Continue reading

La Feria del Libro de Miami dio a conocer el miércoles el Programa de Autores Iberoamericanos de su trigésimo tercera edición, en el que aparecen representantes de todos los géneros y actividades como un homenaje a Jorge Luis Borges, reportó EFE.

Organizada por el Miami Dade College, la trigésimo tercera Feria del Libro de Miami, la más importante para autores en español de Estados Unidos, se celebrará del 13 al 20 de noviembre en las instalaciones de ese centro universitario.

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14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Santiago de Chile, 28 August 2016 – I have arrived in the country in the middle of a cacophony, fortunately peaceful and civilized. It is Sunday, and tens of thousands of people are protesting against the AFPs. They complain about the “Pension Fund Administrators,” a retirement system founded on individual capital … Continue reading "Chile Returns To Its Old Populist Ways / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, 3 September 2016 — It may have been the largest march in Venezuela’s history. Did it serve for anything? We’ll get to that. I begin my analysis with a view of the government. Maduro and the Cuban DGI agents, who actually rule the country, faced a dilemma: in the face of … Continue reading "Do Massive Marches Serve a Purpose? / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
Entrevista con el periodista, escritor y político cubano, Carlos Alberto Montaner Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos A. Montaner, Miami, 6 August 2016 – They are hungry in Venezuela. It is the revolution. It does not matter that it potentially may be the richest country in the world. The same thing happened in 1921 in the newly debuted USSR. A million Russians died of hunger. Lenin rejoiced. “The revolution and … Continue reading "The Revolution is Exactly That / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos A. Montaner, Miami, 2 July 2016 – Cesar Nombela is the chancellor of the Menendez and Pelayo International University located in Santander, Spain. He is a renowned researcher in the world of microbiology. It occurred to Dr. Nombela and the Governing Council to award former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe the institution’s Medal of … Continue reading "The Totalitarian Left and Their “Escraches” / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, 25 April 2015 – Mexico and corruption are two words that always go hand in glove, or as the Columbians mischievously say, “grab each other’s peepees.” Corruption in Venezuela is greater, and that of Argentina is … Continue reading Continue reading
Carlos Alberto Montaner analiza la alianza entre Vladimir Putin y Nicolás Maduro Continue reading

La Editorial Hypermedia acaba de publicar en formato digital Viaje al corazón de Cuba, del periodista y escritor cubano Carlos Alberto Montaner. El libro ya está disponible en Amazon.

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Interview with Carlos Alberto Montaner, writer, journalist and political REINALDO ESCOBAR, Havana, 24 June 2014 — Carlos Alberto Montaner has long been a kind of black beast in the official Cuban government propaganda. Accused of being a terrorist, a CIA … Continue reading Continue reading
The 33 presidents and dignitaries who visited Havana were left in awe. None knew how, albeit very precariously, with the buildings in ruins and on the edge of catastrophe, Cuba managed to sustain itself. Perhaps with the exception of Venezuela’s … Continue reading Continue reading

La propaganda oficial no escatima epítetos para presentar constantemente a Carlos Alberto Montaner como un importante miembro de "la mafia cubana de Miami", alguien con un pasado violento —terrorista— y un presente dedicado por entero a perjudicar los intereses de los cubanos de la isla.

Sin embargo, sorprende que, a pesar de este esfuerzo, muchos de los artistas e intelectuales que residen en Cuba, junto a varios funcionarios oficiales, busquen encuentros con Montaner durante sus viajes al exterior.

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