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El opositor holguinero Miguel Batista Meriño, integrante del Foro por los Derechos y Libertades (ForoDyL), Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID) y el Partido por la Unidad Democrática Cristiana de Cuba, falleció este viernes en Gibara, Holguín, a los 52 años de edad, informaron a DIARIO DE CUBA activistas de la disidencia interna.

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For years I tried to imagine his face, but it didn’t appear anywhere. He had been erased from the national history with meticulous cruelty. They airbrushed him out, even in one of the most iconic images of the Revolution, the … Continue reading Continue reading
Huber Matos died on the morning of 27 February in Miami. On the 25th he was admitted to Kendall Regional Hospital where he was diagnosed with a massive heart attack. On the 26th he asked that they withdraw his respirator … Continue reading Continue reading
SANTA CLARA, Cuba.- Members of the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party (CID) paid tribute to Laura Inés Pollan Toledo on  the 66th birthday, 13 February, at one of their sites in the city of Santa Clara. Ada Olimpia Becerra Fuentes, … Continue reading Continue reading
Site manager’s note: We have been receiving news of a large protest in Holguin since yesterday but this video from CID (Independent and Democratic Cuba) is the first direct visual evidence we have seen. Following is a translation of the … Continue reading Continue reading
On the morning of Tuesday, 14 January 2014, the president of the CID’s Citizen Committee Against Cruelty, independent journalist Roberto Blanco Gil, was arrested in the public street of Pinar del Rio while distributing the weekly news report, “La Nueva … Continue reading Continue reading
Santa Clara, 14 January 2014 – CID activists Yoel Fonseca Machado and Olga Lilia Gonzalez Barroso, said they were beaten and arrested by police officers, while trying to support a strike self-employed workers tried to carry out in 14 January … Continue reading Continue reading
In a meeting held December 28, 2013, at the CCSF Rigoberto Fuentes cooperative in the San Juan y Martinez municipality in the Pinar del Rio province, the directors threatened to take land from farmers if they do not participate in … Continue reading Continue reading
Yilian Lucia Orama and Alexander Rodriguez, her husband–activists for the Independent and Democratic Cuba party (CID) in Santa Clara–were detained at 2 pm January 8 in the municipality of Camajuani, Villa Clara province. Yanisbel Valido Perez, delegate from CID in … Continue reading Continue reading
On October 30th the newspaper Granma published, Beginning improvements in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The approved proposals were aimed at shaping a modern revolutionary Foreign Ministry to ensure more efficient performance of the organization and the concentration of the … Continue reading Continue reading
  “Cuba is not the place of origin, transit or destination of human trafficking”.  This was declared by Isabel Moya Richard, the director of ’Editorial de la Mujer’ (A Cuban Women’s Federation publisher) on November 1.  However, later in the … Continue reading Continue reading
My name is Maireni Saborio Gonzales, I am 23 years old and I live in city of Caibarien, Villa Clara.  I left as a boat person or rafter on September 25, 2012 and I was jailed for 11 months in … Continue reading Continue reading
By Karel Becerra * The compatriot José Conrado Rodríguez Alegre, known as Father Conrado, Catholic but above all Cuban, visited Argentina and among his activities he met in Buenos Aires with a group of Cubans and Argentinians who carry Cuba … Continue reading Continue reading
On the morning of Sunday August 25, 2013, members of different organizations met at the home of Rolando Pupo Carralero, President of the Committee of Free Peasants of the Independent and Democratic Cuba Party (CID), at the headquarters of this … Continue reading Continue reading
In December 2012 the CID Provincial Coordinator in Pinar del Rio was sentenced to one year in prison in a trial that was a travesty. Yelky Puig was a member of the State Security who, after leaving their ranks, joined … Continue reading Continue reading
  In the town of Playita in Jamaica Beach area in the municipality of Antilla* in the province of Holguin, the peasant Israel Cardoso Gonzalez had two cows of which one has been confiscated by the delegate of the municipality, … Continue reading Continue reading
“Look! Look how the people support us! You say that the people condemn us…look how the people support us.”  This is what Zuleidys Perez Velasquez repeated on Monday, August 5th to the members of the State (In)Security when the bus … Continue reading Continue reading
This Saturday, July 20, Independent and Democratic Cuba (CID) has opened a new office in the Municipality of Marianao to honor the memory of the leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, murdered by the dictatorship along with … Continue reading Continue reading
A Cuban family from Holguín, desperate because of the precarious state of their home and the lack of any response from the authorities, went to see human rights activists to ask them to help and to provide a report on … Continue reading Continue reading
When, at the end of June, the North Korean General Kyok Sik Kim arrived with a delegation to Cuba it was assumed that something was brewing between the two dictatorships. What else could one deduce from the words of this … Continue reading Continue reading
Mirta Velasco Toledo found herself in serious condition in a hospital in Holguin after being hit by a stone as a result of street brawl, in front of her house, involving three dangerous and well-known thugs from the area. The … Continue reading Continue reading
In the early hours of Sunday June 2, a tragedy visited a humble Cuban family. Luisa M. Isnaga Medinas, a young mother, and her daughter Idaisil Rivero Medina, age 12, died when their house collapsed in Trinidad. The family lived … Continue reading Continue reading
Yesterday, May 15, an emotional meeting of the Holguin CID delegation remembered the birth of the martyr Orlando Zapata Tamayo on May 15, 1967. The story of his humble and courageous life stressed the authenticity of his patriotism. To him … Continue reading Continue reading
The April 14 elections in Venezuela should have strengthened the Castros’ influence in the South American country. The one chosen, Nicolas Maduro , was Havana’s man. The electoral victory would legitimize him in Venezuela, in the world and within the … Continue reading Continue reading
This May 20th when the CID delegation in the capital of Camagüey gathered to celebrate Independence Day, they had to suspend the meeting to go urgently to the corner of Carretera Central and 20 de Mayo street to support two … Continue reading Continue reading
This past May 20 the National Assembly deputy Ismael Garcia of Venezuela in Caracas made public a recording of a telephone conversation between a famous member of the Chavez Nomenklatura, Mario Silva, and Cuban Lieutenant Colonel Aramis Palacio from Castro’s … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban Independent and Democratic party (CID) in Santa Clara marked the 2nd anniversary of the murder of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia — “The Student” — at 8:00 pm on May 8, with a talk and prayers for the repose … Continue reading Continue reading
Eighty activists of the Independent and Democratic Cuba party (CID) in Palma Soriano denounce the government for its incompetence, its abuses, corruption and deceit. This government is leading the population to despair. It mistreats and exploits citizens. It harasses and … Continue reading Continue reading
On Sunday, April 7 members of the CID and a group of former political prisoners gathered in Palma Soriano to support the Ladies in White. Among those present were Rafaela Parra Tamayo and Mayumi Santana Labrada, both activists with the … Continue reading Continue reading
On Saturday April 20th in the afternoon members of the Free Peasants of CID welcomed a new activist, Vidal Pérez Barrios 23 years of age, from the El Gacho ranch in the municipality of San Juan y Martinez, in the … Continue reading Continue reading
On April 20, CID activist Adrian Benitez Ramos was threatened with expulsion from his workplace in the municipality of San Juan y Martinez, in the province of Pinar del Rio. Benitez was summoned to the police station where he was … Continue reading Continue reading
A representation of the Ladies in White movement, Human Rights defenders and a group of activists from the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party (CID), said goodbye on Sunday afternoon, April 21, to the Ladies in White Laura María Labrada Pollán … Continue reading Continue reading