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PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO FREE GORKI THIS TIME By Claudia Cadelo De Nevi On Friday night, after the release of Gorki and when we had already been to his house, he asked Lía if she had been to the … Continue reading Continue reading
As Yoani called it in one of her posts. Yesterday was the Rendering of Accounts meeting in my CDR, but in an impulsive act I didn’t go. The truth is that I’m already repentant, I’m sure I could have written … Continue reading Continue reading
Monday, November 24, 2008, 11:00 am: I came running from work to meet the social workers who take the old refrigerators. Atmosphere of madness, all the old refrigerators rolling down the stairs, they say a neighbor was on the edge … Continue reading Continue reading
Sunday November 23, 11:00 am: I leave for work (yes, I also work on Sunday) and the Surveillance guy asks me where I’m going because they’re already picking up the refrigerators on the sidewalk out in front. Ciro’s at a … Continue reading Continue reading
Chronicle of an absurd day (incomplete but will be continued) Thursday, 9 pm The president of my CDR, whom I’ve already said is the best, shouts at me that the fridges will come tomorrow. What time? Who knows. I go … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo: Truck with old refrigerators in my neighborhood. Amelia is about 50 and lives alone, her husband died in the war in Angola and since then she’s received a miserable pension through the Veteran’s Association. As she doesn’t work for … Continue reading Continue reading
Tracey Eaton, a Florida-based journalist, has been traveling to Cuba for a long time, and more recently has been undertaking a series of interviews with Cubans ranging all across the ideological spectrum. He has now begun the work of subtitling these videos in English. Here are links to Tracey’s blogs/sites: Along the Malecon; Cuba Money [...] Continue reading Twitter @claudiacadelo Continue reading
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I spent weeks debating with myself about taking a serious break from Octavo Cerco. I don’t want to be melodramatic but it is surprising how what began as an exercise in personal freedom has been transformed into a tremendous responsibility. I don’t like it to be so. Because I write because I because it keeps [...] Continue reading
I’m so accustomed to the lack of information in our media that when I hear a story, not just of current national or international importance — as one can’t ask for so much — but of something as simple and useful as the repairs that occasion power outages, or about water shortages in certain areas [...] Continue reading
Images: Garrincha By Boris Gonzales Arenas Soon we’ll have according to our president five-year terms with an extension pending. Raul said so after meditating before the sewer “there must be urgent changes will two hundred years be enough?” My uncle in Carlos III, a descendent of slaves, made a sure gesture, that it itches and [...] Continue reading
Everyone has their sillinesses, their addictions, their moments of relaxation. There are those who watch three soap operas simultaneously, others spend a great part of the day with their ears glued to the phone, and many–they tell me–would give an arm and a leg to be connected to the Internet twenty-four-seven; the latter suffer from [...] Continue reading
Yoani Sanchez I have no desire to write. I scold myself. Since I learned that Coco Fariñas is on a hunger strike I have been floating above the city. I can’t even call him on the phone and only yesterday I managed to send him a message. I’m a coward. I hope I’m wrong, but [...] Continue reading
It happened in 1990 when he was seven. The world, although not perfect, was innocent and playful. His parents were doctors, working night and day and surviving badly during those hard years at the beginning of the Special Period. Many criticize only children and the personalities we develop as adults and he, in the end [...] Continue reading
I met her in 2004, we had a mutual acquaintance, a neighbor of mine. She spent her life in clubs and at concerts, always with boys who came to collect her in a car. I liked her, she was fun. In the afternoons when she woke up sometimes she’d come and have coffee at my [...] Continue reading
E. is 38 and pregnant. She feels like one more number in the statistics. The other day she called me when she was leaving the polyclinic to say she was coming over. They couldn’t do any more. Half the tests couldn’t be done because they didn’t have the reagents, even though they sent the prescription [...] Continue reading
She arrived in Cuba at the end of the seventies in love with the Revolution. She married a general and settled in the island paradise to make her dreams come true. She always rubbed elbows with the higher-ups, the so-called Nomenklatura, and spent the last thirty years as if she were a princess. Perestroika, Glasnost, [...] Continue reading
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Photo: Claudio Fuentes Madan How do I relate the horror? The last image I have of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia is at my side running around under the Santa Clara’s relentless sun. We tried to get permission from the Bishop so that Padre Dominico–who had come halfway around the world to get to Cuba–could go [...] Continue reading
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Since that time on one of the campuses of the University of Havana when I raised my hand to express a doubt about the Marxist categories of necessity versus chance, the concept surrounds me. I have come to the conclusion that human needs are complex enough that the specialists must abrogate the right to “suppress” [...] Continue reading
When I look at the images of the Sixth Congress the irrationality startles me. When I hear the list of delegates, the members of the Politburo and the Central Committee, I feel physically sick: Machada Ventura, Balaguer, Cintas Frias and an elderly etc., prevent me from continuing to listen objectively. To top it off, Raul [...] Continue reading
Slogan: Let the enemies of the people tremble when every woman is a soldier for the Fatherland. FMC = Cuban Women’s Federation Every time I pass by 21st and Paseo it turns my stomach. A cross the street and I can’t help but read the enormous sign that illustrates this post. Signed by the Cuban [...] Continue reading
Since Friday, April 8, the heavens have announced to us the march is coming. Under beautiful blue the war planes rehearse, it’s not clear what or why, and down here on the ground we cover our ears against the roar. My dogs are losing sleep, the male barking desperately at the ceiling and the female [...] Continue reading
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It’s been almost a month since they brought us their soap opera and except for one chapter — the one about the cyberwar — in all the rest they exposed a covert agent. I couldn’t finish watching Monday’s, it was too much. Infinitely boring. Even so, it’s worth analyzing this State Security media crusade against [...] Continue reading