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Dominique Deloy

14ymedio, Dominique Deloy, Havana, 5 September 2016 — Sometimes I have the impression I’m talking to myself inside an aquarium: I can’t open my mouth without fear of drowning, no one wants to listen to me, my questions are never answered. Some, of course, consider me indiscreet, daring, even a comemierda (literally “shiteater”) as they … Continue reading "Deaf and Mute: Diary of a Returnee, Part 4 / 14ymedio, Dominique Deloy" Continue reading
14ymedio, Dominique Deloy, Santiago de Cuba, 2 September 2016 — It had been years since I’d seen my husband’s family. So we traveled to Santiago de Cuba, where many of them live. Upon arrival, after 17 hours by bus with a broken suspension, a pleasant surprise awaited me: the city seemed more flirtatious than ten years ago. … Continue reading "The Two Sides Of The Postcard: Diary Of A Returnee, Part 3 / 14ymedio, Dominique Deloy" Continue reading