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Dora Leonor Mesa

14ymedio, Havana, 26 February 2018 — The activists Jacqueline Madrazo Luna and Dora Leonor Mesa Crespo, members of the Citizens Committee for Racial Integration (CIR), were prevented from leaving the country at dawn on Saturday, according to information from Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna, coordinator of that independent organization, speaking to 14ymedio. Madrazo Luna explained that the … Continue reading "Two Cuban Activists Prohibited from Traveling to OAS Human Rights Meeting" Continue reading
Dora Leonor Mesa, 2 May 2016 — Some years ago I referred to how well Vaclav Havel knew the Cubans. I never imagined that one day I would travel to the capital of the Czech Republic: Prague, the city of 100 towers. My husband always spoke to me with nostalgia for that city which he visited … Continue reading "Prague Happily Infects its Visitors / Dora Leonor Mesa" Continue reading
Dora Leonor Mesa, 13 May 2016 Guide for Members of Parliament No. 17-2009 This manual is the result of a collaboration between the Interparliamentary Union, a world-wide parliamentary organisation, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), with the support of the International Red Cross Movement and the Luna Roja Media. On all five … Continue reading "Missing People / Dora Leonor Mesa" Continue reading
A snow roller is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which large snowballs are formed as they are blown along the ground by wind. Unlike snowballs made by people, snow rollers are typically cylindrical in shape, and require special conditions to … Continue reading Continue reading
Extracts from the article “Organ Trafficking: A Dark and Atrocious Business” By Mónica López Ferrado Users of transplant tourism come from all over the world. “As long as it’s offered there will be demand,” laments Luc Noel. From his office in … Continue reading Continue reading
Dora Leonor Mesa, 24 April 2015 — The photos of Cuban President Raúl Castro conversing with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama during the Seventh Summit of the Americas are still appearing on the principal pages of the world’s most important … Continue reading Continue reading
Granting Visas to those younger than 18 years old during the School Year By Lic Dora Mesa Crespo* and Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara* (Mesa Crespo is the Coordinator of the Cuban Association for the Development of Child Education (CADCE), an … Continue reading Continue reading
The urban centers have been submitted to systematic closure since 1973, although the worse period has been under the Government of Raul Castro. In 2012, in the Las Tunas town of Majibacoa, the People’s Power delegate Sirley Avila Leon put … Continue reading Continue reading
By Lic. Dora Mesa Crespo* and Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara ** *Coordinator for the Cuban Association for the Development of Infant Education **Attorney for the Cuban Law Association ARTICLE 59 of the Preliminary Plan of Labor Law [1] (CHAPTER V. SPECIAL PROTECTION … Continue reading Continue reading
By Lic. Dora Mesa Crespo Coordinator of the Cuban Association for the Development of Early Childhood Education, and Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara, Attorney for the Cuban Law Association. Labor Law is a system of principles governing employment relations.  Thus, we … Continue reading Continue reading
Source – Access to Cuban Universities of Qualified Workers and Trade School Graduates, Mesa Crespo, D.L. Although Cuba’s reputation as an advanced third world country with regards to education, annually thousand of students and workers under the age of 18 … Continue reading Continue reading
Poverty is the cause and reason that makes the worker particularly vulnerable to psychological stress. Source: IX Meeting of the Mixed Committee OIT- OMS sobre Medicina del Trabajo (1984) Juan Somavia defined it as “productive labor in which freedom, equality, security … Continue reading Continue reading
By Haroldo Dilla Alfonso, Dominican Republic, July 26, 2013, Originally posted on Cubaencuentro. Translation originally on Havana Times. HAVANA TIMES — An ad for a private day care center in Havana has been posted on the Internet (including Cuba’s classifieds … Continue reading Continue reading
By Víctor Manuel Domínguez Havana, Cuba, 2.7.2013 Another academic year with more pain than glory comes to its end (2012/2013). Another mess-up. Never mind that the information media go on about the advances in the pedagogical methodology, the implementation … Continue reading Continue reading
Our Father who is in heaven! Why have you forgotten me? You remembered the fruit in February, when your flesh became ruby My side is open as well, and you do not want to look at me! Nocturno, G. Mistral … Continue reading Continue reading
Junko Tabei Womanhood and motherhood is a blessing.  As women we are faced with many challenges in any part of the world despite the indisputable social advancements in the past decades, but one forgets when one fights to support* a … Continue reading Continue reading
By Karen Garcia Zero symbolizes nothing.  It presents itself as the cornerstone of mathematics, mute protagonist of our arithmetical system. The idea of zero developed in India starting in the 5th century B.C.  There various religions accepted the creation of … Continue reading Continue reading
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi After having taken a personal inventory of 2012, I’ve seen that the GECAL workers were more offensive than usual, and although we tried by all means, it was … Continue reading Continue reading
In 1961, with the creation of Children’s Circles (Daycare Centers/State Nurseries), the Cuban Pre-school Educational System is created. Until that time,there existed in the country approximately 300 initial education centers, essentially for children 5-6-years-old. In 1980, per Resolution 577, regulations for Daycare Centers are created, and in 1981, per Resolution 430, a new scholastic curriculum [...] Continue reading
What a sad life if you don’t see! don’t see the guitar don’t see the woman don’t see the sparrow flying away when it’s about to rain nor the little lizard on the wall. Song, poetry byN. Guilln I went from the internet straight to the police station known as the “eagle’s nest”. Earlier, some [...] Continue reading
Someday the sun will shine In my backyard… The Shining by Stephen King In the clear air it seems that imagination comes alive, leaving the reins of reason. Every day, Raisa Medina sees her son return from school to go out play again, while sky and vegetation lazily spin with a slow roll, an idle [...] Continue reading
The dancer dances surrounded by cords. He is lonely. Amid ropes, some chairs also take up the insufficient space. In front of the man, the spectators watch. Mozart’s music sounds different inside the show. The dancer wears white; he moves, suffers ea... Continue reading
It does not matter if you are superstitious or not. In Cuba anything can happen; even the most unimaginable of things.The three Parcas, the Fates, are out on recess in Cuba. Why deny that they are interested in the Spanish alphabet to cut the threads o... Continue reading
I am going to continue believing when people lose hope. I am going to continue loving, although others sow hatred. I am going to continue building, when others destroy. I am going to continue speaking of peace, although in the midst of war. I am going ... Continue reading
More than 250 teachers and educators involved at all levels of teaching from the provinces of Mayabecque and Havana exchanged and updated their educational experiences by participating in the 12th Summer School for Teachers. On this occasion it was hel... Continue reading
The children’s party started at 4:00 in the afternoon. The girl’s father had twice postponed the celebration because of difficulties with the customs documentation of the package, a package of jams brought on an AIR FRANCE flight and deposited in H... Continue reading
The absence of rules in the majority of private Cuban childcare centers means that some kids arrive late every day and their parents and families, with the greatest nonchalance, explain that they fell asleep, or the babies didn’t want to get up, whic... Continue reading
Cristopher’s 4th birthday was celebrated at his nursery school, together with the celebrations of three other pre-schoolers (two girls and a boy). The custom of celebrating the birthdays of preschool and elementary school students at their day cares ... Continue reading
One more stop against discrimination and prejudice against women The Click Festival 2012, organized by the Blogger Academy, Spanish Blog Event and State of SATS — — was a complete success. It generated much exchange of know... Continue reading
For decades the extinct Microbrigades Company of the City of Havana, today Group GECAL, has caused our family deep sorrow and anguish as a consequence of its creation of a warehouse in our backyard. My daughters avoid using the bath and looking out the... Continue reading
By Miriam Leiva, Havana 06/07/2012 Extracted from Cuban authorities for more than nine years avoided the analysis of their violations of human rights in the United Nations Committee on Torture; a period that coincides with the upr... Continue reading
Vices come like travelers; they visit us as guests, and stay as masters. Confucius In the old East Germany where I worked years ago as a German translator, I learned,through snobbery,top level cooking in a five star hotel. Later in Cuba, in my debut as... Continue reading
By Berta Gaster Hans Cristian Andersen had the ability to do surprising things with a pair of scissors. The strange skill of his enormous hands was partly why his mother decided to make a tailor of him in his adolescence. The immortal Danish author of The Ugly Duckling and other unforgettable fairy tales is remembered [...] Continue reading
“There exists the phenomenon of whitening, and if you being black do not proclaim yourself to be so, you are in a demagogic position, of little ethic. In Cuban culture it is fundamental to achieve that people assume and be what they are. The defiance lies in forming a conscience, in which there will be [...] Continue reading
It is no coincidence that the women who struggle are called crazy, because in reality they must underestimate something, and this has been thus in the history of humanity, because it is very difficult for them to recognize that woman also has a brain… Elisa Carrió, founder of the Argentine political party “Affirmation for a [...] Continue reading
A change that has affected me personally has been the creation of the Cuban Association for the Development of Child Education, referred to hereafter by its initials ACDEI, founded as an association on September 22, 2010. Previously it was treated as a community project called Plapliplo, with students from primary education. One of the essential [...] Continue reading
First they took the communists, and I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a communist. Then they took the Jews, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the workers; I said nothing because I was not a worker or a unionist. Later they threw out the Catholics, and I [...] Continue reading
The mother, overwhelmed byhow muchwas left to do after her long work day, gathers her two-year old daughter from the private nursery that they had recommended to her. “The children are very well cared for and learn a lot,” they had told her. In her urgency to get home, the doctor listened to the little [...] Continue reading
In Cuba, using children for violent political acts has become repeated and dangerous — the well-known “Acts of Repudiation” — a kind of propaganda without the permission of the parents, harassing the children of people who do not sympathize with the government and other violations that appear in the Penal Code of the Republic of [...] Continue reading
Deputy Minister of Education elaborates on Cuban Technical Education My only joy is my grief, my only rest is hard work. Michelangelo Buonarroti Florentine Creator Technical and Vocational Education (ETP) and the pre-university are considered by the Ministry of Education (MINED) to be different types of education and therefore are dealt with differently by the [...] Continue reading
Looking at a country, any analysis of the relative participation of men and women in the economy and politics, is going to show a masculine domination (Global Gender Gap Report 2010). In recent years the role of Cuban women has been increased to some extent in the political and economic sphere, but this evidence is [...] Continue reading
Unmoved. Challenging the laws that prohibit street sales, looking for the shelter from the bad weather, for a while Uncle Banano has been moving forward with his wheelbarrow and good humor. He shouts out of tune: I selllll bananaaas, the bessst!!! Cuban bananas are expensive and Uncle Banano knows their price better than anyone. It [...] Continue reading
Saturday morning. In the ration market butcher’s, a girl asked, almost begged, for the butcher to exchange the broken eggs he’d given out. “The eggs broke on the way, and then they try to get me to exchange them for sound ones,” the seller said in an arrogant tone. “Please, this too.” Actually to supply [...] Continue reading
Coppelia is the biggest ice cream place in Havana. The usual clients of the emblematic center — many are kids — believe that the bad service, the limited variety and the quality of the ice cream are the evils that afflict the so-called Cathedral of Ice Cream. However, a more inquisitive look reveals other threats. [...] Continue reading
Dear Miss Piggy: You are a superstar, but your public image may be damaged it you don’t control a little the horrid character and bad behavior of your family in Cuba. Your relatives on the island are very valuable and considerate, but that is not a reason for one of them to hit me on [...] Continue reading