July 2018
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E. Javier Hernández H.

Lic. Edilio Javier Hernández H. There is a group of professionals in our society called to play an important role in the restoration of harmony between the people and the government, in the context of a Rule of Law which is seriously damaged, cracked and corrupt. We differentiate ourselves from the professionals of the health [...] Continue reading
By Lic. E. Javier Hernández Parallel to our inefficient system of managing the economy, also cracked, flawed and inefficient is the functioning of many of the the organs of the state administration at all levels, validating the principle of “poo... Continue reading
By E. Javier Hernández H. In a previous post we talked about Cuban Immobility (stagnation), an issue that has many sides, or as we say in “good Cuban”: “There is a lot of fabric to be cut.” The issue of civil rights in differen... Continue reading
For years there has been a reality in our country that isn’t exposed nor analyzed from all angles as the suffering of citizens deserves to be: it pertains to the defenseless state of Cuban client-user-buyer-consumer-constituents in the face of admini... Continue reading
By Atty. E. Javier Hernández H. Validating the principle of “bad economic base, bad superstructure,” parallel to the inefficient economic management, the functioning of the State organs of administration is also flawed at all levels, flaw... Continue reading
Mr. E. Javier Hernández H. As a consequence of the sad social deterioration and the weak rule of law in our country, for years now there has been an increase in the dangerous behavior of the citizens and other state entities that refuse to fulfill th... Continue reading