July 2018
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El Ciro – Ciro Javier Díaz Penedo

I’m looking for a poetic way to express how much how very very much I dislike Fidel Castro (an oldie but goodie that deserved another go-’round here) Tweet Continue reading
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The problem of prisons has always been a recurring theme in literature. In Cuba, we can cite Martí, Pablo de la Torriente, and Mencía, among others. During second half of the decade of the forties, the controversy was highlighted in a book of only 10... Continue reading
A music video version of this song by the full Porno para Ricardo punk rock band (including Ciro) can be enjoyed here. Tweet Continue reading
I was arrested yesterday afternoon leaving our recording studio. Reason: Presumption of public disorder. They took me to two police stations and I finally ended up locked up at the Central Police Station in Alamar. In the cell with me were Williams (bass player for Porno Para Ricardo), and Didet (producer for Matraca). A little [...] Continue reading
Benedict XVI should speak at the morning Mass of the arrests of citizens in Cuba, of the beating received yesterday by a person who, during his Mass, of the abuses the Cuban government inflicts on its population, and if he does not he is, in some way, an accomplice to this tyranny, he would be [...] Continue reading
Williams, bass player for Porno para Ricardo has disappeared. He left at 9 am from home heading to the clinic and has not returned although he has had more than enough time to do so. This, coupled with the disappearance of this morning Ismael Diego and the arrest yesterday of Danilo Maldonado (El Sexto) makes [...] Continue reading
Last night I received a call from a neighbor informing me that people had seen Danilo Maldonado (El Sexto) in a police car. Also today, early in the morning, Ismael de Diego left his house to go the corner and disappeared; at home his girlfriend was waiting for him for breakfast and he never returned. [...] Continue reading
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