February 2019
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Elieser Palma Pupo

A National Revolutionary Police (PNR) official shot a 24 year old male to death in the municipality of San German, Holguin province, during the morning hours of this past 5th of June.  The young Cuban was Eliesmer Acosta Rodriguez who was riding a horse at the moment and eventually had a confrontation with the agent. […] Continue reading
As occurs each Sunday, dozens of Ladies in White took to the streets of their respective cities this June 9th to participate in Mass and pray for the freedom of all political prisoners and later carry out civic marches carrying flowers and photos of some prisoners. In the Cuban capital- Havana- 76 Ladies in White […] Continue reading
During the midnight hours of March 21st, the paramilitary agent Miguel Sarduy stabbed Juan Pavon, a citizen of San German, Holguin, to death, according to a report by human rights activist Eliecer Palma, of the Eastern Democratic Alliance (ADO), in his Twitter account (@eliecerpalma1). In conversation with this blog, Palma said that he had confirmed [...] Continue reading
Three different cases of acts of repudiation, acts of vandalism, and arrests were recently reported in different parts of Cuba.  These actions not only affected the targeted dissidents, but also their relatives, leaving scars especially on those who are underage.  These crimes, executed by the political police, are nothing new in totalitarian Cuba, but in [...] Continue reading
Each day, there are more Cubans who, through the “internet without internet”, use Twitter to narrate the real Cuba and to shatter censorship. They are dissidents, bloggers, intellectuals, farmers…Cubans hailing from diverse corners of the country. It’s difficult for them to send out these messages, considering that it costs 1 dollar (an elevated amount for [...] Continue reading