July 2018
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Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez

Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez Some time ago, as I began to write a text about my country, I surprised myself with this thought: “… it seems as though a change toward participatory democracy is becoming reality.” That was my inspiration which turned into my … Continue reading Continue reading
Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez As an attorney, to speak in economic terms is a litmus test or a tightrope walk, and which both situations demand respect for a central issue in the lives of other social spheres in which man intervenes. … Continue reading Continue reading
Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez The issue of development in Cuba goes back and forth between dissimilar solutions, between truths and errors, heading toward new labyrinths that contain new and more complex situations difficult to control with a simple decree. Last year … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Eliocer Cutiño Rodríguez Many people work in the TRD* chain of shops, subject to what may be called military regulations. A vast number of those workers are unaware of the rights which could help them in the face of … Continue reading Continue reading