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… cooperation with the governments of Cuba and Burundi, the European Union … the outbreak of cholera. The Cuban Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa requested … cooperation and the possibility of Cuban assistance in humanitarian deliveries as … great relations with since the Cuban people are descendants of these … Continue reading
Paris, August 5 (RHC)-- The French government has expressed support for dialogue between the administration of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the right-wing opposition, which has sought to forcibly remove him from power. In a statement, Paris … Continue reading
… the United States than in Cuba, Greece and the EU generally … preventive care, as strikingly in Cuba, with remarkably efficient and effective … Continue reading
… the United States than in Cuba, Greece and the EU generally … preventive care, as strikingly in Cuba, with remarkably efficient and effective … Continue reading
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… ; ___ 10:10 a.m. Cuba says it has no intention … and economic ally. Speculation that Havana could play a role in … . Cuban Communist Party Second Secretary Jose Ramon Machado Ventura says "CubaContinue reading
… signed between the EU and Cuba puts an end to the … ;s so-called “common position” on Cuba, which restricted exchange and cooperation … the island.  The EU and Cuba had resumed negotiations on mutual … Continue reading
… of the member states, except Cuba, are signatories to the Cotonou … Continue reading
… aimed to support modernisation of Cuban economy and society. The Chamber … policy towards Cuba, which ruled out any relations with Havana until it … restricted its high-level visits to Cuba, reduced bilateral cultural cooperation and … negotiations on mutual relations with Cuba in 2014. The relevant agreement … Continue reading
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Juan Juan Almeida, 12 June 2107 — With a decade’s worth of fledgling but stalled attempts at reforming Cuba’s economic system, a convulsive situation in Venezuela that could have repercussions in Havana and less than eight months to go before the end of his term as president of the Council of State and Council of … Continue reading "3D Film, Raul Castro’s New Hobby / Juan Juan Almeida" Continue reading
Últimas desvergüenzas, editorial 489 11 Julio, 2017 8:00 pm por Primavera Digital en Cuba La Habana, Cuba, Redacción Hab, (PD) La dictadura militar castrista reivindicó ese poder absoluto que disfraza de “soberanía e independencia” en el tema derechos humanos para violarlos a gusto. Esta fue su respuesta, luego de la aprobación por la Eurocámara del […] Continue reading
Parlamento cubano: punta de lanza contra los derechos humanos en Cuba El Gobierno no publica en la prensa oficial la declaración de su Parlamento contra el Parlamento europeo Marlene Azor Hernández, Ciudad de México | 13/07/2017 2:14 pm Granma, el resto de la prensa oficial y Cubadebate, ocultan la información de la declaración de la […] Continue reading
Cuban lawmakers and government officials rejected … and Canadian relations at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called … level of expectations on Cuba." However, the Cuban foreign ministry official … will improve the lives of Cubans." The clause warns that … Continue reading
… against Havana. But EU deputies also passed a separate resolution demanding Cuba … that move "interference in (Cuban) internal affairs." It called … " in the European Union. Cuba has been gradually opening up … ;s predecessor Barack Obama. But Cuba refuses to be lectured by … Continue reading
… 's hard-line stance against Havana. The Political Dialogue and Cooperation … economic and political transition in Cuba" including towards "democratic … highest level of expectations on Cuba,” said Valenciano, adding that could … step to normalize relations with Havana. Continue reading
… (PDCA) between the EU and Cuba to expand bilateral trade, promote … . Although the US embargo against Cuba was not mentioned, the members …  improving living conditions of Cubans, yet the Cuban government should align its … Barack Obama administration within the Cuba ties normalization process of 2014-2016 … Continue reading
Havana, July 3 (RHC)-- The … relations between the EU and Cuba, signed late last year.  The … was signed last December by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and … policy towards Cuba. Trade relations between the EU and Cuba surpassed 2 … Continue reading
Revista de People in Need cuestiona censura artística en Cuba junio 29, 2017 El número más reciente de Rewriting Cuba recuerda la censura no afecta solo al arte contestatario o a los opositores, sino a todas las esferas de la sociedad. La organización no gubernamental People in Need acaba de lanzar una nueva edición de […] Continue reading
Trip delayed 24 hours after Airbus A330 jet returned to Manchester with
oil pressure problem

Hundreds of Thomas Cook Airlines passengers have had their Cuban holiday
extended by more than 24 hours after an inflight mechanical incident
involving an Airbus A330. They will be paid £530 for the inconvenience

Flight MT2652 took off from Manchester with 332 passengers on board on
Monday afternoon, the destination Holguin in eastern Cuba. But as it was
flying over the Atlantic about 200 miles west of the Irish coast, the
pilots decided to return to the Thomas Cook base in Manchester because
of an oil pressure issue with the left-hand engine.

No emergency was declared, and the plane made a normal landing.

Unusually, the plane was missing a wingtip on the left-hand wing, which
caused some mistaken concern that part of the wing had fallen off. One
newspaper headline read: "Jet returns to UK for emergency landing with a
broken wing."

In fact, engineers had previously removed the wingtip - which is not an
essential component, but an aid to fuel efficiency - for repair.

Passengers were given overnight accommodation in the Manchester area,
and have continued their journey today on a different aircraft.

The 295 holidaymakers in Cuba who were expecting to fly back on Monday
were able to stay at their hotels, and will return just over 24 hours late.

Thomas Cook has confirmed that all the passengers at both ends of the
route will qualify for €600 (£530) in statutory EU compensation for the
delay. They should apply to contact customer relations to have their
claims processed. If they all claim, the compensation will total £335,000.

When the costs of hotel accommodation and the aborted flight are added,
the holiday firm's total bill for the episode will be around
half-a-million pounds.

Airbus A330 jets have encountered a series of problems in recent weeks,
with an AirAsia X plane returning to Perth after an engine issue which
left it "shaking like a washing machine", and a China Eastern aircraft
returning to Sydney after a large hole appeared in the engine housing.

The original Thomas Cook Airbus A330 has been repaired and inspected,
and is now back in service.

Source: Glitch on Thomas Cook flight to Cuba leaves airline with £500k
bill | The Independent - Continue reading
… with the EU, including Slovakia, Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez … :Slovakia inks agreement on settling Cuban debt Relations are “cordial” Slovak-Cuban … reforms recently taking place in Cuba, including pardons for political prisoners … Continue reading
… EU's rapprochement with Cuba in the framework of the … so-called 'common stance on Cuba' passed in 1996. Before … Continue reading
Havana, June 12 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez met Monday in Havana with his … European Union (EU) and Cuba.  The top Cuban diplomat commended also the … Continue reading
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Si no pueden acceder a la red social, entonces crean una Continue reading
… of the Cuban Ministry for Foreign Affairs led the Cuban delegation. He was accompanied by Cuban Ambassador and … as other officials of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The … EU-Cuba partnership. The EU and Cuba affirmed their commitment for even … Continue reading
… communique from the Cuban Embassy in Belgium said the Cuban delegation was … and International Rights of the Cuban Foreign Ministry. The EU delegation … political dialogue and cooperation between Cuba and the EU and its … took place in Brussels and Havana, in June 2015 and 2016 … Continue reading
… Information Officer, EU Humanitarian Aid. Cuba has been fighting one of … Eastern Cuba have been hit particularly hard. “More than 1 million Cubans … municipalities and local authorities in Cuba’s eastern provinces,” says Virginie … of Santiago de Cuba (Cuba’s second largest city after Havana, the capital … Continue reading
El Universal: en 560% aumenta el número de cubanos en México Un artículo de investigación publicado por el diario mexicano El Universal, indicó que la edad promedio de los cubanos que se quedan a vivir en México es de 32 años. Muchos son graduados universitarios y pronto encuentran empleos. La cifra de cubanos residentes en […] Continue reading
forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia. This report focuses on the top players in global market PUNE, INDIA, May 5, 2017 / -- Summary This report studies the global Ocean … Continue reading
Brussels, April 29 (RHC-Agencies) -- The 27 European Union (EU) countries' leaders adopted unanimously the guidelines on Brexit negotiations with Britain, European Council President Donald Tusk said Saturday. After the bloc's first summit since … Continue reading
Spain's King Felipe and PM Rajoy to visit Cuba "as soon as possible"
Cuban foreign minister describes ongoing talks between Havana and Madrid
Madrid 18 ABR 2017 - 12:11 CEST

Spain's King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy have accepted an
official invitation to make an official visit to Cuba, which the Foreign
Ministry says will take place "as soon as possible," probably at the end
of this year, ahead of the retirement of the Caribbean island's leader,
Raúl Castro, in February 2018.

Felipe's father and predecessor, Juan Carlos, led a Spanish delegation
that attended the funeral of Fidel Castro in November 2016. During Juan
Carlos's 39 years in power, between 1975 and 2014, he only visited
Havana once: in 1999, when Cuba hosted the IX Ibero-American Summit.
José María Aznar, who was prime minister with Spain's conservative
Popular Party between 1996 and 2004, has said publicly that he refused
to sanction further visits by Juan Carlos to Cuba given the politician's
ideological differences with the regime in Havana.

King Felipe and Rajoy intend to visit Cuba "as soon as possible,"
according to official sources. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez
gave King Felipe the invitation at a meeting in the Zarzuela official
royal residence in Madrid on Monday during a private visit to the
Spanish capital. He later met with Rajoy.

The invitation comes after a May 2016 visit by the then-Spanish foreign
minister, José Manuel García-Margallo.

King Felipe and Queen Leticia are making a state visit to the United
Kingdom between June 6 and June 8, which means the visit to Cuba could
take place after summer, toward the end of the year.

During their conversation, Rodríguez and King Felipe discussed the
worsening situation in Venezuela where protesters have taken to the
streets after the opposition-controlled national congress was briefly
stripped off its powers. Speaking at a press conference afterward,
Rodríguez said Cuba would continue supporting the government of
President Nicolás Maduro to find the best "solutions and decisions." He
also referred to the 2002 coup that briefly toppled Maduro's
predecessor, Hugo Chávez.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said after meeting with
Rodríguez that the invitation "symbolizes the will of Cuba to increase
links with Spain." He added that following the end of the year-long
political stalemate in Spain in October produced by two inconclusive
elections, Prime Minister Rajoy intended to "strengthen and intensify"
political, social, economic, trade, cultural, family and other ties
between the two countries.

In December, Spain raised the issue of renewing the EU's agreement with
Cuba, leaving behind the approach of the Aznar government and its focus
on human-rights issues. Rodríguez described talks between Madrid and
Havana as "multi-faceted", "promising," "cordial," "productive,"
"useful," and "beneficial."

Spain is Cuba's third-major trading partner and the
eighth-most-important source of tourists. Rodríguez praised Spain and
the EU's position regarding the ongoing US embargo.

Dastis pointed out that Spanish governments over the years have not
supported the trade embargo and hoped that the Trump administration
would continue the thaw begun by Barack Obama. On the subject of
political prisoners and human rights in Cuba, Dastis, who has offered to
travel to Cuba ahead of the visit, said both governments would address
all issues "with respect andtrust, and pragmatically."

English version by Nick Lyne.

Source: Spanish head of state visit to Cuba: Spain's King Felipe and PM
Rajoy to visit Cuba "as soon as possible" | In English | EL PAÍS - Continue reading
Cuba… sigue sin reformas Los líderes de la isla ponen el freno al impulso de liberalización de la economía, luego de seis décadas de un gobierno hegemónico. MARC FRANK/JOHN PAUL RATHBONE 03/04/2017 06:00 AM El presidente cubano Raúl Castro se prepara para dejar el cargo el próximo año, Venezuela redujo millones de dólares en ayuda […] Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 31 March 2017 — A delegation from the European Union in Cuba visited the Coexistence Study Center (CEC) in the city of Pinar del Río on Thursday. The group was headed by EU political attaché in Havana, Carlos Perez Padilla, and also included representatives from the embassies of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece … Continue reading "European Diplomats Visit The Center For Coexistence Studies In Pinar Del Río" Continue reading
Editorial: Holding the Repressors Accountable
DDC | Madrid | 31 de Marzo de 2017 - 04:08 CEST.

Both off and on the Island, in recent weeks several successful actions
have been taken against State-perpetrated violence.

Composed of lawyers, professors, human rights activists and political
and student leaders of several Latin American countries, a new
organization was announced: the International Commission for the
Investigation of Crimes against Humanity by the Castro Regime. Dedicated
in its first stage to documenting and investigating violations, it will
organize public hearings in various capitals and advocate for the
creation of an international tribunal to investigate these crimes.

In Havana, a delegation of the Ladies in White submitted to the Attorney
General of the Republic a detailed analysis of the repression suffered
by the women's movement from 2016 to 2017. The report was also presented
to the delegation of the European Union (EU) and the Apostolic
Nunciature, and in the next few days will be sent to the Military
Prosecutor's Office, the State Council and various embassies.

In Washington the Citizens for Racial Integration Committee provided the
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights with a report covering the 187
cases of human rights violations of Afro-Cuban citizens. This report
will serve as the basis for efforts by various activists in their
dealings with Cuban authorities.

Also in the US, at the University of California Irvine (UCI) School of
Law, a group of independent journalists and activists from the Island
offered the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression first-hand
information on violations of this right. The group met with teachers and
students, and advised the Special Rapporteur to insist on his request
for an authorization to visit Cuba.

Meanwhile, at its last meeting the UN Committee against Enforced
Disappearances raised objections to the official Cuban report, called
for the Island's authorities to ratify the Optional Protocol to the
Convention against Torture and the International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights, and to recognize the International Criminal Court. It
also pointed out the fact that the Government does not currently
recognize the legitimacy of any human rights organizations in Cuba.

All this activity comes in addition to the sustained work, on and off
the Island, by organizations such as the Cuban Commission for Human
Rights and National Reconciliation, Archivo Cuba, the Foundation for
Human Rights in Cuba, the Cuban Human Rights Observatory, and Cubalex.

It is not just a question of documenting and publicizing each of the
violations and crimes, but holding the regime's representatives and
institutions accountable for their repressive and criminal record. The
joint work by international and Cuban organizations, although not
officially recognized, serves to pressure the repressors and serve
notice that their crimes are being methodically recorded and will not go

In recent months State-sponsored violence against opposition activists
and independent journalists has increased, but also growing and
strengthening are means and instruments to peacefully resist such
violence, and to keep the truth about our most recent history alive.

Source: Editorial: Holding the Repressors Accountable | Diario de Cuba - Continue reading
London, March 29 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Britain has officially begun the historic process to leave the European Union (EU) as the letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May was sent to leaders of the 28-member bloc. "There is no turning back," May … Continue reading
Havana, March 27 (RHC-ACN)-- European Union ambassador to Cuba Hernan Portocarrero … weekend at the University of Havana, marking the 60th anniversary of … efficient and sustainable economy,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez during … the University of Havana, the EU ambassador to Cuba said that “despite … Continue reading
Brussels, March 21 (RHC-Xinhua) -- European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday announced that he will convene a summit on April 29 to approve the European Union(EU)'s guidelines on Brexit. This followed the British government's announcement … Continue reading
Havana, February 28 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez met Monday in Havana with the … his meeting with the top Cuban diplomat, the Spanish foreign affairs … state of bilateral relations between Cuba and the European Union (EU … Continue reading
… concerns during his trip to Cuba - after being criticised for … to the new relationship between Cuba and the EU. "I … the month of June in Havana and in Brussels on the … Geronimo in Havana yesterday, President Higgins met with descendants of Cuban revolutionary … Continue reading
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Santos Suárez, la Habana, Frank Cosme, (PD) En una conversación sostenida hace un tiempo con un antiguo condiscípulo de estudios, me había comentado que su hermano se había mudado de Miami para Kentucky para trabajar en el ensamblaje y construcción de autos. Recuerdo que le comenté que en ese estado de los EEUU lo más que se conoce es el Derby de Kentucky, una mundialmente conocida carrera de caballos donde compiten corredores de todo el mundo. No conocía que en […] Continue reading