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Fernando Dámaso

Los analistas Fernando Dámaso y Dimas Castellanos van a la raíz de la polémica normativa cuyo título III ha cobrado protagonismo estos días.

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Fernando Dámaso, 20 March 2018 — Today the economic theory of poverty and wealth of countries is fashionable, depending on whether they have “exclusive” or “inclusive” institutions. Its authors, Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, thoroughly explore it in their book “Why Nations Fail.” Consistent with this, as long as there is a government in Cuba with … Continue reading "Future Questionable / Fernando Damaso" Continue reading
Fernando Dámaso, 14 March 2018 — Once again, as every March 15, the Protest of Baraguá is exalted as a transcendental event in our history, which “demonstrates Cubans’ vertical refusal to accept defeat and their tenacity.” The gesture of Antonio Maceo and his followers of the Cuba Division, to not accept the peace agreed upon in … Continue reading "Baragua Again / Fernando Damaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 6 March — On March 11, General Elections will be held in Cuba, to elect the delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of People’s Power and the deputies to the National Assembly. What is original about these elections is that the voters will vote, but they will not really “elect” anyone, since these candidates have … Continue reading "Elections, What For? / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 15 February 2018 — Cuban socialism started from the premise that stripping the rich of their wealth would accomplish the elimination of poverty. An absurd premise, since the relationship is not less wealth less poverty, but quite the opposite, greater wealth less poverty. The problem is that poverty is not eliminated by taking wealth … Continue reading "Hatred of Wealth / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 24 January 2018 — This year will mark 116 since the founding of the Republic on 20 May 1902. Although it was the time of the nation’s greatest progress and development–with important economic and social achievements, including health and education–this period has been systematically discredited and distorted during the last 60 years when … Continue reading "The Teacher From Central Valley / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 28 January 2018 — When reading the list of candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, prepared by the National Candidacy Commission (formed and directed by the Party, with designated representatives of the so-called mass organizations), I am struck by some of the elderly people which are part of it, some … Continue reading "Until the Last Breath / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 9 January 2018 — I have always respected those who avoid extreme positions, which, in short, do not lead to anything good even if, at certain times, they might be considered correct. The Pact of the Zanjón was a wise and intelligent decision, which responded to the reality of the time in which it … Continue reading "The Danger of Extremes / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 22 December 2017 — It seems that moving tombs and monuments from place to place has become a common practice. Now it turns out that, without consulting the citizen, where the real people’s power supposedly lies, the equestrian statue of General Calixto García Íñiguez which, since the 1950s, has been installed in the Malecón … Continue reading "Riding With Calixto / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 12 December 2017 — Attuned to the recently concluded so-called “general elections,” which did not really interest anyone or represent any change in the political life of the country, different articles have appeared in the written press comparing these elections with those held in Cuba during the era of the Republic, as well as … Continue reading "Storytellers and Stories / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 6 December 2017 — We have always considered Carlos Manuel de Céspedes as the Father of the Nation and José Martí as the Apostle. Recently a Mother of the Nation has been imposed on us. It would not be unreasonable to assume that soon they will also impose a female Apostle. Along that absurd path, grandparents … Continue reading "Imposed Titles / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 23 October 2017 — The moving of the remains and mausoleums of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the Father of the Nation, and Mariana Grajales, the mother of Maceo, from their original locations to the area near the mausoleum of José Martí, whom we Cubans call the Apostle, and the monolith of the “historical leader” … Continue reading "Manipulation in Santa Efigenia Cemetery / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 3 December 2017 — Human beings are born and they die. Before being born they never existed and, after death, they cease to exist. In their honor monuments can be erected and their names given to streets, avenues, plazas and public establishments, but they are not there. Depending on their deeds, good or … Continue reading "Excesses Do Not Generate Respect / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 26 November 2017 — Maintaining the concept of “perpetual revolution” is convenient for government authorities because, in this way, those who do not agree with them are not against the government, but against the “revolution,” that entelechy turned into a myth, and confused by most of the citizens with the Nation and the Fatherland. It … Continue reading "The Myth of the Perpetual Revolution / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damso, 8 November 2017 — In these days of November, in the absence of more important occupations, the Cuban Government has taken on the task of being the apologist for the October Revolution, something that even the Russian Government itself has not done. Nobody denies that what happened in Russia in 1917 was not momentous … Continue reading "Resurrect the Obsolete / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 6 October 2017 — It has become an everyday occurrence that, with every anniversary of some political, economic, social, medical, juridical, pedagogical, scientific, artistic, agricultural, industrial, ecological, military, etc. event, it is credited to the late Cuban historic leader. It gives the impression that everything done in Cuba in the last 58 years … Continue reading "Overdone Glorification / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 22 September 2017 — According to Cuban authorities, 32% of food services and of personal and technical services for domestic use are now operated by forms of non-state management. At the moment there are 4,173 of these businesses, of which 1,878 are dedicated to food services and 2,295 to personal and technical services. It is … Continue reading "An Unnecessary Cuban Ministry / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 5 September 2017 — The manipulation of José Martí — whom we Cubans call “the Apostle — not just his life but also his ideas, has been progressive. Accused, in 1953, of being the “intellectual author” of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, and the assailants self-styled the “centenary generation” (it being 100 … Continue reading "A Lot of Manipulation / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 24 August 2017 — The narrow streets of Havana, in the colonial and early years of the Republic, were covered with awnings from one side of the street to the other, to protect passers-by from the inclement tropical sun and heavy rains. They were mainly placed, along with their commercials, by the owners of … Continue reading "Awnings and Advertisements / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 19 August 2017 — After more than half a century of absolute power, many of the real and imagined problems that have historically served as the rationale for the Cuban revolution have not been resolved. Most have gotten worse; others have arisen that had previously not existed. The housing shortage — thousands of … Continue reading "A Lost Bet / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 24 April 2017 — The “official experts” continue talking and writing about the “correct” use of the national flag. Some of the arguments they trot out are laughable. The problem is not so much the rejection of the use of the national flag on clothing, as criticising the use of the American flag … Continue reading "Meaningless Nonsense About the Flag / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 31 March 2017 — Although hardly anyone is surprised at the clowning about by the person who calls himself ” the first indigenous president” (in fact, there was another one before him), now, with his going on about “a sea for Bolivia” he is becoming news again. Bolivia lost Antofagasta, the Atacama desert … Continue reading "The Bolivian Circus / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 29 July 2017 — The slogan adopted for the so-called 2017-2018 General Elections is “For Cuba.” According to propaganda claims, these elections are unique in the world in that, unlike in most countries, it is not political parties which nominate candidates but rather citizens at the grass roots level. In reality this is … Continue reading "For Cuba? / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fenando Damaso, 1 June 2017 — To the annoyance of the citizens, the annual campaign against the Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries Dengue fever and the Zika virus has begun anew, through weekly fumigations of homes. Undertaken year after year, it seems that the insect has been the winner since is has not been eradicated. In 1900, … Continue reading "Daily Incongruities / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 12 May 2017 — At the recently concluded Fifith National Council of the National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC), during skin-deep presentations, one timorous playwright expresed this thought: “A critical mindset is fundamental in society. UNEAC must become the thermometer wherein discussion is allowed.” It appears that in UNEAC, as in the … Continue reading "Nothing Has Changed* / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 6 July 2017 — It is no secret among Cubans that their government is inept and inefficient. Fifty-eight years of failure attest to this. With the emergence of self-employment, however, officials have found a way to fill the state’s coffers without having to devote resources or effort to it. It’s called taxes. They … Continue reading "Higher Taxes / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 28 June 2017 — Whether at the municipal or provincial level, the people’s administrative councils are supposed to be looking out primarily for the interests of their constituents and, in conjunction with them, carrying out the duties of local governance. But due to the inaccessible and very undemocratic Cuban electoral system, that is … Continue reading "Whom Do They Serve? / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 18 June 2017 — The policy toward Cuba, announced by United States President Donald Trump, in an event in Miami that was more buffoonish than serious, as well as the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government responding to it, constitute “a lot of heat and no fire.” First of all, Trump’s speech was full … Continue reading "A Lot of Heat and No Fire / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Dámaso, 13 June 2017 — Of the real and supposed problems that the Cuban Revolution proposed to solve, as the basis of its historical necessity, after more than half a century of exercising absolute power, many have not been solved, the majority have been aggravated, and others have emerged that did not exist before. … Continue reading "A Bad Bet / Fernando Damaso" Continue reading
Fernando Dámaso, 29 October 2016 — Creating a brand name respected around the world requires resources, effort and time. In the colonial and republican eras certain Havana names became famous established brands over time. Among retail department stores there were El Encanto, Fin de Siglo, La Epoca, La Opera, Filosofia, Sanchez Mola and Los Precios … Continue reading "Names and Brands / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 26 March 2017 — In a mis-timed article, a journalist from the newspaper Juventud Rebelde (Rebel Youth), a self-proclaimed Cuban youth, visits Hiroshima and unleashes her personal feeling about the events of 6 August 1945. She says she “is pained,” that “August in Hiroshima is forever” and shocked that a survivor, after the … Continue reading "An Unfortunate Article / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
! Fernando Damaso, 17 March 2017 — According to his brother [Raul Castro], later endorsed by the docile National Assembly of People’s Power, the “historic leader” [Fidel Castro] ordered that there would be no public establishment, street, avenue, park or building named after him, nor any monuments erected to him. At first glance it seems … Continue reading "It Appears He Is Right / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 9 March 2017 — The Electric Union (UNE), the Cuban State Electric Company, plans blackouts for repairs, maintenance and tree pruning that affect its aerial networks. Generally, the extend from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon, directly affecting citizens in their homes, and the production of state and private services. … Continue reading "Very Little Unites Us / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 26 February 2017 — The lack of hygiene has taken over the city: poorly maintained and filthy streets and sidewalks, garbage everywhere, nauseating streams of sewage, grimy floors and walls in state establishments, widespread environmental contamination, and even dead animals rotting in squares and courtyards, in full sun under the laziness of passersby … Continue reading "A City Invaded / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 14 February 2017 — February, for Cubans of the so-called third age, presents two important dates: The Day of Lovers (the 14th), and the Grito de Baire (Cry of Baire — the 24th). On the first, re-baptized as the Day of Love years ago, gifts were exchanged only between lovers, with the prevailing … Continue reading "Two Dates in the Second Month / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 5 February 2017 — To say that the history of Cuba has been manipulated over the last 58 years is nothing original. Subjected to “ideological accommodation,” with the objective of using it for the narrow interests of the established power, important people and events have been ignored or misrepresented, and others that are insignificant … Continue reading "Manipulation and Manipulators / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 5 January 2017 — In the face of the new scenario created by the death of the “historic leader,” many representatives from the fragmented Cuban dissidence see a chance that the authorities, looking at a very complicated situation, will invite them to dialog, in search of a exit concept. I am not optimistic … Continue reading "With Feet on the Ground / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 26 January 2017 — While the Cuban authorities exhaust the citizens by talking about the past and the future, they are worried about the absurd present, which they want to leave as quickly as possible. Against it conspires the totalitarian regime in the country, and the old age of the majority of its main … Continue reading "January Notes / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 15 January 2017 — The year 2017 begins. A year that promises to be complicated and definitive for Cubans. The country, with a 0.9% drop in GDP, is stuck in a prolonged economic, political, social crisis, and the general-president, if he complies with his word to leave the presidency on 24 February 2018, … Continue reading "A Complicated Year / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 25 December 2016 — Some official journalists, who seem to be following orders from on high, have taken against the self-employed and their prices, which they consider too high for the ordinary citizen. Of course no one has written a single line or even a word about the prices in the state sector, … Continue reading "If It’s About Abuses… / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 14 December 2016 — It seems that, the nine days of national mourning having ended, it is now extended into interminable grief, imposed by the official media, trying to sanctify the image of the deceased with a virtual eternity. It gives the strange sensation that his spirit continues to govern the country, and … Continue reading "After the Mourning, the Grief / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 29 November 2016 — In October, Hurricane Matthew struck the eastern side of the Island, creating destruction and desolation in Maisí, Baracoa, and other communities of the territory, from which their inhabitants–given the precariousness under which they were already living–will take years to recover. This is especially so being that much of what is reconstructed … Continue reading "Little War Games / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 12 September 2016 — In light of the proliferation among Cubans of garments adorned with elements of the United States flag and, to a lesser degree, the flag of England, some “defenders” of the national identity and of patriotic symbols have proposed making the Cuban flag more visible, as “many Cuban flags.” Being that … Continue reading "The Flag "Bearers" / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 5 November 2016 — A feature of the Cuban authorities, since taking power in January 1959, has been wasting time planning for the distant future rather than focusing on solving the present and the near future. Perhaps it is because, from the outset, they decided to rule forever. These plans, at first, focused on specific … Continue reading "The Future, Bring it On! / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 9 October 2016 — in any restaurant and some cafes in Havana, be they state-run or private, “10% is added for services,” according to a little notice in Spanish and English in fine print on the menu. That is, the prices of the menu items are false, because the final cost is 10% … Continue reading "The Absurd Ten Percent / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading