August 2017
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Frank Correa

HAVANA, Cuba – I recently participated in a course on Criminal Procedure taught by Dr. Wilfredo Vallin, an independent lawyer, to members of civil society. We learned what the law requires and how police are supposed to act when making … Continue reading Continue reading
There is nothing written, except to be touched by luck.  ”Suicides” that inhabit collapsed buildings talk about the time bomb. HAVANA, Cuba.  An anonymous survivor of a collapse (he did not want his identity leaked), in a shelter with his … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , January 14, 2014, Frank Correa / On Monday afternoon freelance journalist Leon Padron Azcuy was visited at his home, 860 25th Street, between A and B streets in Vedado, by José Raúl Colome, son of Army … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , January – In 2013, I had two clear references to the attention is paying to the allegations of some independent journalists, divulged in the fee media, especially the digital. The first occurred in October, about the … Continue reading Continue reading

El proyecto Arte Cuba anunció este sábado los resultados del concurso "La casa por la ventana" en el género de cuento, convocado en 2012 para autores residentes en Cuba.

El primer premio correspondió a Bitácora, del escritor Julio César Jiménez. 

El segundo premio lo obtuvo al cuento Catano, el campesino, del guantanamero Frank Correa, miembro del Club de Escritores de Cuba. 

En tercer lugar clasificó El vendedor de sueños, de Rolando López Concepción. 

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HAVANA, Cuba, October, – Recently returned from the Republic of Angola where she served as a volunteer, an official still can’t hide her astonishment while telling her story. I’ll call her Mireya because she asked me not to reveal … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , August, – Among the best thought-up institutional ways of stealing was, for a long time, the “Inventory Adjustment,” a concept introduced in commercial enterprises, which allowed them to absorb a kind of black hole of countless … Continue reading Continue reading
Frank Correa, escritor y periodista independiente, recibe el Premio Novelas de Gaveta Franz Kafka 2012 Continue reading
La novela Pagar para ver de Correa, para ser auténtica y no mero pastiche, no podía ser diferente Continue reading
Una novela que es un viaje por varios círculos del infierno de la realidad cubana Continue reading