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Diario de Cuba, Waldo Fernandez Cuenca, Havana, 15 February 2018 — The theatrical work Los enemigos del pueblo (The Enemies of the People), whose presentation at the independent El Círculo State Security forces sought to prevent, undoubtedly marks a watershed in the career of actress Lynn Cruz. At that time she decided to create, with her partner the filmmaker Miguel Coyula, … Continue reading "Lynn Cruz is Committed to a Theater of Resistance" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Generation Y, 15 February 2018 — A friend calls me sounding depressed. For years he has chosen caution and the path of moderation but even so, he wasn’t able to avoid being labeled an enemy. In his work he avoided knocking on the doors of those the government found most “uncomfortable,” rejected … Continue reading "The Moderate Is Also An Enemy" Continue reading
Juan Juan Almeida, 13 February 2018 — A Cuban businessman residing in Ecuador was arrested in Havana, suspected of being the ringleader of a criminal gang operating between Cuba, Panama and the United States, engaged in swindling, extortion, human trafficking and money laundering, Marti News has confirmed. Alexis Castro Maspoch, 34, is being held in pretrial detention at Valle … Continue reading "Alleged Head of US/Cuba Money Laundering Network Arrested in Havana / Juan Juan Almeida" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 13 February 2018 — A book of testimonies and interviews, Rapping a Utopian Cuba by writer Alejandro Zamora Montes from the Spanish publisher Guantanamera, was withdrawn by the authorities from the recently concluded Havana International Book Fair, an act that activist Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna labelled as censorship in statements to 14ymedio. Madrazo visited the … Continue reading "Cuban Authorities Confiscate All Copies of a Book About Rap at the Havana Book Fair" Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, 30 January 2018 — Forced into exile by the Cuban regime, the Legal Information Center (Cubalex) has undergone a “radical and painful change”. However, reorganized in the USA, it aims to continue along the project’s same line: “to internationally denounce the Cuban State for its human rights violations, and spotlight the situation in the country. ” … Continue reading "‘Cuban civil society fails to utilize the mechanisms to report human rights violations’" Continue reading
"Una incansable campeona” en la lucha por la libertad Continue reading
EFE, via 14ymedio, Miami, 27 January 2018 — Pizarra, a new Twitter-like social network created so that Cubans inside and outside the island can communicate, is already working and will allow users themselves to moderate content. This was explained to EFE by one of the social medium’s creators, the young computer scientist Salvi Pascual who has … Continue reading "’Pizarra,’ a Cuban Twitter, Launches to Connect the Two Shores" Continue reading
Lia Villares, 5 February 2018 — The low blow of a sudden search of a dissident’s home, orchestrated by members of Cuba’s counterintelligence “with the objective of seizing objects of illicit origin” and using this to accuse us, to charge us with a common crime (“illicit economic activity”), even if only for political motives, is … Continue reading "Defending Freedom is Not a Profession / Lia Villares" Continue reading
… access and freedom for Cubans online. The Cuba Internet Task Force held … , several Cuban dissidents used a public comment period to lambast Cuba’s … from the Cuban Embassy. But ahead of the meeting, Cuba protested the … ends.” Cuba’s Foreign Ministry said it “reiterated the Cuban government’s … Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, Lia Villares, Havana, 6 February 2018 — Imagine your worst nightmare. Imagine that it materializes in real time, what you have intuited so many times, but it is no longer a lucid dream, now it is pure and harsh reality. Cold and concrete. The most despicable being, the one you have dedicated yourself … Continue reading "Imagine Your Worst Nightmare / Lia Villares" Continue reading
Ya se conoce qué funcionario presidirá el grupo de trabajo Continue reading
… access and freedom for Cubans online. The Cuba Internet Task Force held … , several Cuban dissidents used a public comment period to lambast Cuba… from the Cuban Embassy. But ahead of the meeting, Cuba protested the … Press writer Michael Weissenstein in Havana contributed to this report. --- … Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 6 February 2018 — “For the first time, I’m a Leninist,” a Cuban retiree said repeatedly and recklessly, standing in line for the newspaper. Around him some responded with a complicit smile. A few hours before, the news of a story with profound significance for Cuba had arrived: the triumph of the ‘Yes’ … Continue reading "The ‘Yes’ Victory in Ecuador is Also a Defeat for Castroism" Continue reading
Elías Amor Bravo, 3 January 2018 — Cuba’s restrictions on internet access are an example of the types of controls the regime imposes on the population. On 28 December, however, it was announced that in 2018 the island’s inhabitants were expected to have access from their cell phones, something that thus far has not been the … Continue reading "Mobile Internet and the Right of Cubans to Social Networks" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 1 February 2018 — Spain’s People’s Party (PP) demanded the “immediate release” of Eduardo Cardet, leader of Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), claiming in a statement that the Cuban dissident was imprisoned in November 2016, “arbitrarily and under terrible conditions.” The request of the political party, currently at the head of Spain’s government, … Continue reading "Spanish People’s Party Calls for Immediate Release of Cuban Dissident Eduardo Cardet" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 30 January 2018 — A group of Cubans remains trapped at the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport after requesting political asylum. The travelers left Havana for Moscow on Saturday and their stopover in the Netherlands coincided with the implementation of a new transit visa requirement for Cubans. Victor Manuel Dueñas, a contributor to the Havana Times digital site, is among … Continue reading "Several Cubans Stranded At Amsterdam Airport After Requesting Political Asylum" Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, 30 January 2018 — Forced into exile by the Cuban regime, the Legal Information Center (Cubalex) has undergone a “radical and painful change”. However, reorganized in the USA, it aims to continue along the project’s same line: “to internationally denounce the Cuban State for its human rights violations, and spotlight the situation in the country. ” … Continue reading "‘Cuban civil society fails to utilize the mechanisms to report human rights violations’" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 30 January 2018 — Iris Mariño García, a journalist from La Hora de Cuba (Cuba’s Hour), was charged on Monday with the crime of “usurpation of legal capacity” and is facing a sentence of up to one year in prison, the magazine’s director Henry Constantin told 14ymedio. Mariño is the third member of the editorial team of … Continue reading "Third ‘La Hora De Cuba’ Editor Charged With Illegally Practicing Journalism In Camaguey" Continue reading
… Paul II said in Havana, adding that Cuba "needs to open … hoped President Barack Obama and Cuban-Americans would help bring change to … Cuba, 14 years after his predecessor's historic Mass in Havana.   "I am convinced that Cuba, at this … Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 24 January 2018 — Three Catholic priests have addressed a letter to President Raul Castro in which they ask the president to let Cubans “choose in freedom,” not vote. In this way, the priests warn, the island will have “different” political options to “prevent that one day, given whatever circumstances, Cuba is submerged in … Continue reading "Three Priests Ask Raúl Castro For Real Elections To “Avoid Violent Changes”" Continue reading
To Raúl Castro Ruz on the 20th anniversary of the Mass for the Homeland celebrated by Saint John Paul II and the words of Bishop Pedro Meurice at Antonio Maceo Plaza in Santiago de Cuba, on January 24, 1998. On the first of January, the 59th anniversary of the triumph of a Revolution was commemorated. A … Continue reading "Letter to Raul Castro from Three Cuban Priests" Continue reading
… Plaza of the Revolution in Havana. Perez said his visit marked … open itself to Cuba." Pope Benedict was in Cuba in 2012 … the Communist regime to give Cubans "freedom, the means and … de Casia church in western Havana, and continues to ask for … Continue reading
… ) has protested threats made by Cuba’s political police to Luz … declared, “What is happening in Cuba continues to be a matter … articles on daily life in Havana, was for the first times … of the Justice Ministry.” The Cuban political police urged Luz Escobar … Continue reading
14ymedio, Madrid, 22 January 2018 — Germán M. González, author of The Current Situation Of The Farmer In Cuba, Usufruct And The Social Security Of The Small Farmer, is the winner of the First Economic Rights Contest in Cuba convened by the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights. In the article, González details the failed agrarian policy carried out on … Continue reading "Article on the Situation of Farms in Cuba Wins First Economic Rights Contest" Continue reading
… on their first day as Cuban immigrants. They brought just dreams … .” When we talk about the “Cuban Missile,” our first thought might … Craftsman Truck Series. Now the Cuban Missile — the nickname was given … the hardships of coming from Cuba with nothing in 1966 and … Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 19 January 2018 — Ana Gálvez, now 72, spent eight months picking sweet potatoes, yuccas and squash in a state agricultural enterprise outside of Havana before she was allowed to leave for the United States in 1971. “They treated us as if we were prisoners or slaves. The food was disgusting. We had to work twelve … Continue reading "The "Worms" and the Future of Cuba / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 18 January 2018 – Cuban State Security’s threats against Luz Escobar, a journalist with 14ymedio, were condemned on Tuesday in a statement by the Inter-American Press Association (SIP); the organizations said that the threats “show that restrictions and challenges continue to confront the exercise of freedom of the press” on the island, as they … Continue reading "IAPA Condemns Cuban State Security’s Threats Against ’14ymedio’ Journalist" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 18 December 2017 — On the night of Thursday, 14 December at night, after fifteen hours on the road under a copious downpour, from Sagua de Tánamo, in Holguín, province 530 miles northwest of Havana, in an old General Motors truck from the 1950s, Erasmus and his wife arrived in Havana ready to fulfill … Continue reading "Cuba: The Devotion to Saint Lazarus / Iván García" Continue reading
El índice mundial de libertades continúa su caída Continue reading

Freedom House puntuó este martes a Cuba con 14 de 100 puntos (0=menos libre y 100=más libre) en cuanto a libertad, según recoge el documento "Freedom in the World 2018", que analiza la situación de los derechos políticos y las libertades civiles en el planeta.

La organización, además, clasificó a la Isla en el apartado "No libre" en cuanto a la libertad de prensa y de internet.

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… of Liberation of Angola (FAPLA), Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), People … for the commitment of the Cuban people to send thousands of … the Cuban forces coupled with the sophisticated machinery sent from Cuba and … , which secured the withdrawal of Cuban troops and South African troops … Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 15 January 2018 – On the final Thursday of last year, the young journalist Norge Rodríguez posted on his Facebook wall the new measures that the Cuban government would supposedly take as of this coming February to “get out of the economic crisis affecting the country for nearly three decades once … Continue reading "The Platform Of The Innocents" Continue reading
EFE/14ymedio, Havana, 14 January 2018 – On Saturday, Raúl Castro ended a week in which he participated in several funeral ceremonies in eastern Cuba. With his presence at the mausoleum of the ‘Frank País’ Second Eastern Front, the site of the niche where he himself will be interred, the ruler added a new act to his … Continue reading "Raúl Castro Concludes A Week Of Funeral Rites" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 14 January 2018 — Almost four decades ago, when I was learning the alphabet, I had to say my first political slogan, the same one repeated every morning by thousands of Cuban schoolchildren: “Pioneers for communism, we will be like Che.” The only thing that has changed is that, today, the figure … Continue reading "‘Che’ Guevara, The Faded Myth" Continue reading
Havana, January 8 (RHC)-- Cubans marked Monday the 59th anniversary … 2nd, arriving in Havana on the 8th.  From Havana, the caravanistas continued … to Pinar del Río -- Cuba's westernmost province -- … Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 2 January 2017 — The Vice-minister of Communications, Wilfredo González, assured that there is no limitation “from the political point of view” for Cubans accessing the Internet, according to statements published on Tuesday by the official media Cubahoy. Participating in a conversation with the state news outlet in which he spoke about the steps taken … Continue reading "Cuba’s Vice-minister of Communications Says Censorship Does Not Limit Access to the Internet" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 4 January 2017 — Daniel Llorente, the man with the flag, has asked Federica Mogherini not to forget his case because it demonstrates “the lack of political freedoms in Cuba.” The activist who hoisted the flag of the United States during last year’s May Day parade has since spent eight months in detention including seven … Continue reading "The Man With The Flag Asks For Mogherini’s Help" Continue reading
… 1949 in a town outside Havana, Sandoval started playing with street … in Cuba’s fledgling jazz community, he helped establish the Orquesta Cubana … the time, he was considered Cuba’s Louis Armstrong, but Sandoval … limitation.” Three decades after leaving Cuba, Sandoval still marvels at his … Continue reading
Despite the US State Department ban on freedom of expression, we demand that the Macedonian media cover this development defending Macedonia's right to exist. TORONTO, CANADA, January 4, 2018 / -- The latest version of MHRMI … Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 3 January 2017 – Is a ship that has had all its parts replaced still the same ship? The question is known as Theseus’s Paradox and illustrates the European Union’s dilemma with Cuba: Does a dictatorship that moderated its diplomatic language, tried to make peace with its enemy and lost its … Continue reading "Mrs. Mogherini, We Are Still Without Freedom" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 2 January 2018 — The official media are celebrating, right now, a new anniversary of what they insist on calling the Cuban Revolution. The festivities around the 1st of January, when Fidel Castro marked a turning point in the nation’s history, show all the traces of a routine that has exhausted … Continue reading "The Successive Deaths of the Cuban Revolution" Continue reading


El viceministro de Comunicaciones, Wilfredo González, aseguró que no existe limitación alguna "desde el punto de vista político" para el acceso de los cubanos a internet, según declaraciones publicadas este martes por el medio oficial Cubahoy.

El vicetitular del ramo participó en una conversación con el portal estatal en la que habló sobre los pasos dados en el proceso de informatización de la sociedad durante el pasado año. González resaltó el papel jugado por la Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba (Etecsa) en materia de "conectividad institucional".

En relación con la ampliación del número de zonas wifi para la conexión a internet, el funcionario detalló que existen unos 500 de estos espacios en todo el país junto a las 650 salas de navegación con terminales fijos instalados por Etecsa.

González enfatizó que en cuanto al aumento del número de zonas wifi el concepto que primará será el "de compartir, y no de excluir, como un imperativo de la sociedad, y de la Revolución".[[QUOTE:Para el titular de Comunicaciones las 10.000 capacidades para la conexión a internet desde las viviendas, a través del servicio Nauta Hogar, son todavía "pocas"]]Para el titular de Comunicaciones las 10.000 capacidades para la conexión a internet desde las viviendas, a través del servicio Nauta Hogar, son todavía "pocas", pero según su pronóstico ese número aumentará en 2018.

La posibilidad de que el acceso a internet llegue a los teléfonos móviles no se incluyó entre las proyecciones de González para este año, a pesar de que pocos días antes de finalizar el año la presidenta del monopolio estatal de las telecomunicaciones, Mayra Arevich, sugiriese esta posibilidad durante una entrevista.

En sus declaraciones, el viceministro calificó como un "reto" la aplicación de una política en materia de ciberseguridad. Una estrategia que debe encaminarse a "proteger los beneficios, no solo de la Revolución, sino también los datos de los ciudadanos", expresó el funcionario.

Hasta el pasado mes de noviembre, Etecsa reintegró más de 5.300 CUC a clientes de su servicio de wifi que habían sido víctimas de robo del saldo de sus cuentas mientras trataban de conectarse al servicio. Según la agencia efe, en 2015 el jefe del Departamento Antifraudes del monopolio estatal dijo que la empresa no contaba con un certificado de seguridad válido para asegurar las operaciones de sus usuarios.[[QUOTE:El viceministro tampoco hizo alusión a los innumerables sitios digitales que han sido bloqueados en los servidores de la Isla]]El viceministro tampoco hizo alusión a los innumerables sitios digitales que han sido bloqueados en los servidores de la Isla, ni a otro tipo de censura por contenido de palabras clave que el Gobierno aplica a la mensajería por correo electrónico o mensajes de solo texto (SMS) entre móviles.

En 2017 Cuba terminó otra vez entre los cinco últimos puestos de los 65 países examinados por la organización Freedom House en su informe anual sobre libertad en internet.

La Isla acumuló 79 puntos negativos (de una escala donde 100 representa el peor puesto) que colocan al Gobierno de Raúl Castro como un grave infractor de la libertad en la web, solo superado por China, Etiopía, Siria e Irán, según el informe de la organización estadounidense.

De acuerdo con la ONG, el índice de penetración de internet en Cuba es de tan solo un 38,8%, a pesar del crecimiento que desde 2015 ha experimentado el número de zonas wifi y de la rebaja en la tarifa desde 2 CUC hasta 1 CUC por hora de navegación.


El equipo de 14ymedio está comprometido con hacer un periodismo serio que refleje la realidad de la Cuba profunda. Gracias por acompañarnos en este largo camino. Te invitamos a que continúes apoyándonos, pero esta vez haciéndote miembro 14ymedio. Juntos podemos seguir transformando el periodismo en Cuba.

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14ymedio, Havana, 28 December 2017 — The activist, who divides her time between Havana and Miami, directs the Cuba Decides initiative that proposes the holding of a plebiscite to initiate a transition to democracy on the Island. With a degree in Physics, Payá (b. 1989, Havana) has had an intense year in which she has … Continue reading "Cuban Faces 2017: Rosa María Payá, Activist" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 27 December 2017 — Known as the “man with the flag,” Daniel Llorente (b. 1963, Havana) is a “freelance” opponent who has stood out for his activism after the diplomatic thaw between Cuba and the United States. His image made the rounds of the social networks and the covers of many international newspapers … Continue reading "Cuban Faces 2017: Daniel Llorente, The ‘Flag Man’" Continue reading