July 2018
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Gretther Yedra

Island, what happened to you? Who changed the spring? Who shut the door? What ship left you alone? Island, they have changed your clothes They have distorted decency They have trafficked your innocence They have shit on your equality and mine. Island, by Lien Y Rey Somos+, Gretther Yedra Rodriguez, 29 March 2017 — A few … Continue reading "Requiem For My Havana / Somos+, Grettha Yedra" Continue reading
Somos+, Gretther Yedra, 1 June 2016 — When addressing the need for a “transition” of Cuban society, Cuban leaders respond that such a process already took place, starting in 1959, when the Revolutionary government seized farms, factories, shops, banks and other industries which had hitherto been in private hands. But when the traditional opposition-in-exile speaks of … Continue reading "Economic Transition in Cuba: A Brief Analysis / Somos+, Gretther Yedra" Continue reading