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Hablemos Press, 26 November 2016 — The dictator Fidel Castro has died in Havana this 25 November. He was among the military men who ruled the Island with an iron fist for 49 years, amassing a great fortune–despite being a critic of capitalism. Hablemos Press, 26 November 2016 — The dictator Fidel Castro has died … Continue reading "The Dictator’s Fortune Exceeds 900 Million Dollars / Hablemos Press" Continue reading

Ocho reporteros de Hablemos Press, fueron detenidos en octubre en diferentes lugares de la Isla, denunció la agencia independiente en un comunicado. A siete de ellos se les impidió viajar al exterior para participar en eventos organizados en Colombia, Panamá o Trinidad y Tobago.

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Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera, Havana, 30 August 2015 — During a recent broadcast of Televisión Cubana’s national news program, the government denounced the first ever Cuba Internet Freedom Conference, scheduled for 12-13 September in the city of Miami, which members of Cuban civil society will attend to participate in the debate. The argument utilized for … Continue reading "Cuban State Media Monopoly Denounces Internet Freedom Conference / Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrera" Continue reading

El activista Armando Peraza Hernández, de la Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU), fue condenado a seis meses de cárcel por negarse a pagar una multa de 1.500 pesos, informó su esposa, Mayelín Santiesteban López, reporta la agencia independiente Hablemos Press.

La sentencia fue dictada el 15 de agosto. Santiesteban López calificó de "amañado" el juicio, realizado en el Tribunal Municipal de San Cristóbal, provincia de Artemisa.

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Hablemos Press, Cuban Journalists and others* (see below), 13 May 2016 — Officials of the Cuban Communist Party hired a Swiss attorney to establish offshore companies for their global business activities, the Panama Papers reveal. The unprecedented leak of 11.5-million documents from the legal firm Mossack Fonseca in Panama exposed the offshore actions and suspicious … Continue reading "Cuban Officials in the Panama Papers / Hablemos Press" Continue reading
Hablemos Press, Leonel Rodriguez Lima, Havana, 16 April 2016 — It has been much-emphasized by Cuban officialdom that we are in the process of constructing an indigenous or distinctly Cuban socialism, prosperous and sustainable. But the phrase could turn out to be a hollow one, being that its realization continues to be delayed as time … Continue reading "Cuba: A Prosperous and Sustainable Socialism? / Hablemos Press, Leonel Rodriguez Lima" Continue reading
Hablamos Press, Eduardo Herrera, Havana, 16 May 2015 — In recent weeks, meetings between Raúl Castro and various heads of state have attracted the attention of national and international public opinion. During his visit to Algeria, Castro met with Abdelaziz … Continue reading Continue reading
Mayabeque, Cuba. – Cubans immersed in the day to day of survival with a salary of $20 per month make thousands do thousands of work-arounds to earn a living. These images captured by my lens reflect the daily life of … Continue reading Continue reading

La agencia independiente Hablemos Press pidió este miércoles al presidente francés, François Hollande, que durante la visita a Cuba que iniciará el próximo 11 de mayo exija al régimen de Raúl Castro la liberación de los periodistas y activistas de derechos humanos presos.

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Las revelaciones del Zunzuneo cubano hechas por los corresponsales de la agencia AP en La Habana, que hablan de plataformas informáticas desarrolladas para la conexión, así como la actual conexión de la disidencia cubana con el exterior, distan mucho de lo que existía en la época en que los incipientes grupos de periodistas independientes iniciaron su labor en Cuba,  en los años 90 del siglo pasado. Una época en que no se contaba con celulares o computadoras para organizar la labor periodística.

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José Daniel Ferrer García, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), informed this blog about various cases of police repression against dissidents  on the island but also highlighted that “not all news is negative“.  He affirms that his organization, as well as the opposition in general, continue gaining space amongst the population and keep […] Continue reading
The young Rodolfo Ramirez, best known as rapper El Primario, member of the dissident hip-hop duo El Primario y Julito, has been victim of a brutal beating which has left him with memory loss and serious scars on his face and head. The attack occurred on Sunday, July 21st, at the Malecon of Havana. Julio […] Continue reading
Jorge Cardona, son of a Major (with the same name) of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and of the Military Counter-Intelligence, stoned the home of the dissident family of Gertrudis Ojeda Suarez and Yoandri Naoki Ricardo Mir and physically attacked one of their underage children in Banes, Holguin, in Eastern Cuba. The events took place at […] Continue reading
New music straight from Cuba.  A collaboration between Primario y Julito and Los Hijos Que Nadie Quiso (The Unwanted Children), two dissident hip-hop groups in the island.  This new video is for the single “Mi Delito” (‘My Crime’), from the new CD by Primario y Julito which has the same name. The video was filmed […] Continue reading
Primario y Julito, dissident rap duo based in Havana, have joined forces with Raper Issac, from Santiago de Cuba, in a new song and video: “Lambon“. “My thing is not a whim, my thing is not a vice, my thing is desire for freedom”, says the opening of the new single published on the YouTube […] Continue reading

El periodista independiente Calixto Ramón Martínez no se formó en la universidad ni se curtió en la redacción de un periódico, sino en las calles y en la cárcel. Hace algo más de ocho semanas fue liberado tras pasar siete meses en prisión, por atreverse a investigar qué había sucedido con cierta ayuda humanitaria internacional extraviada en el Aeropuerto José Martí de La Habana, que jamás llegó a los enfermos de cólera.

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After his release from prison on the night of Tuesday, April 9th 2013, independent journalist Calixto Ramon Martinez Arias has returned to the headquarters of Hablemos Press, the news agency of which he is a correspondent. The news agency has published photos of this emotional return and encounter on their Facebook page. Here they are: [...] Continue reading
Agents of the Cuban political police arrested a group of 9 dissidents, members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Front, in the city of Placetas, Villa Clara this Tuesday 26th of March when they were carrying out a public demonstration as part of the “Yris Tamara Perez and Calixto Martinez [...] Continue reading
In this video published by the independent news agency ‘Hablemos Press’, 53 Ladies in White march down Havana’s popular 5th Avenue carrying small posters with the face of Calixto Ramon Martinez Arias, imprisoned independent journalist who is currently on hunger strike. The women also dedicated the march to the 10th anniversary of the Black Spring, [...] Continue reading
Berta Soler, the national representative of the Ladies in White, boarded a plane to travel outside her country for the first time ever, with destination to Spain, this Sunday March 10th, to participate in a conference organized by the exiled representatives of the mentioned female dissident group. Her husband, renowned activist and former political prisoner [...] Continue reading
During afternoon hours of February 26th, in Havana, a building located directly across the street from the Central Train Station collapsed, killing one 15 year old boy who was trapped in the rubble, and injuring another two, according to “Hablemos Press” . The scene turned even more chaotic when various political police agents who were [...] Continue reading
  “Down with police corruption”, “Long Live the Ladies in White”, “Long Live Human Rights”, and “Fair wages” were just some of the slogans shouted by two brave women who carried out a pots-and-pans protest in Havana’s Central Park this Thursday, February 14th (St. Valentine’s Day). The women were Rosario Morales la Rosa, best known [...] Continue reading
Closed streets, diverted traffic, countless police vehicles, agents dressed in civilian clothing, and a wave of arrests.  That was how the operation of the Cuban regime against the Ladies in White looked like this Wednesday, February 13th, when women from throughout all the provinces of the country set out towards their national headquarters in Havana [...] Continue reading
“With all and for the good of all” – one of the most famous phrases by Jose Marti is, perhaps, also one of the ideas which the totalitarian system in Cuba fears the most, proven- year after year- every 28th of January when countless uniformed agents are sent out throughout the island to try and [...] Continue reading
Between the days of January 19th and 22nd, state sponsored violence against the Cuban opposition aggressively increased in different parts of the country. Some of the aggressions started on Saturday 19th, the year anniversary of the death of Wilman Villar Mendoza, a dissident who spent more than 50 days on hunger strike demanding his release [...] Continue reading
#LiberenaCalixto (“Free Calixto”) is a hashtag being used with much popularity in the world of Twitter by users of this social media in and out of the island, with the intent of demanding the immediate release of jailed independent journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias who has been on hunger strike for more than 27 days in a dungeon [...] Continue reading
A year ago, on September 24th 2011, mobs organized by the Cuban dictatorship attacked the Ladies in White to keep them from assisting mass on the Day of the Virgin of Mercy. It was at that moment in which one of the last photos of Laura Pollan, former leader of the group, was taken, when [...] Continue reading
In the Eastern city of Holguin, a group of approximately 14 Ladies in White were participating in a monthly encounter in the home of Glisedis Piña Gonzalez (member of the women’s activist group) this Saturday, August 18th, when the house was raided by combined forces of the political police and State Security and all those inside- [...] Continue reading