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The Contradictions of Cuba’s Foreign Minister By Haroldo Dilla Alfonso. A translation by The Havana Times, of an article originally appearing in Cubaencuentro. The United Nations has once again gone through the motions of condemning the blockade/embargo imposed on Cuba … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA TIMES —The announcement that the Cuban government plans to eliminate Cuba’s two-currency monetary system has awakened numerous concerns among common citizens and analysts. This was to be expected, for, even if we assume the simplest and most vulgar point … Continue reading Continue reading
Despite living for so long on an island so small, I never met Oscar Espinosa Chepe in person. It would have been an honor and an opportunity for me, mostly after discovering him in one of his incisive articles for … Continue reading Continue reading
By Haroldo Dilla Alfonso, Dominican Republic, July 26, 2013, Originally posted on Cubaencuentro. Translation originally on Havana Times. HAVANA TIMES — An ad for a private day care center in Havana has been posted on the Internet (including Cuba’s classifieds … Continue reading Continue reading
April 2013 marks a decade since once of the most depressing moments of post-revolutionary history: the so-called Black Spring. It was a time when Fidel Castro, excited about what he assumed was a revolutionary wave in Latin America and the … Continue reading Continue reading
At last week’s celebration of the 26th of July something happened I didn’t quite understand. The program stated that Machado Ventura was going to speak, but then the General/President also spoke. It seems someone asked him to and people went along ... Continue reading
I’ve been reading the whole imbroglio generated by Cuban State security agent Percy Alvarado with his article about Obama’s imperialist interference in Cuba. First he accuses everyone in sight of being pro-Yankee puppets, and later apologizes for h... Continue reading
On March 13, 1968, Fidel Castro, in one of his miles-long speeches, announced to the Cuban people what he called “the Revolutionary Offensive*.” In reality, it had nothing revolutionary about it, on the contrary, it was an essentially counterrevolu... Continue reading