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Convivencia (Coeixistence) magazine salutes the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America. We hope that this climate of dialogue and negotiation is also established between the Government of the Republic of Cuba and … Continue reading Continue reading
Former Polish President Lech Walesa and Dagoberto Valdés   by Dagoberto Valdés Hernández A year ago I was able to realize one of my lifelong dreams: to visit Poland, a country that remained loyal to its faith and liberty. This … Continue reading Continue reading
I remember every November 20th for a special reason (besides being the birthday of a dear aunt, and of a friend): on this day the Cuban nation gave birth to one of the preeminent pillars of our founding history, Father … Continue reading Continue reading
By Dagoberto Valdés Hernández For years I had a dream. Today it has been realized. Poland has always been part of my cultural, religious and freedom identity. Disappearing several times on the map of Europe, “semper fidelis” Poland maintained its … Continue reading Continue reading
Jose Marti statue in Pinar del Rio – from Wikicommons By Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández. José Martí, the man we Cubans call our “Apostle,” was, and let no man doubt it, a man of vast moral, spiritual and cultural heritage. … Continue reading Continue reading
By Livia Galvez Chiú “Time puts everything in its right place” or maybe peoples’ work does it too? There are many stories in which in the end everything finds its proper place. Perfect. Fine for some, and for others, not so … Continue reading Continue reading
On the evening of November 4th some members of the Coexistence team had the privilege of being invited to participate in the activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of Christian Life. The occasion brought together many at the Church of the Sacred H... Continue reading
“Notes for a History of Pinar del Rio” is now, after the hard work of almost five years in the hands of reviewers and a reward to Wilfredo Denie Valdés for the work of his lifetime, a gift for all natives of Pinar del Rio on the island and in the ... Continue reading
By Dagoberto Valdés On the afternoon of Sunday, 22 July 2012, we were surprised by unexpected and terrible news: Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, founder and leader of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), had tragically died near the city of Bayama, seeki... Continue reading
AFTER THE VISIT OF THE POPE TO CUBA, WHAT? “You are and must be the sovereigns of your own personal and national history.” (John Paul II, Cuba 1998) The two visits of the Popes of the Catholic Church, are milestones that show the step forward of Cuban civil society. Cuba has changed, not only and [...] Continue reading
By Dagoberto Valdes, Pinar del Rio Cuba is not the same as in 1998 when John Paul II made the first papal visit in our history. Its government is not the same, though essential and structurally, it remains the same system. Its Church is not the same in its workings and leadership, although essentially and [...] Continue reading
Dagoberto Valdes speaking on the 4th anniversary of the magazine. Dear friends of Convivencia: The time God gives us to do good works and grow in humanity passes quickly. We are already celebrating the fourth anniversary of the digital magazine Convivencia. The presence of all of you here and the multiple and diverse collaborators that [...] Continue reading
Death is step and journey in the essence of life. Archbishop Pedro Meurice Estiu course, retired archbishop of Santiago de Cuba has ended his fruitful and suffering journey for the time he lived. Cuba has lost one of its greatest pastors of all time and has gained one of the holy intercessors who has known [...] Continue reading
Antecedent. On December 15, 2009 the government intervened in the courtyard of the house where Karina Galvez held gatherings of the journal Coexistence and they built a wall, seizing the covered terrace, pantry and bathroom, which had been built inside the courtyard of her property. The wall remains and the case is in the Supreme [...] Continue reading
Editorial 24 The Catholic Church and the official press have announced that His Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI “is considering visiting Mexico and Cuba during the spring of the year 2012”. At the same time, the spokesman of the Holy See has declared that the State Department of the Supreme Pontiff has told the Papal [...] Continue reading
CONVIVENCIA (COEXISTENCE) LITERARY CONTEST II – 2011 JURY RESULTS Prize in the Photography category: The jury decides, unanimously, to award the prize in the genre of Photography to the series titled: Desconocido (Unknown), by the Cuban author, Alberto Borrego Sánchez, of San Cristóbal, Artemisa province. By judicious selection of settings, use of bold and contemporary [...] Continue reading
By Sironay Gonzalez Rodriguez How good I feel when knowing that I am doing the right thing, even when the majority contradicts me or avoids any comment so as not to be implicated. I like to be on the opposite side, I feel good being apart from the mass. My biggest commitment is with the [...] Continue reading
By Dagoberto Valdes and the Editorial Board In editorial No. 14 of Convivencia Magazine ( of March-April 2010, we said that: “In the last year there has been a visible increase of the natural diversity of expressions of men and women in Cuba. This plurality has been manifested, mainly, in the cultural world. This world [...] Continue reading
By Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández I don’t know how many Cubans have repeated this phrase in recent days. Specifically since State Security agent moles Emilio (Carlos Serpa) and Vladimir (Moises Rodriguez) came to light. Those who let us know, according to the Cuban government, about the plans of the American Imperialists to take over the [...] Continue reading
By Sironay González Rodríguez These days, when we are leaving behind the Cuban Communist Party Congress, which addressed a series of measures which have left a people not hopeful but concerned; when a there is a shortage of the word of the day in our lives; when our government excludes and marginalizes the whole idea [...] Continue reading
by Sironay González Rodríguez I do not remember exactly when I didn’t join a union. Since I started working, until a few months ago when the Revolution decided that I wasn’t necessary for its “perfection” of the system, and they made me “available”–that is laid me off–I didn’t find that this organization represented my interests. [...] Continue reading