July 2018
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Cubaverdad on Twitter

Joisy García Martínez

The “massification” in almost all aspects and areas of Cuban life has left the common citizen completely isolated. The sites of participation have been and are increasingly operated and controlled by the omnipresent one Party and its scapegoats. Every day free spirited citizens suffer inhuman social isolation, persecution, and at the same time continue to [...] Continue reading
To Tweet from a cell phone in Cuba is disproportionately costly, almost impossible, and only comparable with the draining of the Cienaga de Zapata swamp, the eradication of prostitution, computer illiteracy or the forbidden game. To write 140 characters via a cell phone in Cuba, however simple it may seem, is a luxury few can [...] Continue reading
Danilo Maldonado, known as “El Sexto” has proposed, from his insistent irreverence towards power, a new flag for Cuba, saying it will lead to “new trends in social thinking.” Danilo Maldonado is known among members of the emerging Cuban society as “El Sexto.” He is a young, carefree and happy, and lives in Arroyo Arenas, [...] Continue reading