June 2018
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Julio Cesar Galvez

By:  Julio Cesar Galvez General Raul Castro will visit Chile in the next days, January 26-27, in order to participate in the First Summit of the Community of Latin American and Carribean States and the European Union (CELAC-EU).  On this … Continue reading Continue reading
By Julio Cesar Galvez The figure of José Martí has been used in an unmeasured way for their search for political prominence by the Cuban regime, long before the seizure of power on January 1959. Many young people are unaware … Continue reading Continue reading
By Julio César Gálvez The battle for power in Venezuela deepens as the date fixed by the Constitution of this country for the swearing-in of the reelection Hugo Chavez takes office nears: January 10. Chavez has been in Cuba since December 11, when he underwent his fourth operation for a pelvic cancer diagnosed 18 months [...] Continue reading
By: Julio César Gálvez. The current economic and social crisis spreads and worsens among the most vulnerable sectors of the population: children, elderly, disabled, women, ethnic minorities. It is not an isolated case. It is a well-structured plot over 50 years ago to control an entire country. The lack of ethical and moral values and [...] Continue reading
By Julio César Gálvez As every year, every time we approach the festivities of Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years, the Cuban military are far from home and family, locked in their barracks or running from one place to another after a fictitious enemy or ghost landing. Nothing new. From the first of January 1959 [...] Continue reading