July 2018
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Katia Sonia Martín Véliz

The first two deacons of the Old Mission Church, Our Lady of Joy, in Cuba, were ordained by Monsignor Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarría, Primate Bishop of this church in Cuba, at eight o’clock on the night of the Wednesday nineteenth … Continue reading Continue reading
Katia Sonia and Reina Luisa Several days ago I heard from friends  in exiles that a video was posted on a pro-Castro blog in Madrid where they use a recording made about a year ago, or more, several Ladies in … Continue reading Continue reading
  On Saturday, August 11, a strong rain caused floods in the capital’s Central Havana neighborhood. It rained non-stop for three hours and as a results of the garbage in the streets and the blocking of the sewers, the neighborhood of La Victoria...
This Saturday my husband, Ricard Medina, and I prepared to journey to Camagey with the objective to then proceed to Santiago de Cuba where we wanted to participate in the Mass that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI would offer in the Plaza of Antonio Maceo. We left on 2 pm bus that arrived after 11:00 [...] Continue reading
Directors of the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party in Havana, on the afternoon of Thursday 22 December, personally expressed their condolences to Mr. Frantisek Fleisman on the occasion of the passing of the former Czech president Vaclav Havel, in the embassy of the country located in Kohly # 259 Nuevo Vedado, Havana. Mr. Fleisman, who [...] Continue reading
Delegation of the CID in the 10 de Octubre municipality, honoring Laura Pollan on Human Rights Day The Cuba Independent and Democratic Party (CID) in the municipality on October 10, paid tribute to Laura Pollan, at 6:00 pm on December 10 at the home of Aimé Cabrales Aguilar, located in the Fonts Street # 143 [...] Continue reading
The following photos of a State Security Operation during the Homage to Laura Pollan on Human Rights Day The United States Interests Section paid tribute to the leader and founder of the Ladies in White, Laura Pollan, with a reception at the residence of Mr. John Caulfield Chief of Section, between the hours of 9:00 [...] Continue reading