February 2019
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Lazara Martin Perez

After a year and a half in prison, after he was accused (without proof) of “sacrificing a cow” (in other words, of having killed a cow) and sentenced to 10 years, the Matanzas resident Michel Martinez Perez has been released on the night of Thursday, March 14th, according to a report by former political prisoner [...] Continue reading
Human rights activist and former political prisoner of conscience Ivan Hernandez Carrillo announced this past weekend that Michel Martinez Perez, Cuban citizen from Matanzas province who was unjustly jailed in August 2011 under accusations of “theft and sacrifice of a cow” but without any proof, has suspended his hunger strike, which lasted more than 46 [...] Continue reading
With already more than 40 days on hunger strike, the prisoner Michel Martinez Perez, who was sentenced to 10 years behind bars under accusations of ‘theft and sacrifice of a cow’ after a quick trial without any proof, is at serious danger of losing his life, according to his elderly mother, Lazara Martin Perez. Recently, [...] Continue reading
The following report has been put together by a friend of this blog: human rights activist Maria Camas. You can follow her on Twitter for more fresh news about Cuba: @mspianoteacher. Lazara Martin Pérez is the mother of two young men which the Castro tyranny is bent on keeping jailed in the most inhumane conditions [...] Continue reading