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Mackandal – Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere

On May 30, 1893, Juan Gualberto Gomez wrote in the newspaper Equality: “It is not possible to predict that for the colored class on this island there will ever be present, in the future, more sad and painful situations than … Continue reading Continue reading
“From the moment that the State operates on the basis of bio-power, the killer feature of the state itself can only be assured by racism.” Michel Foucault The racial question in Cuba is not only about contempt between actors with different skin pigmentation. Racism, in the context of political and civil identity, is also observed [...] Continue reading
In the act of remembrance for the victims of the Independent Party of Color held in Central Park, at the statue of our apostle José Martí, Miguel Barnet, intellectual and ethnologist was in charge of the words of apology. With a solid document, Barne... Continue reading
The privileges granted by the regime to the Cuban military elite, behind the back of the people’s will and stepping over any consensus from the citizens, have as solemn goal to buy the loyalty of this elite. Bought loyalty is not acting in a reasonab... Continue reading
Social and racial equality in Cuba was grossly embezzled and supplanted by the greed of political power. To understand the achievements and chimeras of this equality that is nothing but virtual, it is essential to submerge ourselves in the discourse of... Continue reading
The downfall of the black man’s ethnicity is a phenomenon that is part of universal history. In the Americas this ethnic downfall arose when the African stopped being called African but Negro, as a result of the slave trade. Taboos against blacks and... Continue reading
Cubans get up and go to bed with politics. In Cuba, politics, far from being an exercise of citizenship, is a way of life and a must to get to the Party’s lines.  It has always been like this in the past; the only difference is that today’s politi... Continue reading
In the early years of the Revolution, the state shook the tree, as they used to say back then, but it left some rotten fruits that have germinated and that today defecate on its face. In the last two decades, there has been a mind set shift in a negati... Continue reading
One hundred years after the massacre of the Independents of Color, the most horrifying crime that has been committed in Cuba, against blacks and mestizos, who were only seeking the recognition of their rights after having fought for Cuba’s independen... Continue reading
These are the forces that keep us alive: dignity, freedom, and courage. - José Martí I confess that if something causes me pain is to feel helpless, as a black citizen, every time I see the statue of José Miguel Gómez, located in area of El Vedado,... Continue reading
Whoever has seen a Negro whipped, can they not consider themselves forever in his debt? I have seen it when I was a boy and my cheeks continue to burn with shame… I saw it and I swore myself since then to his defense. Jose Marti Anyone who has followed closely the discussions held by [...] Continue reading
From slavery heroes emerge, but from infertile freedom only the useless emerge. José Martí The economy has always been the soft underbelly of the Cuban government. However, before 1959 Cuba was among the countries with highest economic solvency of the Americas, second only to a few countries such as the United States and Canada. There [...] Continue reading