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It was he who opened the door at Antonio Rodiles’ house for us this past Saturday the 23rd: for Lilian of “Geronimo’s Blog”, to my wife Yoaxis, and for me, when we came to participate in the Estado de Sats … Continue reading Continue reading
My first post this year titled “My first post of 2013,” dated January 9, explained to my readers the cause of my tardiness: my lack of internet connection meant that it was nine days into the year before I could … Continue reading Continue reading
The third Monday in January of each year in the U.S. honors the memory of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968). From Cuba I follow the example of this Baptist pastor like me. To those oppressors who constantly threaten … Continue reading Continue reading
For some, Christmas is synonymous  only with feasts and gifts. But its origin was the incarnation of God who in the words of Philippians 2 “emptied himself to dwell among us, shoveling away our suffering, and grew to receive death as a ransom for all mankind.” Therefore we can say that Christmas is meant more [...] Continue reading
As a Christian of the Baptist persuasion in Cuba, today is a day where we ask God, and I ask those who govern the nation, for each Cuban the have the right to believe or not to believe, or believe in the manner that he understands, even when it differs completely from what I believe.  The [...] Continue reading
Today, January 9, I can post my first post of the year. It was my first chance on the internet in this country where the connection is a luxury that few can have. Some may wonder how in the world of the global village it is that it is only on the ninth... Continue reading
Last Sunday the 16th in our church in Taguayabon we celebrated a Christmas concert that we dedicated to the whole town.  From the doorway of our temple the musical group “Alabanza DC” from “The Trinity” First Baptist Church of Santa Clara offered the most recent of its musical productions in relation to this special season [...] Continue reading
I was surprised some days ago when the Cuban regime came to the defense of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) whose bank account in Miami — intended to be used for the Congress of this association of churches to be held in Cuba in the coming year — was frozen by the American [...] Continue reading
The sacrifice of the precious life of Oswaldo Jose Paya Sardinas and of so many other martyrs that have preceded him in this type of targeted assassination, far from terrorizing me, stimulates me to continue forward in my ministry which cannot exclude the condemnation of this despotic regime. When I said goodbye to my friend Juan [...] Continue reading
In addition to the traditional groups and opposition personalities was very emotional for me at Paya’s funerals to interact with new trends in the opposition which are the bloggers and twitterers who are independent, non-partisan and who are not dire... Continue reading
I always had the dream of getting to know that worker whose speech on receiving the Sakharov prize I heard live from Hapsburg, vibrant with excitement thanks to the magic of radio. I never thought of a future post-Castro Cuba with Payá physically abse... Continue reading
In 2003 José Oswaldo Paya Sardinas received the greatest tyrannical onslaught that preceded this other well-calculted and final one of 2012. Even without being on the list of those imprisoned, he was the grewatest victim of the so-called Cuban Black S... Continue reading
With regards to the cause of Oswaldo Payá’s death, I give his family the complete benefit of the doubt. And all the details that have been happening day to day after such an unfortunate event, reinforce this. I highlight the total lack of communicat... Continue reading
Regrettably, I did not have the honor of being part of the repression that was not lacking this time, either.  I long suspected that the time to depart for the cemetery would be the most propitious for the flock of buzzards to throw themselves over... Continue reading
Away from the capital and without any contact with the Christian Liberation Movement I thank God who made use of small signs of liberty that came to me from here and there in order to guide me in the middle of the sad and confused Cuban reality. ... Continue reading
My first direct contact with the Payá family was very unfortunately this. I was totally dissatisfied when during the confused seconds before the coffin I offered brief and protocol words of sympathy they received as from one more stranger among the im... Continue reading
Careful with those whom you all kill, they can spur a craving for liberty in the people (Oswaldo Paya in an interview by the Hispano Cubana Magazine, No. 16, 2003, p. 122). Friday, September 7 the launch of the 16th edition of the magazine Voices took... Continue reading
It is incredible that time is flying.  Especially when one has no access to the internet and has problems with technology.  This, among other things, is what was happening to me during those three months.  But on the other hand it has not stopped me... Continue reading
JOIN IN SUFFERINGS So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. (2 Timothy 1.8) Any action which I have done is a result of my faith in God. Faith was ... Continue reading
For some weeks Havana has had its Biennial and as almost always in my little forgotten village life goes on between the tedium and mediocrity. Behind these airs of expositions and performances I can’t help but remember what happened in these parts a ... Continue reading
In 2008 the Mission Board of the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba convened the first Campaign of Fifty Days or Prayer for Cuba. It was an intense journey of prayer that involved believers inside and outside of the island. That same year, 2008, was al... Continue reading
This past July 2 was second anniversary of the death of Tomás Leopold Alfonso Manso. He was born on September 30, 1941, and unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack on July 2, 2010, leaving an irreplaceable emptiness in Taguayabón, the town in wh... Continue reading
ALL OF US CHRISTIAN CUBANS SHOULD SIGN THE CITIZEN DEMAND FOR ANOTHER CUBA For several weeks now the CITIZEN DEMAND FOR ANOTHER CUBA has come to be known, a demand which a symbolic number of Cubans — not on behalf of any party or institution, but... Continue reading
In my previous post, “Recovered Celebrations,” I alluded to the concessions that the Cuban regime has granted to the Catholic church in regards to Christmas and Good Friday. Although the latter has been recognized and adopted by Catholics, ... Continue reading
This past February 23rd the official press media of the country informed of the meeting held between members of the Central Committee and the Government with the principal leaders of religious denominations and fraternal organizations, this occurrence ... Continue reading
April 23, 2012 Year of the Lord. From: Priest: Mario Félix Lleonart Barroso. To: Villa Clara Provincial Prosecutor’s Office and Management of the Protection of Citizen Rights of the Prosecutor General of the Republic. In so far as: Within just a few... Continue reading
The 103rd Annual Assembly of the Baptist Association of Western Cuba, to which I belong, concluded Saturday the 24th at 6:00pm. That was why my wife Yoaxis and I found ourselves in Havana from the Monday before, the 19th of March, separated from our tw... Continue reading
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40 In those years of UMAP*, when Mr. Jaime Ortega was one more in the concentration camps, no one would have imagined that the last but most important mission of what some still [...] Continue reading
By: Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez Two separate power outages last week, one on Monday from early morning until well past noon and the other on Tuesday night occupying the afternoon, made me reflect again on the subject that was so fashionable a few years ago while the eldest in the hierarchy still ruled over us. The [...] Continue reading
The city that looks toward the heavens, that looks toward the sea, at the infinite / asking itself from within what our destiny will be A neighbor from Taguayabón, scandalized with the growing brutality of the system, peculiar to dictatorships in decline, and sincerely worried about me, begged me with all her heart after my arrest [...] Continue reading
The scenario is different. The visitor also. When the Polish Pope, John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, visited Cuba in 1998 he found Monsignor Pedro Claro Meurice Estiu as archbishop in Santiago de Cuba, and in him, the loudest Cuban voice rose among those who had such a possibility. The Pope’s “Let Cuba open itself to [...] Continue reading
When Granma and the National Televised News publicized on Thursday, February 23rd the previous day’s meeting between hierarchies of Cuban religious denominations and fraternal organizations with representatives of the Cuban regime, many were alarmed to discover the existing communion between religious and political leaders. Such agreement places both on the same playing field. Esteban Lazo, a [...] Continue reading
This has been given to me from the blog of a fellow pastor who identifies himself as Miqueas de Roca: “I do not use electrical cords for this…” This story was also told me by a good friend, who although he is not a pastor, is a sincere and faithful Christian, of one of those [...] Continue reading
Many will think that I am referring to a method of torture made by the Chinese with the deliberate attempt to hurt, but far from that, I am speaking of the famous Yutong brand of bus made in China. Although, I am sure it was not designed to torture us, it does so with amazing [...] Continue reading
…and the sea is now no more. Revelations 21:1 The response to the material nightmare that was buried in the spiritual collapse and in large measure the political and ideological collapse, was the mass escape at the risk of any mishap and even death. The sea was open defiance, the horizon was the choice of [...] Continue reading
by Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez I was a teenager of sixteen and was in the eleventh grade, I was happy to study and work hard to achieve good grades, I was nearing the university and needed, in addition to good marks, to be endorsed by the Communist Party of the center where I was studying, the [...] Continue reading
Perhaps the real name of Mary Pepa was Maria Josefa, but everyone, those who loved her and those who did not, never called her by her real name. Maria Pepa was a Christian woman, Methodist, never had children and was widowed a few years after her marriage to the only man she ever loved. She [...] Continue reading