January 2019
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La Feria del Libro de Miami se ha convertido en una actividad muy importante en español e inglés. La cobija el Miami Dade College, una de las universidades norteamericanas que más hispanos educa en el mundo y la mayor de Estados Unidos. De los 165.000 estudiantes que posee, las tres cuartas partes son "latinos", casi todos escapados o descendientes de los diferentes naufragios latinoamericanos.

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14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas, Santiago de Chile, 2 November 2016 — Recently I sent a tweet that surprised some people. In it I said: “G[uillermo] Teillier, president of the PC [Communist Party], criticizes defense of human rights in Venezuela. Nothing unusual. Marx wanted to abolish them for their selfishness and opposition to the collective.” The surprising thing was … Continue reading "Marx, Human Rights And Freedom / 14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas" Continue reading
Chile uneasy with success 14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas, Santiago de Chile, 9 September 2016 — Since 2011 the Chilean left has launched a search for “another model,” an alternative to the social market economy that has led the country to remarkable economic and social successes over the last thirty years. Much ink has been spilled on the … Continue reading "The Alternative To Socialism: A Solidarity Market Economy / 14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas, 17 April 2016 — On 28 March Mario Vargas Llosa turned 80 and wanted to celebrate with a brief reflection on his political thinking and, in particular, his form of being a liberal. For this I want to start from two great French thinkers who played a key role in his intellectual development: … Continue reading "Mario Vargas Llosa: The Liberal Rebel / 14ymedio, Mauricio Rojas" Continue reading