July 2018
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Miguel Iturria Medina

For years I’ve heard the popular saying that initially provoked skepticism and today, after learning something about the law, makes me uncomfortable. Surely almost all of us have heard it, and many have said it. It’s said that, under the Law, someone who kills a cow is more severely published than someone who takes the [...] Continue reading
By Lic. Miguel Medina Iturria Embezzlement appears as an offense in many jurisdictions. In our case it is governed by Article 336 of the Penal Code and embodies when an individual consents to take for themselves or with the consent of another, goods th... Continue reading
By Miguel Iturria Medina Property Law governs the use, enjoyment, possession and availability of good which one owns. The ultimate power is related, in short, to the possibility of the title holder doing with his property what he deems to be best. In ... Continue reading