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CUBA IN FOCUS – New book edited by Ted A. Henken, Miriam Celaya, and Dimas Castellanos Article by Ted Henken, from his blog, El Yuma Those of you who follow me on Twitter @ElYuma will already know that just over … Continue reading Continue reading
Knowing I’ve been in Spain for one year, a friend from Valencia asks me what I lost since leaving the island. As I know she is trapped in the tapestry of her circumstances, I try to be brief. I tell … Continue reading Continue reading
Lyrics by Jorge Luís Piloto; sung by Amaury Gutiérrez (English translation follows) Laura, Dama de Blanco, te quisieron silenciar y hoy tu voz suena más alto por las calles de la Habana tu energía acompaña a tus hermanas, tu familia … Continue reading Continue reading
Not the disdain of the English-speaking animal rights activists nor the anti-bullfight stance of dozens of people and communication media stop the explosion of jubilation, fear and tension of the million people who run before the bulls in the streets … Continue reading Continue reading
Spies have always existed; what would secret services be without agents within the mafias? The terrorist gangs? The narco-guerrillas? The bank robbers and other groups who violate social norms and impose their interests on people and institutions? Don’t they watch … Continue reading Continue reading
Three memories of Angel Santiesteban Miguel Iturria Savon September 2, 2011, I published on Cubanet the article SOS for Angel Santiesteban, then harassed by the political police of the Cuban government in spite of being a writer awarded multiple prizes … Continue reading Continue reading
“You barely talk about your country,” A friend of my wife tells me at a gathering in Valencia. I smile, because this traveling satirical traveler, not mythic even in his native Santander, where he sometimes goes to visit his mother … Continue reading Continue reading
Tall like a pine and genuine in his desire to express himself through art that is ephemeral and challenging, describes the young Cuban graffiti artist, Danilo Maldonado Machado — alias El Sexto (The Sixth) — who does not smile at … Continue reading Continue reading
 Three Memories of Angel Santiesteban Miguel Iturria Savon On September 2, 2011, I published on Cubanet the article SOS for Angel Santiesteban, then beset by the political police of the Cuban government in spite of being a writer who had … Continue reading Continue reading
I have visited the Spanish Mediterranean but Cannes is, for me, a futuristic city approximated by its famous international film festival. The 66th ceremony closed with awards presented by Steven Spielberg, president of the jury that awarded the Grand Prix … Continue reading Continue reading
Yesterday the Cuban poet Rafael Alcides Perez turned 80; he remains in Havana as a poor, strong and gentle grandfather; lucid amid the social madness and literary closure, oblivious to personal egos and tribal tantrums. He knew fame and tasted … Continue reading Continue reading
From May 29th until today I could not open, the alternative platform that contains my blog Island Anchor. As I thought the “closure” could be only be in the Spanish Levante — I live in the province of Castellón, … Continue reading Continue reading
On September 2, 2011 I published the “SOS for Angel Santiesteban” in Cubanet, when despite his having been awarded multiple prizes by the regime itself, the Cuban government’s own political police were harassing the writer. In late 2012 Angel was … Continue reading Continue reading
If in every dream the dreamer is the author of the fable that he lives while he sleeps, in every journey the traveller interacts with his own emotions, the landscape, some passengers and with cities that evoke events and personalities … Continue reading Continue reading
With the onset of spring the name and the paintings of Salvador Dalí once again resonated in Spain, as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid located has mounted a retrospective of 200 of his paintings and drawings, visited in less … Continue reading Continue reading
To celebrate World Book Day — and the Castilian language — on 23 April, the online edition of the daily El Pais has presented to readers in Latin America with Voces para un Cervantes (Voices for a Cervantes) to download … Continue reading Continue reading
These days, the name of Cuba has sounded in the Spanish press, but not for the arbitrary arrests and hunger strikes of dozens of imprisoned opponents, but for the statement of actor Willy Toledo — exceptional in his role as … Continue reading Continue reading
Corruption/Honesty – Hypocrisy/Truth – Wars/Peace – Hunger/Food In Spain there are those who believe that we foreigners should shut up until we know how the country works, which takes time and learning. Other people usually ask us about current national … Continue reading Continue reading
Goya, Third of May 1808. Wikicommons In Cuba, May is a month that evokes history and celebration for the advent of the  Republic on May 20, 1902, the celebration of International Workers Day, which had become of spectacle of the … Continue reading Continue reading
On April 21, as a prelude to the celebration of World Book Day in Madrid and other cities in Spain, the daily El Pais published a review by Antón Jacinto of The Dark Charisma of Hitler, by the British historian … Continue reading Continue reading
The newspapers and TV news in Spain barely report on news from Cuba, where not everything happens between the orders and the execution of the orders, nor does the reality coincide with the political propaganda designed by the Powers-That-Be, as … Continue reading Continue reading
If tango is an expression of deep sorrow, the TV newscasts in Spain are not the sublimation of a lost dream, but the chronology of disasters, political corruption, social tensions and chronicles that suggest a mood that portends anarchy. The … Continue reading Continue reading
After visiting the Fallas de Valencia, you need to let your emotions calm down in order to over the reader some images of a popular event which, for its authenticity, color, artistic level, playfulness, is comparable only with the carnival … Continue reading Continue reading
On the night of Sunday the 17th, millions of Spaniards and Europeans watched the Goya Awards ceremony which concede high honors to the top films, actors, directors, and other professionals of the movie world.  The gala event, full of pomp, … Continue reading Continue reading
From a town on the Spanish Mediterranean I just witnessed on television the designation of the new Pope of the Catholic Church, which fell for the first time on an American cardinal, the Italian-born Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who from … Continue reading Continue reading
Although I do not often think of Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Castro or other Latin American caudillos, I confess that the tragicomic saga taking place in Venezuela after the death of President Chávez causes me embarrassment mixed with revulsion. Perhaps I have … Continue reading Continue reading
Two of my independent journalism colleagues asked me from Havana about corruption in Spain and in particular the cases of Iñaki Urdangarin, son-in-law of King Juan Carlos, and Luis Barcenas, former treasurer of the Peoples Party and former senator from … Continue reading Continue reading
After wrapping up its jubilee year with a program of operas, operettas and zarzuelas of enormous dramatic and musical impact, the National Lyric Theater of Cuba offered three festive events in theGarcía Lorca Hall of the Gran Teatrode la Habana on the weekend of September 14 to 16 to honor the founders and artists who, [...] Continue reading
After a month in Spain I hardly dare to offer an opinion about this nation of my father and my grandparents that I have shared, since November 20th, with my wife and her family, residents of La Vall d’Uixó, Castellón province, half an hour from Valencia, 180 miles from Barcelona and 240 from Madrid; cities [...] Continue reading
One month after arriving in Madrid, today December 22, Teacher’s Day in Cuba and the National Lottery in Spain, I want to share with the readers of Voces Cubanas this note about my departure from Cuba after wrestling with the Immigration Office in Vedado and the approval of the agents of State Security that had [...] Continue reading
The exposition of Rocío García: the return of Jack the Punisher, exhibited from August until the first week of September in the Galería Habana, of Vedado, fascinates and surprises because of the composite work of the canvases, the insinuating beauty... Continue reading
A week before I presented for the first time my Petition for Foreign Travel in the territorial Office of Immigration and Aliens of Guanabacoa, northeast of Havana, a young official from the State Security went to interrogate my younger son in the Natio... Continue reading
Eighteen of the 21 articles that make up the contents of the 16th edition of the digital magazine Cuban Voices, presented on Friday, September 7, at the site of the Cuban Blogger Academy, evoke the loss of Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, leader and founder of t... Continue reading
To: Office of Immigration and Alien Affairs, Ministry of the Interior Re: Reply request Miguel Iturria Savón, Cuban citizen, legal adult, married, university graduate, unemployed, permanent identity number 53092900308, residing at 222 Street, #9529, b... Continue reading
At the end of the Havana Book Fair, a friend showed me the Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen, recently published in a sober binding. On asking him at which stand they were presenting this book, my friend told me, “You must be joking! Our publishers barely know of it Cohen is the guru of [...] Continue reading
More than two decades after the postmortem repair of the literary legacy of Virgilio Piñera (Cardenas-Havana, August 4, 1912 – October 18, 1979), most people who speak of the author have barely read his stories, poems, essays, dramas and tragedies. What are they talking about then? His homosexuality and aspects of his personality such as [...] Continue reading
At 56, Enrique Babastro Batista, a native of Guantanamo, admits having been one of those kids who joined the human tide growing up under slogans, sheltered by the “bright future” that engaged his generation from the speakers’ platforms and posters with which they redesigned the urban environment of Cuba in the sixties of last century. [...] Continue reading
From December 15 to 30 the 13th Havana Festival of Poetry Without End was held, sponsored by the sociocultural project OMNI ZONA Franca, according to the program catalog given out by its managers on Saturday 10 during the press conference before the cameras at the audiovisual space Estado de Sats. Poetry Without End is poetry [...] Continue reading
On the evening of Saturday, February 4, at the headquarters of the State of Sats audiovisual project (number 4606 1st Street between 46 and 60, Miramar, Havana), the Country of Pixels Exhibition was held, promoted via the Internet since early 2011 by Cuban Voices blogger platform. “Thank you for everything, we can’t remain indifferent before [...] Continue reading
Over a hundred people attended the Fiesta of the Plurality on Saturday December 10, held at Primera (First Avenue) 4606 between 46 and 60, Playa municipality, Havana. The meeting was convened by Yoani Sanchez, leader of the Cuban Voices blogger platform and Antonio Rodiles, spokesman for the “State of Sats” audiovisual project and host of [...] Continue reading
Although the organizers of The Book Fair of Havana, held from February 9 to 19 in the old fortress of La Cabaña, sent the texts to the provincial bookstores where they will continue the sales and presentations, the event is now part of the past because the capital’s publishers finalized their rituals of promotion and [...] Continue reading
In Cuba we barely acknowledge the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, on October 12, 1492, and his arrival on our shores on the 24th, as if the conquest and colonization by Spain were an outstanding bill and not an event from the past of historical and cultural significance. Officially, National Culture Day celebrates the [...] Continue reading
At dawn last Monday, across 23rd street, between 10 and 12, Vedado, a lady very thin, poorly dressed, half blind and with a cane, begged me to lead her to the next block, that is to the corner of 12 and 21, where she had coffee every morning because she has no kitchen in the [...] Continue reading
In Paris, Madrid, Bucharest and other European capitals the philosopher Emil Cioran (Romania, 1911-Paris, 1995) was honored months ago, his books were reissued to mark the centenary of the “howling philosopher” who influenced generations of young people. Cioran was evoked by Clément Rosset, Gallic philosopher of Hispanic origin, and by Fernando Savater, his Spanish translator [...] Continue reading
Ladies in White and of Iron… "The Streets Belong to the Nation" The divorce between the management of information and the Cuban reality is repeatedly striking, at least in the official press, a specialist in softening the country’s situation, exalting the allies of the regime, disparaging perceived enemies internal and external, repeating the hallelujahs of [...] Continue reading