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Entrevistamos a Miriam Leiva, columnista de CubaNet y viuda del reconocido economista opositor Oscar Espinosa Chepe Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Leiva, Havana, November 29, 2016 – Fidel Castro died on November 25 at 10:29 p.m. and, according to his own will, his remains will be cremated, according to the brief statement read by Raúl Castro on Cuban television. at midnight. As a deceased person, the former president deserves respect. Surely he expired on … Continue reading "The One Who Left Ashes / Miriam Leiva" Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Leiva, Havana, 6 December 2016 — Raul Castro wants Cubans to commit their support to major economic restrictions in 2017, during the complex period of the transfer of power from the so-called historic generation, through the signing of an oath to the definition of the Revolution and Socialism promulgated by the deceased leader, … Continue reading "The Ubiquitous Dictator / Cubanet, Miriam Leiva / HemosOido" Continue reading
ABC International, Miriam Leiva, 26 November 2016 — Fidel Castro left Cuba in disastrous economic conditions after exerting absolute power for more than 47 years. His brother received a country “on the precipice” on 31 July 2006. Raul Castro has had to eliminate the “genial” initiatives of the comandante en jefe, without repudiating them, presenting … Continue reading "The Socioeconomic Legacy Of Fidel Castro / Miriam Leiva" Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Leiva, Havana, 6 January 2015 – The psychological barrier utilized by the Cuban government to keep its citizens subjugated was broken on the 17th of December. The surprising announcement that Raúl Castro would deliver a speech on US/Cuba … Continue reading Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Leiva, HAVANA, 18 December 2014 — President Barack Obama announced a new direction in US policy toward Cuba, on December 17. The Cuban population has expressed great joy at the news, both within the archipelago and abroad. It … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , January – The position of the Port of Mariel has revalued the geographical importance of Cuba, lost with the end of the Cold War. The soldiers who for 46 years were the support of the government, … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, January, – The reader is not surprised. It’s not about bank loans to buy the cars recently “liberated” by the government. Those are available to anyone who has a good backpack to carry many thousand convertible pesos … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , December, – Monetary and exchange rate unification was addressed by Raúl Castro in his speech at the closing session of the National Assembly and by Vice President Marino Murillo Jorge, on December 21, according to the … Continue reading Continue reading
CUBA IN FOCUS – New book edited by Ted A. Henken, Miriam Celaya, and Dimas Castellanos Article by Ted Henken, from his blog, El Yuma Those of you who follow me on Twitter @ElYuma will already know that just over … Continue reading Continue reading
MADRID, Spain  November That the Cuban government was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council has made headlines these days. However, it should not be news, because the first 47 members joined the organization established in March 2006 … Continue reading Continue reading