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Ivan Garcia, 9 MArch 2018 — From the loudspeaker of a hot filthy state-owned bar in Diez de Octubre, a thirty minute drive from central Havana, Micha’s voice is blaring out — he sings reggaeton like a dock worker. “Twist round tight on your toes,” Micha sings. A couple of mulatas with fat stomachs, with … Continue reading "Cuba: Avoiding Reality / Iván García" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 19 March 2018 — On a mid-February day in 2003, a month before the repressive wave against the Cuban dissidence, sometime after 9:00 in the morning it took me almost an hour to board Route 100 bus, which at that time started its route at the corner of Diez de October and O’Farrill, in … Continue reading "How I Remember Cuba’s 2003 Black Spring / Iván García" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 5 March 2018 — The last week was pure hustle and bustle for Yunia, owner of a hair salon in the neighborhood of Cerro, fifteen minutes by car from downtown Havana. After having given birth at 48 to a nine-pound baby girl and while breastfeeding her in an armchair, holding the cordless telephone between her … Continue reading "Private Sector in Cuba, Defenseless in Face of New Restrictions / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, 15 March 2018 — The last weeks have been like a heart attack for Luis, the employee who guards the door at the Metropolitan Bank (Banmet) on Galiano Street, in Havana. The flood of customers doesn’t give him a minute’s rest because “people are going nuts changing and saving money” out of fear that … Continue reading "Long Lines at Cuban Banks For Fear of Monetary Unification" Continue reading
EFE via 14ymedio, 7 March 2018 — The Cuban banking system lacks the necessary infrastructure and technology to provide services to the overseas remittance market, which in 2017 totaled 3.575 billion dollars from the United States alone, according to a report issued on Tuesday by a consultant specializing in the Cuban economy. The Miami-based Havana … Continue reading "Cuban Banking System Lacks Infrastructure to Service Remittance Market / 14yMedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario J. Pentón, 7 March 2018 — The sound of a phone call broke into the monologue of Maydelin Alfonso Vázquez in the lobby of the Montecarlo hotel, about six blocks from the US embassy in Bogotá. Some of the Cubans staying there, waiting to get an immigrant visa to the United States, listened to the litany of … Continue reading "An Ordeal and More Than 6,000 Dollars to Get a US Visa in Columbia" Continue reading
14ymedio, Ricardo Fernández, Camagüey, 9 March, 2018 — The poor coordination between the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) and the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) has meant that the activation of Transfermóvil, the mobile payment service, started off on the wrong foot in Camagüey. Individuals can not use it on their cell phones because, despite having the … Continue reading "Transfermovil Starts Off On The Wrong Foot In Camaguey" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 8 March 2018 — The grandmother was beaten by her spouse, the mother lost the sight of an eye from the fist of a drunken husband and she sometimes goes out in the street with sunglasses to hide the bruises. She is one more, among millions of Cuban women, of the many … Continue reading "24 Hours Are Not The Life Of A Woman" Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 2 March 2018 – Recently, several media have reported the consummation of another attack by Cuban authorities on the freedom of expression. This time the jealous guardians of political correctness blocked access to the digital magazine El Estornudo (The Sneeze) – an entertaining and well-written journalism project – in what constitutes … Continue reading "Censorship, El Estornudo and Fung’s “Liberation T-Shirts” / Cubanet, Miriam Celaya" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos A. Torres Fleites, Santa Clara, 2 March 2018 — Twenty or so drivers of horse-drawn carriages in Santa Clara, operating as buses, protested this week in the face of regulatory measures that went into effect this Thursday that restrict the circulation of their horse carts on the city’s central highway. While the authorities claim that … Continue reading "Santa Clara Horse Cart Drivers Protest Restrictions on Street Use" Continue reading

Johana has a small cafeteria in La Víbora, the capital municipality of Diez de Octubre. With it she supports her family, consisting of two teenage children, her husband, and her parents, already retired. She opened the business with the money she received from a medical mission in Venezuela, in 2006.

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14ymedio, Ignacio de la Paz, Baracoa, 2 March 2018 — The darkness envelops Baracoa as the bus arrives at the main station. Despite the power outage, a swarm of people approaches to offer the new arrivals rooms for rent and taxis. Before arriving at the terminal, the vehicle loaded with tourists must avoid the bumps of the … Continue reading "Baracoa Struggles to Survive Hurricane Matthew" Continue reading
El gobernador del estado de Carabobo pediría el fin de las sanciones Continue reading
… award-winning American actor (Picture: Getty)Cuba Gooding Jr is a prolific … catchphrase ‘show me the money’? Cuba Gooding Jr in Gladiator, one … martial arts for three years, Cuba turned his attention to acting … .J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Cuba filed for divorce from his … Continue reading
Vicki Huddleston, a career diplomat who was head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, just published a book about her insights and experiences with Cuba. Read an excerpt from "Our Woman in Havana" here. Continue reading
Cubanet, Angel Santiesteban, Havana, February 20, 2018 — The first stage of the Havana’s “International” Book Fair, which this year was dedicated to Chinese culture, has ended. Perhaps it would be better to say it was dedicated to the three or four Chinese individuals who have been tasked with traveling the world, extolling the dictators … Continue reading "The King Is Dead, Long Live the King / Angel Santiesteban" Continue reading
14ymedio, Manuel Díaz Martínez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 21 January 2018 — Betania Publishers, in print and digital editions, has released the book La familia Loynaz y Cuba, by Luis García de la Torre, with a prologue by the Cuban essayist and professor Alejandro González Acosta, who is living in Mexico. In this book we … Continue reading "The Loynaz Family and Cuba" Continue reading
Juan Juan Almeida, 23 February 2018 — The well-known plastic artist Alexis Leyva Machado, known as Kcho, an emblematic figure of official cultural, was transferred from the house where he was receiving treatment to fight a severe drug addiction to a holding center to legally prosecute him for being involved in various criminal actions. With the … Continue reading "Kcho in the Hands of Raul Castro / Juan Juan Almeida" Continue reading
14ymedio, Santa Clara, 21 February 2018 — The sign has faded over the months and it can hardly be read that the house is for sale. Luisa María, 68, has lived at the same address on San Miguel Street in the City of Santa Clara since she was born. It’s been more than a year since there … Continue reading "Registering Housing, a Badly Handled Task" Continue reading
Iván García, 19February 2018 — Pescao Designs, a project that is intended to offer decorative solutions to foreign businessmen, state-owned operations and small private businesses, began operation five years ago in the house of the founder, on Carmen 16 Street, in La Víbora, a neighborhood 30 minutes by car from the center of Havana. Their … Continue reading "Cuba: Private Enterprise Could Be the Solution / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Eliécer Ávila, Virginia, 19 February 2018 — By now my first child, Elisa, has been born, after having withstood the stress and the ups and downs that we faced as a family during the first months of pregnancy in Cuba. At the beginning we were afraid, because no one manages to completely remove himself … Continue reading "My Experience with the Health Care System in the United States" Continue reading
… announced a new engagement with Cuba. Similarly, while in the Dominican … president, easing travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and money remittances; limits … Cuban exile suspected in the 1997 bombings on tourist sites in Havana … , without the much-maligned Chavez, the Cuban government may not have survived … Continue reading
… announced a new engagement with Cuba. Similarly, while in the Dominican … president, easing travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and money remittances; limits … Cuban exile suspected in the 1997 bombings on tourist sites in Havana … , without the much-maligned Chavez, the Cuban government may not have survived … Continue reading
People protest against the National Rifle Association at the Broward County Court House during the first appearance in court via video link for high school shoo Ft. Lauderdale, Feb 19 (RHC)-- A student from a Florida high school where yet another mass … Continue reading
14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Havana, 17 February 2018 — “I do not accept CUC,” the driver of the shared taxi warns passengers at Havana’s Fraternity Park. It is the third time that day that Lídice, 40, has heard the same phrase. The first time was from a peanut seller and then from a barber. Both refused … Continue reading "“We Don’t Accept Payment In CUC Here”" Continue reading
14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Havana, 14 February 2018 —  In  Hoyo de Monterrey, the place where the best tobacco from Cuba is sown, a silent battle has been going on for years. The tobacco growers of the area, forced to sell their leaves to the state companies, opt increasingly for the cultivation of flowers, a production that they … Continue reading "Flowers Are Replacing Other Crops in Cuban Fields" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 15 February 2018 — He’s like a character out of a dark novel by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. He turned 30 on December 2, 2017, and the life of Luis Manuel Otero has been marked by survival. He still remembers the 12-hour blackouts when he was a kid, in the middle of the Special … Continue reading "Luis Manuel Otero: From Athlete to Dissident Artist / Iván García" Continue reading
… ‎, the Delta state born Grand Cubana General Manger met his wife … Continue reading
… of the General Manager of Cubana has left many people stunned … Continue reading
Iván García, 8 February 2018 — It was Sofia’s fifteenth birthday. Between her parents and relatives living abroad, they saved $3,700, enough to pay for a week in a four star hotel in Cancún.  After finding out via international media about the brutal violence devastating nearly all the Mexican states, they decided to change their planes … Continue reading "The Virtual Wall of the Mexican Embassy in Havana / Iván García" Continue reading
… collaboration on this matter. The Cuban representatives underscored the necessity to … impunity cannot be permitted. The Cuban delegation also stated that for … UN system. In addition, the Cuban government actively collaborates with the … updated legal framework Cuba has for this purpose. The Cuban delegation was … Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, Waldo Fernandez Cuenca, Havana, 15 February 2018 — The theatrical work Los enemigos del pueblo (The Enemies of the People), whose presentation at the independent El Círculo State Security forces sought to prevent, undoubtedly marks a watershed in the career of actress Lynn Cruz. At that time she decided to create, with her partner the filmmaker Miguel Coyula, … Continue reading "Lynn Cruz is Committed to a Theater of Resistance" Continue reading
… must not be allowed. The Havana delegation also expressed to the … comprehensive analysis of these issues, Cuba favors exchange in diverse for … . On the other hand, the Cuban government actively collaborates with the … updated legal framework available. The Cuban delegation was formed by representatives … Continue reading
… (RHC)-- Official delegations from Cuba and the United States met … Confrontation to Money Laundering, the Cuban Foreign Ministry has reported. The … Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario J. Pentón/Antonio Delgado — Tens of thousands of Venezuelans cross the border with Colombia every day in search of food and work. They sell candy, bread, chewing gum and contraband gasoline. They prostitute themselves or simply ask for handouts on corners. They are the new faces of the Venezuelan migration in the Colombian … Continue reading "Thousands of Venezuelans Flee to Colombia to Escape From Hunger" Continue reading
14ymedio, Justo Mora, Cienfuegos, 13 February 2018 — Regla Nicolás works in a polyclinic in Cienfuegos but every day she has to slip out to chase food in the city’s undersupplied “Hard Currency Collection Stores” (as the state has chosen to formally name its chain of stores where items are not rationed). “With the money … Continue reading "In Cienfuegos, Women Take Turns to ‘Solve’ the Food for the Day" Continue reading
Juan Juan Almeida, 13 February 2018 — A Cuban businessman residing in Ecuador was arrested in Havana, suspected of being the ringleader of a criminal gang operating between Cuba, Panama and the United States, engaged in swindling, extortion, human trafficking and money laundering, Marti News has confirmed. Alexis Castro Maspoch, 34, is being held in pretrial detention at Valle … Continue reading "Alleged Head of US/Cuba Money Laundering Network Arrested in Havana / Juan Juan Almeida" Continue reading

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Fidel Castro sold the world the myth of Cuba as a medical powerhouse by pointing to a formidable showcase: free medical services.

The world's greatest expert in political propaganda in the second half of the 20th century successfully managed to cover up three inconvenient truths: 1) Public health was financed with money from Moscow 2) It is not free, and never was 3) There is no need for a Communist dictatorship to offer public medical services.

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Ivan Garcia, 1 February 2018 — “What concerns me most right now is to finish building the room for my eldest daughter who plans to give birth to a girl at the end of February,” confesses Eduardo, the warehouse manager of a bakery west of Havana, as drives along in his uncomfortable and tiny Fiat made … Continue reading "Elections and the Future Cuban Government / Iván García" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 6 February 2018 —  A silent police patrol began to search passersby they considered suspicious. When they saw it, the illegal tomato sellers quickly hid their merchandise on the staircase of a building in Havana’s Vibora neighborhood at Acosta and Diez de Octubre. An old woman, a regular seller of the newspaper Granma … Continue reading "The Other Fidel Castro / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 5 February 2018 — How would the inhabitants of Cuba react if suddenly a Dubai millionaire wanted to buy the island for 5 billion dollars? That is the question the filmmaker Eduardo del Llano asks in his short film Domino, a part of the series Los cuentos de Nicanor (The Tales of Nicanor), which he has … Continue reading "An Arab Sheikh ’Offers’ 5 Billion Dollars for Cuba" Continue reading
… announced a new engagement with Cuba. Similarly, while in the Dominican … president, easing travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and money remittances; limits … Cuban exile suspected in the 1997 bombings on tourist sites in Havana … , without the much-maligned Chavez, the Cuban government may not have survived … Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 29 January 2018 — At the foot of a small stairway, at the entrance of the former Vibora Institute of Secondary Education which is now René O’Reiné High School, a group of students smoke one cigarette after another and argue loudly about football. They are sitting on a cement floor and lean their backs … Continue reading "Jose Marti: A Hostage of the Cuban Regime / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos A. Torres Fleites, Santa Clara, 26 January 2018 — Luis Morales Torres has lived among the chirping for 40 years. This Villaclareño fell in love with breeding birds in 1967. Today, canaries, the main breed he works with, are not only his passion and main pastime, but a way to make a living. Like him, another … Continue reading "Breeding Birds In Captivity, From Pastime To Lucrative Business" Continue reading