February 2019
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Odalin Alfonso Torna

HAVANA, Cuba — The Cuba-United States confrontation increased its pitch with the publication by the daily Granma of the article, Zunzuneo: The Noise of Subversion, commenting on a report by the AP news agency about ZunZuneo and Piramideo, two text message … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba — January offers to close its curtains with 100 empty stands in the country’s markets, self-employed who hope for job relocation, government fines  shielded in absurd justifications and the promise of a wholesale market that does not arrive. … Continue reading Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba , September, – For ten years, the issue of housing has topped Cuba’s social problems. The state, unable to meet demand in the medium and long term, commits to offering its abandoned and unrepairable properties. Families of … Continue reading Continue reading
Elsa Velázquez Mata wanders between delusions and afflictions. She’s always seen carrying a portfolio where she saves several records of housing she never received, despite being dependent on welfare, letters sent to her from ministers, medical certificates that attest to … Continue reading Continue reading