January 2019
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Odalina Guerrero Lara

Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara Law No. 59 of the Cuban Civil Code sets out: Article 129.1 – Property confers on the title holder the possession, use, enjoyment of and disposal of the assets, in accordance with its intended socio-economic use. … Continue reading Continue reading
By Odalina Guerrero Lara The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba establishes: Article 41: All citizens enjoy equal rights and are subject to equal duties. Dignity is a inherent value of rational human beings, providing liberty and creative power, so … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara Neida Lafita Moreira, Cuban citizen, housewife, 53 years old, who, because of her state of health, hasn’t any ties to employment, permanent resident of San Antonio de los Baños, widow since 21st August 2012, turns up, … Continue reading Continue reading
By Lic. Odalina Guerrero Lara In Article 55 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, it establishes that: the State, that recognizes, respects and guarantees freedom of conscience… There is no doubt as to these three aspects: RECOGNIZE, RESPE... Continue reading