July 2018
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Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz

In Cuba prostitution is not a crime, this statement is repeated over and over by the media and by people who are considered to have due authority to do so. In the special part of the Penal code on crimes, this … Continue reading Continue reading
Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz Guided by low-flying vultures, three young men, who moments before had been cutting wood on the mountain in order to build a fence, found the remains of a cow, which 24 hours earlier had been stolen and … Continue reading Continue reading
By Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz Of how a common citizen is transformed into common criminal in minutes. On the morning of October 23, 2012, William Estevez Acosta, 51-years-old, married and with no criminal record or police, was summoned to the Criminal … Continue reading Continue reading
By Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz In the month of November 2011, the concern and emotional state of the family and friends of an accused person reached an intolerable level. They were shocked at the in-your-face and disrespectful manner in which the press referred to the defendant. The following appeared in the newspaper Granma on 8 November 2011 [...] Continue reading
On July 9th, 2012 a summary of the process of habeas corpus was presented before the Secretary of the Provincial Court of the Government of La Habana. This summary was admitted and remitted to the Third Room of the this Court. The aforementioned Courtr... Continue reading
The problem of prisons has always been a recurring theme in literature. In Cuba, we can cite Martí, Pablo de la Torriente, and Mencía, among others. During second half of the decade of the forties, the controversy was highlighted in a book of only 10... Continue reading