July 2018
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Pablo Pacheco Avila

Life has shown me that the future is unpredictable and what lies ahead in Cuba is difficult to predict. The regime in Havana tries to oxygenate itself any way it can. Raul Castro is more pragmatic than his older brother, … Continue reading Continue reading
Recently in Havana it was announced that foreign and domestic journalists would visit “some prisons.” Something is being plotted or planned those in power on the island. It’s normal that the regime’s spokesmen defend the indefensible, this is what they … Continue reading Continue reading
I remember one of my last telephone calls from the National Hospital for prisoners in the Cuban capital when I was about to head to Spain. I spoke on the phone with Yoani Sanchez two hours before my exile to … Continue reading Continue reading
Time has two unique conditions, is irreversible and unstoppable. Time is perfect as it is capable of putting everything in its place. For over 50 years Cubans have suffered a cruel and ruthless dictatorship. Those who have experienced it know … Continue reading Continue reading
By Pablo Pacheco Avila Raul inherited from his brother Fidel Castro absolute power in Cuba and with time he has managed to perfect the mass entertainment syndrome. The latest play to entertain is the new “Migratory Law.” I recognize that from outside one looks with another perspective on what happens in Cuba; we realize that [...] Continue reading
I have lost count of the times I have heard the phrase “I am not interested in politics”. Often, it is young Cubans who say it. It’s legitimate that we may not be interested in politics, especially if one has lived most of their life ... Continue reading
The most important month of the calendar for me is July.  Firstly, it is when my only son was born and second, it was the month that I left Cuba. Life, without one choosing, imposes change on us.  Many times, these changes are too rough to handle, li... Continue reading