February 2019
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Pedro Luis Boitel

Fidel Castro fue un tirano que tuvo éxito en convencer a mucha gente en el mundo democrático de que en realidad él era lo opuesto. El primer ministro de Canadá lo llamó un "revolucionario legendario", mientras que el presidente de Irlanda lo consideró "un gigante entre los líderes globales, cuya visión no era solo la de la libertad para su pueblo sino para todos los pueblos oprimidos y excluidos del planeta".

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The leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba highlights the situation which a number of political prisoners of the mentioned group are facing, speaks about the repressive methods employed by the State against activists and affirms that activism and opposition out on the streets has only increased in the Eastern region of the country, attracting […] Continue reading
Raday Matos Matos, a young dissident from the city of Baracoa, Guantanamo province, spoke with this blog about a recent march that 7 members of the Juan Pablo II Opposition Movement and of the Eastern Democratic Alliance from the mentioned city carried out this past Saturday, 18th of May, as part of the Boitel and […] Continue reading