February 2018
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As red-hot U.S. travel to Cuba has cooled to orange level in the last months of 2017, 30-plus U.S. travel executives gather in Havana to get the message across to a wider audience Continue reading
Raúl's transformation of the system is not just rooted in a modernization of the development strategy Continue reading
New companies and organizations joined dozens of existing players in 2017, lobbying Congress and the Trump administration for openings to Cuba Continue reading
The parliament cites delays in the electoral process caused by Hurricane Irma. Even so, Castro reassures that 'Cuba will have a new president' by April 19 Continue reading
Spending $250,000 on lobbying, the travel-booking site successfully secured language in Trump’s new Cuba regulations that allows individual travel Continue reading
Continuing a series of measures that make travel to and from Cuba harder, the U.S. government now alleges that private travelers, in addition to U.S. officials, have been subject to what they call "attacks", and tells U.S. visitors to stay away from two hotels in Havana Continue reading
Anatomy of a fake fact Continue reading
So you have a copy of the title document whereby your aunt Yuya took title to a parcel of land in Cuba back in, say, the 1940s. What does it mean for Aunt Yuya's heirs of recovering title to that property? Continue reading
Cubans who want to get back the property their families owned before the Revolution must understand that their only venue is a Cuban court, ruling under Cuba’s laws Continue reading
As his administration has yet to announce the results of its review of U.S. Cuba policy, President Trump issued a statement that seems to describe the Cuban system as "cruel despotism". Raúl Castro said Trump makes "contradictory and clumsy pronouncements". Continue reading
A Cuba Standard lecture at the Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fla., Apr. 24, 2017 Continue reading
Sarah Stephens: 43 days in, and the Trump administration has made no changes to the Cuba policy Continue reading
As a Cuban delegation is touring southeastern U.S. ports, Rick Scott tweeted he would cut funding to Florida ports that 'work with Cuba' Continue reading
The case was OFAC's first travel-related enforcement action in a decade Continue reading
The move closes a gap through which a rising number of Cubans have been entering the United States, and it takes a controversy off the shoulders of his successor Continue reading
Opponents of U.S.-Cuba normalization have taken full advantage of the fact-free character of recent political debate in the United States to spread a variety of myths. Cuba expert William LeoGrande dispels them Continue reading
75% of U.S. adults approve of the current normalization policy with Cuba, and 73% favor ending U.S. sanctions against Cuba Continue reading
This is a time when all Cubans should try to channel emotions and all their energy towards a single common goal: unity Continue reading
Julia Sagebien: "If as president you want to get a better deal on Cuba, I suggest you just apply the 11 negotiating tactics that inspired your book" Continue reading
Julia Sagebien: On Cuba policy, as on many other fronts, the Trump presidency presents a whole new set of complex dynamics Continue reading
When you watch today's Donald Trump back at the Versailles restaurant saying exactly the same thing to mostly the same crowd as in 1999, is there any lesson we Cuban Americans can learn? Continue reading
Look at the big picture! Continue reading
This article is the second of two on the leading U.S. presidential candidates and their expected Cuba policies; Donald Trump’s anticipated policies were the subject of an article in July Continue reading
This article is the first of two on the leading U.S. presidential candidates and their expected Cuba policies Continue reading
To prevent the return of cowboy capitalism requires access to company information and careful analysis of potential partners Continue reading
José Pallí explores the possible ways in which the two sides could begin moving towards resolving claims in the immediate future, under the Cuban legal system Continue reading
Rep. Kathy Castor is leading a seven-member bipartisan Congressional delegation to Cuba that examines progress made since the restoration of full diplomatic relations last year Continue reading
In June last year, Carlos Gutierrez -- Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush -- went on the record regarding a change of mind on Cuba policy Continue reading
José Manuel Pallí argues that, as long as the embargo remains in place, the response from the Cuban side will be slow and anything but bold. Continue reading
A State Department official says a review of Cuba’s status on the list of countries that harbor terrorists began immediately when President Obama announced his policy changes towards the island more than a month ago. Continue reading
Partisan resistance will soon fade, but the U.S. voices who really know Cuba could be shouted down by those of the 'from-a-distance school of studies, who have not set foot in Cuba for decades Continue reading
The U.S. president will have to work with Congress and Havana to make the move towards normalization effective. But for now, all eyes are on the executive branch and OFAC Continue reading
Dr. Félix Báez Sarría is currently being treated by British doctors at the Kerry Town facility for UN personnel in Sierra Leone, but the United Nations' World Health Organization is flying him to Switzerland where he will be treated at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) Continue reading
Tim Ashby, a lawyer and former Commerce Department official, suggests that the president could ease the embargo, using his executive authority to liberalize trade and travel to the island Continue reading
Reviving a regional integration initiative that has lost steam since the death of Hugo Chávez, Cuba will host a summit of ALBA bloc leaders in Havana to coordinate efforts to fight Ebola, both in Africa and Latin America Continue reading
Regarding U.S. claims that are still unresolved, the easiest path seems to be the opening of direct negotiations between the two countries. That said, I would not hesitate, if I were advising a U.S. national to approach Cuban authorities directly, on an individual basis. Continue reading
Apparently fearing sanctions-easing steps by the president, 17 members of the U.S. Congress, most of them Democrats, sent an open letter to Barack Obama, asking him to reaffirm his support for the U.S. embargo against Cuba Continue reading
Yunieski Gourriel sets a political precedent that challenges Major League Baseball's restrictive practice regarding Cuba Continue reading
Cuba's official media are closely following the creation of a new $100 billion development bank that may offer lower-cost lending alternatives outside the realm of Washington and Wall Street Continue reading
The graft trial in a Havana provincial court against Cy Tokmakjian and two Canadian employees ended, and sentencing is pending Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Confirming a long-term, gradual shift among Cuban Americans from exiles to immigrants and from isolation to engagement, the 2014 Florida International University survey shows Cubans who live in the United States continue to open up towards the island. “A large majority of the Cubans who recently migrated to the United States would welcome [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Hinting that yet another Cuban American business dynasty may be softening its approach to Cuba, Bacardi Ltd. leader Facundo Bacardi told Cigar Aficionado magazine in an interview that his family has differences over U.S. embargo policies. In the interview, which will appear in newsstands this week, the 47-year old chairman of the family-owned liquor [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The Obama administration designated Amb. Jeffrey DeLaurentis as new chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana. He replaces John Caulfield, who has held the post since September 2011. DeLaurentis, who most recently was alternate U.S. representative for special political affairs before the United Nations, also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The head of the powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce is in Havana for a three-day visit, meeting with entrepreneurs, government officials, academics and religious leaders. This is Tom Donohue’s second visit after a trip in 1999, and it comes at a time of rising pressure on the U.S. government to ease its more [...] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Four Cuban invitees to the annual Latin American Studies Association conference did not receive visas from the U.S. Department of State, blocking them from attending the major academic conference in Chicago, May 21-24. They include Rafael Hernández , editor of Temas, a Cuban social science magazine, and Omar Everleny Pérez, the candid economist from the [...] Continue reading