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14ymedio, Havana, 27 June 2017 – Cuban authorities blocked at least seven activists from traveling to Cancun, Mexico this Monday, to participate in the 4th Forum on Roads to a Democratic Cuba, a meeting of the United Democratic Action Roundtable (MUAD) organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), according to blogger Regina Coyula speaking to … Continue reading "Cuban Authorities Block Seven Activists From Traveling to Mexico for Democracy Action Meeting" Continue reading
Rafael Leon Rodriguez, 30 December 2016 — One more year of the young third millennium is about to conclude and give way to the next, 2017, the fifty-eighth of the totalitarian and one-party regime that, under the omnipotent power of the Castros, has controlled the Cuban archipelago since the middle of the last century. This year, … Continue reading "End of Year Declaration / Rafael León Rodríguez" Continue reading
Rafael Leon Rodriguez, 8 June 2016 — The 21st Congress of the Christian Democratic Organization of America (CADO) ended on May 27the in the Chilean capital. The Cuban Democratic Project (PRODECU)  sent a representation of its leadership to the event, composed of members residing in Cuba and in the Diaspora, headed by Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado. The new … Continue reading "21st Congress in Santiago de Chile / Rafael León Rodríguez" Continue reading
The latest developments in negotiations between the authorities of the Cuban government and those of the United States augur interesting expectations for peoples on both sides of the Straits of Florida in the coming year of 2015. The announced normalization … Continue reading Continue reading
The 32nd Havana International Fair (FIHAV) 2014 closed its doors after a generous awarding of prizes this past Friday, Nov. 7. It’s said that Brazil was the exhibitor that saw the most growth in traffic from prior years, and Spain … Continue reading Continue reading
The present year, 2014, started and in the last trimester Cuba began to pack its bags. And it is something that has been repeated since the last century to the point of exhaustion; as if year after year at the end, … Continue reading Continue reading
In recent years, every time the issue of Cuba comes up, whether in relation to the transition to democratic freedoms or to other topics of a political nature, from any place in the world, our repressed national island passions are … Continue reading Continue reading
The first three months of 2014 and part of April have stood out for the now traditional practice of the government use and abuse of congresses, symposia, fairs, assemblies, etc, from which emanate, almost always, two messages: one for abroad … Continue reading Continue reading
A group of Cubans in Cuba and its diaspora agreed to promote a road map for a constitutional consensus. Organizations and public figures from different generations, of all ideologies, religious beliefs and interests, we believe it is good that, firstly, … Continue reading Continue reading
The Second CELAC Summit ended in Havana this January 29th with more pain for Cuban protestors and the population than glories for the anti-democratic authorities, despite the praise received by the hosts of the for the most part satisfied and … Continue reading Continue reading
The new year 2014 was welcomed in Havana by the sound of canons. Twenty-one of them, so that the recent arrival would experience its first fright. In other parts of the globe, the authorities and the citizens welcomed it with … Continue reading Continue reading
In recent weeks we have heard some information in the United States media about the possibility of selling medicines produced in Cuba in that country, particularly Heberprot-P, a drug for the treatment of diabetic foot. On the other hand, the … Continue reading Continue reading
I met Chepe one afternoon when we both just happened to be at the home of Elizardo Sanchez. It was the end of the decade of the ’90s of the last century, and our organization, the Cuban Democracy Project, along … Continue reading Continue reading
Christian Democrat Organization of America My husband Rafael León Rodríguez, who is the Coordinator of the Cuban Democratic Project (Prodecu), was invited months in advance to participate in the 20th Congress of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA) held … Continue reading Continue reading
My neighbor is a retired woman of the ’third age.’ Her last fixed job was at a tourist hotel on the beach. Now, despite the infirmities of old age, diabetes, and the orthopedic disorders she suffers from, she collects discarded … Continue reading Continue reading
It extends straight between Reina Street and the Havana Malecon. I remember it from my childhood with its large and polished doorways, with its beautiful display windows of clothing stores, jewelry stores, toy shops and establishments of all kinds. There … Continue reading Continue reading
For years we have we have been getting on with the opposition movement and we have never left off giving our support, however modest, to the cause of the democratisation of Cuba. It is a constant focus maintained by all … Continue reading Continue reading
Last week Ecuador placed into orbit its first satellite, named Pegasus, from the Jiuquan launch center in China. Both the design and construction of the nanosatellite were undertaken by Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency. With a weight of 1.2 kilograms and … Continue reading Continue reading
The “handpicked” successor of the late comandante Hugo Chavez was elected and is not the new president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Starting off, his first statements addresses the aim of radicalizing the revolutionary process. On the … Continue reading Continue reading
If any country in our region has stood out in recent times for its election practices, the country is Venezuela. The Venezuelan people are now engaged in another election process to decide the their political direction that, supposedly, the majority … Continue reading Continue reading
This past February 2013 the world was universally surprised by the resignation of His Holiness Benedict XVI from the papacy, an event that hasn’t happened for six centuries. Joseph Ratzinger, the successor of John Paul II in 2005, will retire … Continue reading Continue reading
Historical documentation depends on both the perspective and the interests of the writer, and the interpretative convenience of the reader. The last war on the Korean peninsula is no exception to this thesis. From the left they say: The Yankee … Continue reading Continue reading
The Dominican Republic team will lead off this Tuesday, March 19, in the Baseball World Championship against Puerto Rico, as the favorite to win. The AT&T Park in San Francisco, California, will host the game. This time the champion will … Continue reading Continue reading
Since Friday, March 15, the body of the elected president of Venezuela, Rafael Chávez Frías, has rested at the Montaña Barracks in the city of Caracas. His state funeral lasted for ten days during which time his followers, admirers and representatives from … Continue reading Continue reading
Latin America remains in the news these days. A bishop from Argentina was elected pontiff. The new pope took the name Francis. For the first time in history a Latin American will be St. Peter’s successor at the Vatican. In … Continue reading Continue reading
José Martí was right when he said, “Government arises out of the country. The spirit of government must be that of the country. The form of government must be in accordance with the constitution. Government is nothing more than the balance between … Continue reading Continue reading
Cuba assumed the presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) during the Summit held in Santiago de Chile over the last days of January. Among the governments of the 33 member states, Cuba’s stands out for … Continue reading Continue reading
Cuba Workshop 2013 Organizado por el Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba y la Alianza Democrática Cubana, y auspiciado por la Fundación Konrad Adenauer, se desarrolló un taller en la capital mexicana los dias 28 y 29 de enero en el … Continue reading Continue reading
In Cuba, as in the rest of the Americas, interest in the novels is proverbial. First simply as reading; then in listening t on the radio and late seeing on television. From these latter, the contemporary population borrowed some names to highlight certain developments. For example, private establishments that sell food are called “Paladares” (palates), [...] Continue reading
The regular session of the National Assembly of the Seventh Legislature concluded, in mid-December, without showing any element indicating real changes in the country’s political categories. The ruling oligarchy of the islands continues to reflect their interest, only in matters of the economy. Underachieving the plan’s investment process by 19% and the calls to overcome [...] Continue reading
Yesterday we commemorated the 64th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Human Rights by the United Nations of that time, in the creation of which there was an outstanding Cuban representation. The authoritarian authorities of our country, who a... Continue reading
The penultimate month of the year ended passing on to December, the final one, the most important inheritance received from October: the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the eastern provinces of the country. This weather phenomenon, whose final forecast... Continue reading
A few days before the elections in the United States, on November 2, the newspaper Granma published a statement by Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, where it again castigated the United States Interest Section — SINA — in Havana, accu... Continue reading
The final days of that October were grim. At the beach, the rough seas spilled over the sand blowing in the wind. The militia dug trenches, so close to the coast, that their walls caved in. Guanabo was desolate, more so than normal for that time of yea... Continue reading
Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías won the Venezuelan elections as was expected, but only by 10 percentage points; translated to voters figure is assumed he will have to govern with an opposition that showed support from the 45% of the electorate: six million ... Continue reading
In another of the many meetings of recent days, the XI International Criminal Sciences Meeting 2012, the General Controller of the Republic, Gladys Bejarano Portela, urged, from ethics and professionalism, the confrontation of economic crimes and ille... Continue reading
Yesterday, October 16, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba finally published Decree/Law No. 302, which modifies the previous “Law on Immigration,” No. 1312, from September, 1976. A text of the law appeared in the same edition. As a... Continue reading
In recent days Havana has stood out as venue of countless events, most of them of an international nature and assorted disciplines. International Labiofam Congress 2012; International Law Congress 2012; VII Course on Tools of Control and Prevention Aga... Continue reading
In August the sixteenth summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) came to an end in Teheran, the capital city of Iran — the country which now assumes the presidency of the organization. The Syrian crisis and the Iranian nuclear program dominated the m... Continue reading
On the occasion of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA) Council held in Chile on August 31 and September 1, our organization released a document about the current Cuban reality. In it we summarize the main views with regards to the eco... Continue reading
Motivated by the death of the leader and founder of the Christian Liberation Movement, the Cuban Democracy Project issues the following declaration: The Cuban Democracy Project is in mourning, after the tragic death of the leader and founder of the Chr... Continue reading
It was another summer Sunday, but in 1969. Oswaldo and I, seated on the double bunk we shared, commented that morning about the biography of Albert Einstein that he was proposing to read. Suddenly bursting into the barracks was an official from CIM &#8... Continue reading
One hot summer afternoon, back in the ’90s, several friends were getting together in the shade of an old sea grape at the beach in Guanabo. One of them said that in his house had lost a small turtle and that after three months, without food or drink,... Continue reading
Dr. Elias Carranza, Director of the United Nations Latin American Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, shocked us when he said that Cuba is the safest country in the region, during his Keynote Address at the Sixth Inter... Continue reading
Cuban nightmare When we woke up, the dinosaurs were still there. Version of the story “The Dinosaur”, by the Honduran writer Augusto Monterroso (1921-2003). June 30 2012 Tweet Continue reading