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El anuncio del senador republicano se produjo un día después del violento operativo perpetrado por la policía política cubana contra veintena de activistas de la UNPACU Continue reading

#Cuba regime directs the intelligence & repression activities of the #MaduroCrimeFamily

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Varias organizaciones de Derechos Humanos en los Estados Unidos, América Latina y Europa firmaron la oración Continue reading
  HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 11 (ACN) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla … the blockade, reinstate visas for Cubans and end the repression of … Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, in response to statements made … Continue reading
… to impose the sanctions. Cuba and Venezuela became close allies … , which Havana compensates for by providing Venezuela with Cuban doctors and … Maduro often travels to Havana and the Cuban ambassador is a … Caracas, the extent of Cuba’s influence on and support … Continue reading
Journalist being pushed during Colombian student protests in Bogota, Colombia, Nov 15, 2018 Photo: teleSUR Bogota, November 17 (RHC)-- Students, workers and Indigenous people are mobilizing in several cities of Colombia to protest against the tax reform … Continue reading
… trade and economic embargo against Cuba. UN resolution adapted The … moves by Washington to criticise Cuba’s human rights record, … for eight amendments criticizing Cuba’s human rights record … Trump administration pointing to Havana’s repression of political … Continue reading
… administration unveiled new sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela, part of … or controlled by the Cuban military and intelligence services … list. Bolton cited the Cuban government’s repression of its … and their relatives in Havana that are believed caused by … Continue reading
… on Cuba's rights record, nations should condemn Havana repression Cuban foreign … the world body for Cuban dissidents. Every year Cuba initiates a UN … adopted, the Cuban-sponsored resolution would also call on Havana to “end … Continue reading

On Monday the Cuban Human Rights Commission (CCDHRN) demanded an "explanation of the regime’s responsibility" for the violent death of a prisoner in police custody in Placetas, Villa Clara.

In its monthly report on repression, the opposition group CCDHRN described the incident as the "most serious to transpire in the month of August."

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Though the Cuban regime continues to sell to the world an image of "renewal" and "change" under Díaz-Canel, and with the constitutional reform under way, ongoing repression continues to belie this facade. Now culture has also come under attack: the threat of a new period of censorship in Cuba threatens creators due to the controversial Decree-Law 349.

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… Against Repression for Cuba,” or M.A.R. por Cuba, chanted “no … is going directly to the Cuban government to further oppress the … the people, for the average Cuban to drink, because everything was … group was mostly comprised of Cuban exiles. Copyright 2018 Sunbeam Television … Continue reading
Nicaraguan soldiers ordered not to repress protests. Photo: Reuters File Managua, July 12 (RHC)-- The Nicaraguan Army, in a press release, has rebuffed claims of being involved in undertaking and executing public policing mandates.  The accusation comes … Continue reading
… undergo every four years -- Cuban officials decried "manipulation… rights is a priority," Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told … concerned" at reports that Cuban activists "have been prevented … United States also demanded that Cuba "release individuals who were … Continue reading
… African slaves were brought to Cuba, more than double the number … are Afro Cubans. Like the late Eusebio Penlaver, many Cuban blacks are … diversity in repression, documented by Cuban cinematographer Nestor Almendros (Places in … , a cemetery without crosses. New Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel hasn’t … Continue reading
… : The United States grudgingly acknowledged Cuba’s “undemocratic” transition to a … . “We are disappointed that the Cuban government opted to silence independent … Continue reading
… people greater political freedom. Earlier, Cuba's National Assembly formalized … ;We are disappointed that the Cuban government opted to silence independent … improve the lives of the Cuban people, to respect human rights … economic freedoms. " Washington and Havana resumed diplomatic ties in 2015 … Continue reading
14ymedio, Daniel Delisau, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 31 March 2018 — “I never thought it would be you,” says Svetlana’s character to the actor Steve Buscemi, who plays Nikita Khrushchev in The Death of Stalin. At the end of the film, the daughter of the late dictator realizes that, after the struggle for power unleashed … Continue reading "Stalin Is Dead, Long Live Putin!" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 28 March 2018 – United by the slave trade and, later, by geopolitics, Angola and Cuba are today experiencing a similar moment beyond cultural ties or military pacts. Both countries are going through a process of succession from the historic leadership, which, in the case of Luanda, is defying more than … Continue reading "Lessons From A Planned Succession: Angola and Cuba" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 23 March 2018 — One hundred Venezuelan journalists released a manifesto on Friday demanding freedom of expression and supporting independent journalism in Cuba to mark the 15th anniversary of the 2003 Black Spring. “Three decades later, within Cuba, the right to express oneself freely and the exercise of independent journalism are crimes,” the … Continue reading "One Hundred Venezuelan Journalists Demand Freedom Of Expression In Cuba" Continue reading
14ymedio, Daniel Delisau, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 4 March 2018 — During a conference in New York, the Cuban novelist Wendy Guerra spoke, defending the idea that the body was the only area of freedom, in reference to sexuality. A student who seemed not to have understood the subject of the talk asked the writer if … Continue reading "Cuban Reality Seen Through Sexuality" Continue reading
14ymedio, Dagoberto Valdes, Pinar del Rio, 20 March 2018 — Just one month until April 19, 2018, the date chosen to end the mandate ofRaúl Castro, President of the Council of State and Ministers, many Cubans and friends of Cuba are asking ourselves what will happen in just 31 days. Nobody, not even the ones who … Continue reading "What Will Happen in Cuba on April 19, 2018?" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 19 March 2018 — It was early morning when the police arrived at the door of the first of the opponents who were arrested on March 18, 2003. During that operation, 75 activists and independent journalists were sentenced to long prison terms under the so-called Gag Law, which is still in force today. … Continue reading "Black Spring, The Fertile Repression" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 19 March 2018 — On a mid-February day in 2003, a month before the repressive wave against the Cuban dissidence, sometime after 9:00 in the morning it took me almost an hour to board Route 100 bus, which at that time started its route at the corner of Diez de October and O’Farrill, in … Continue reading "How I Remember Cuba’s 2003 Black Spring / Iván García" Continue reading
14ymedio, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 16 March 2018 — When, in December 2014, the US President at the time, Barack Obama, and Cuba’s General-President Raúl Castro unexpectedly announced the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the reactions on both sides of the Straits of Florida were immediate. As is often the case with Cuban … Continue reading "Reasons and Lack of Reasons Surrounding Political Dialogue" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia and Leonardo Santos, 15 March 2018 — It is difficult, for the macho mentality that prevails among Cubans, to relate to a woman with bold attitudes that require determination and bravery. Regarding Rosa María Payá Acevedo, freelance journalist José Hugo Fernández said that “she has a graceful, elegant appearance, a candid look.” This is the leader … Continue reading "Interview with Rosa Maria, Oswaldo Paya’s Daughter / Iván García" Continue reading
                  _____________ The 14ymedio team is committed to serious journalism that reflects the reality of deep Cuba. Thank you for joining us on this long road. We invite you to continue supporting us, but this time by becoming a member of 14ymedio. Together we can continue to … Continue reading "The Evolution of the Cuban Press" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 14 March 2018 — “Hey, since when do you have wifi that you don’t buy my newspaper,” shouts a street vendor to a young woman walking along Tulipan Street in Havana. Despite the continuing monopoly of the Cuban press by the Communist Party, readers today have more news options thanks to … Continue reading "Cuba’s Press Faces The Challenge Of New Readers" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 13 March 2018 – Cuban authorities prevented independent election observers from accessing vote counting in several polling stations in the country, according to complaints received by 14ymedio from organizations that tried to send observers to the polls. Arbitrary arrests of opponents also marked the day, in which there were dozens of detentions. The … Continue reading "Groups of Independent Observers in Cuba Denounce Repression on Election Day" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, 5 March 2018 –The first time I heard a vegan explain to a Cuban why he did not eat meat, the interaction could not have been more absurd. Although the tourist insisted on the negative effects of certain foods, my compatriot did not understand the rejection of what he considered a longed for … Continue reading "Red Meat and Social Networks" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 1 March 2018 — The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) denounced, in its last report on repression on the Island, the case of one of its members, Amanda Durán Dalmau, “cited twice during the month of February, under the credible threat that she would be imprisoned if she did not … Continue reading "Cuban Human Rights Group Denounces Threat to One of its Members" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 26 February 2018 — Several Cubans who remain trapped in the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport after requesting political asylum have asked the Dutch Government and Pope Francis to mediate before the Immigration Service of that country to grant them refugee status. Last January the Dutch authorities imposed a transit visa requirement for Cubans that has left travelers from … Continue reading "Cubans Trapped In The Netherlands Ask Pope For Help In Obtaining Asylum" Continue reading
14ymedio – Authorities prevented two farmers from the municipality of San Juan y Martínez, in Pinar del Río province, from traveling to Miami on Friday. The two were scheduled to participate in a conference sponsored by the Center for Coexistence Studies (CEC) scheduled for this weekend. The Directorate of Immigration and Alien Affairs claimed that … Continue reading "Barred from Leaving Cuba to Attend an Event Not Approved by the Government" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Miami, 22 February 2018 — Can I Comment? It sounds like a rhetorical question, but when it is formulated by a lawyer with the vocation of a journalist who has experienced political prison on two occasions, the question has new connotations. The book by that title by Cuban lawyer René Gómez Manzano, was presented at … Continue reading "René Gómez Manzano, Thank You For Your Opinion" Continue reading
EFE, via 14ymedio, Havana, 22 February 2018 – “Unwarranted restrictions” on access to and freedom of expression on the internet have been added to the traditional forms of censorship in Cuba, where the government continues to arbitrarily detain and “harass” people critical of it, according to Amnesty International’s 2017-2018 report. The document, released on Wednesday, … Continue reading "Cuba Extends Internet Censorship and Continues to Harass and Arrest Opponents" Continue reading
Fernando Damaso, 15 February 2018 — Cuban socialism started from the premise that stripping the rich of their wealth would accomplish the elimination of poverty. An absurd premise, since the relationship is not less wealth less poverty, but quite the opposite, greater wealth less poverty. The problem is that poverty is not eliminated by taking wealth … Continue reading "Hatred of Wealth / Fernando Dámaso" Continue reading

These are the incidents of repression that DIARIO DE CUBA has reported since the beginning of the year.

February 2018

- February 12: Activist Arianna López reports physical abuse of her ten-year-old daughter at school

- February 11: At least 30 "Ladies in White" are arrested to prevent them from attending Mass and participating in the #TodosMarchamos (WeAllMarch) campaign

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14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 13 February 2018 — A book of testimonies and interviews, Rapping a Utopian Cuba by writer Alejandro Zamora Montes from the Spanish publisher Guantanamera, was withdrawn by the authorities from the recently concluded Havana International Book Fair, an act that activist Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna labelled as censorship in statements to 14ymedio. Madrazo visited the … Continue reading "Cuban Authorities Confiscate All Copies of a Book About Rap at the Havana Book Fair" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 12 February 2018 — Cuban authorities refused to allow six activists to travel to Argentina to participate in a workshop on “electoral process,” according to information provided to 14ymedio this Sunday by Julio Aleaga, member of the independent platform Candidates for Change (CxC). “There were ten activists planning to travel to Argentina this weekend, … Continue reading "Six Cuban Activists Denied Right To Leave The Country For Reasons Of “National Security”" Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, 30 January 2018 — Forced into exile by the Cuban regime, the Legal Information Center (Cubalex) has undergone a “radical and painful change”. However, reorganized in the USA, it aims to continue along the project’s same line: “to internationally denounce the Cuban State for its human rights violations, and spotlight the situation in the country. ” … Continue reading "‘Cuban civil society fails to utilize the mechanisms to report human rights violations’" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 4 February 2018 — A police search of Havana’s independent El Círculo Gallery, managed by the activist Lía Villares and the painter Luis Trápaga, ended with the seizure of computers, cameras and video cameras, several hard drives, USB drives and cell phones. The authorities informed Villares and Trápaga, the owner of the house … Continue reading "Cuban Police Detain El Círculo Gallery Artists Villares and Trapaga for 24 Hours" Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, 30 January 2018 — Forced into exile by the Cuban regime, the Legal Information Center (Cubalex) has undergone a “radical and painful change”. However, reorganized in the USA, it aims to continue along the project’s same line: “to internationally denounce the Cuban State for its human rights violations, and spotlight the situation in the country. ” … Continue reading "‘Cuban civil society fails to utilize the mechanisms to report human rights violations’" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Generation Y, 17 January 2018 – Luz, you have had an incredible “privilege”: To see up close the true face under the Fantômas mask. In your police interview this Monday those State Security agents showed you, with complete self-confidence, who they really are, what is hidden behind the discourse of supposed ‘Revolutionary … Continue reading "Letter to a Threatened Journalist" Continue reading, Yoani Sanchez, 9 January 2017 — “Six decades are a lifetime,” says Facundo, a Cuban retiree who sells the official press in Old Havana to supplement his low pension. Born shortly before Fidel Castro came to power, the man is suspicious of the appointment of a new president next April. “That’s going to be like learning … Continue reading "The Departure Of Raúl Castro, The End Of An Era" Continue reading
Ivan Garcia, 9 January 2017 — Jumping from a conversation about football one about Cuban domestic politics is not exactly an exercise in rational balance. That is why Eduardo, a veterinarian in a cooperative outside Havana, responded with a prolonged silence when the street debate took an unexpected turn. The group was chatting in a corner in … Continue reading "Raul Castro Postpones His Retirement / Iván García" Continue reading