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Roberto Quiñones Haces

Cubanet, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 10 February 2017 – The Havana International Book fair and its provincial offshoots would be more important events if there were debates where all Cuban intellectuals could participate without exclusions. But they are walled prosceniums where there is only room for writers who never raise their voices against any … Continue reading "Books Banned at Cuba’s Book Fair / Cubanet, Roberto Quinones" Continue reading
Cubanet, Roberto Jesús Quiñones Haces, Guantanamo, Cuba, 3 November 2016 — In talking to fellow countrymen and foreigners, the question comes up: Why do we Cubans have put up with so much abuse from the Castros? The question is raised because of the discrimination to which we have been, and are still subject, to the … Continue reading "Why Do We Cubans Put Up With All This? / Cubanet, Roberto Jesús Quiñones Haces" Continue reading

"Soy un hombre de la cultura y un poeta que ha dicho mucho de lo que otros han callado y creo haberlo dicho bien, más allá de la siempre posible perfección de la obra", así se define a sí mismo Roberto Quiñones Haces, que ha sufrido prisión y ha sido acosado constantemente por la policía política, sobre todo en los últimos meses.

Entrevistarlo es fácil, por lo claro y directo de su modo de hablar, y esa transparencia, esa franqueza natural, tan propias de quienes no gustan de perder tiempo con las apariencias y la esgrima verbal.

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The government is trying, among other measures, to curb hiring of its professionals by foreign clinics Cubanet, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 20 April 2015 — The exodus of Cuban health professional does not stop, and the Ministry of Public … Continue reading Continue reading
GUANTANAMO, Cuba, January – These days, as every year, young activists of the UJC (Communist Youth), FEU (Federation of University Students) and veterans of the rebel army, reenact the trip from Santiago de Cuba to Havana made by the … Continue reading Continue reading
GUANTÁNAMO, Cuba, November, – Alain Lobaina Laseria is a mathematics graduate and worked in the Pedro Agustín Pérez Basic Secondary School in the municipality of El Salvador in Guantánamo. However, he has been dismissed from his employment for reporting … Continue reading Continue reading
GUANTANAMO, Cuba, October, – The latest Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops of Cuba, “Hope does not disappoint,” has been distributed to the faithful. Contrary to what happened twenty years ago, when the document “Love Hopes for Everything” was … Continue reading Continue reading
GUANTÁNAMO, Cuba, October, — Today there were commemorations marking the 145th anniversary of the beginning of our first war of independence. At a celebration on October 10, 1968, the centenary of this historic event, Fidel Castro gave a speech in which … Continue reading Continue reading
GUANTANAMO, Cuba, October 7, 2013, Roberto Quiñones Haces/ – I’ve seen them circulating and and I remember that on a news broadcast on National Television they talked about them. They are called “Diana” and from last September, eight of … Continue reading Continue reading