February 2019
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Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez

Lic. Rodrigo Chávez For my eldest son, Roylier Javier Chávez Dubrocq. Countless conversations will never happen given the pigheaded, volatile and dim-witted habit our government has for maintaining a monopolistic grip and control on the flow of information, or should … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez The great majority of Cuban families are not illiterate but they don’t know  that there is a Family Code. They may also be oblivious to the fact that in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba … Continue reading Continue reading
By: Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez I was riding on the P9-route bus, listening to music playing at a reasonable volume, a song by the Mexican Marco Antonio Solís, in which one verse is repeated several times: “Where are we going to … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez In the newspaper Granma, an article published with the title “About leaders and responsibilities”, by Félix López, makes it clear that a well-known old Cuban proverb “the rope breaks at the weakest point” would be ideal for this … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez All or almost all of us think about the FUTURE, but is this future certain or uncertain? From the time we’re little with a future filled with fantasies of what we would like it to be, … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez An article appeared recently  newspaper Granma the official Organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, entitled Italy eventually to eliminate forty provinces, which aroused my curiosity. Italy has developed industry, is an exporter and importer, a state with a long trading tradition, famous for the well-known Italian Mafia, and within its [...] Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez Shall we carry on waiting a few minutes? When we have already waited decades, we continue every day a bit more painfully dealing with the lines, or rather the twists of this “planet Cuba” When I talk about twists, what I am obviously getting at is that at least they should [...] Continue reading
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez The underutilization of the attorney and the little or poor participation accorded to him in the contracting process, ultimately leads to problems with regards to the intentions or expected outcomes of the established relations. In... Continue reading
By Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Monotony? War of attrition? Psychological pressure? False expectations? Or direct or indirect solutions in the short, medium or long term? With so many questions, we do not know how to start, but it is true and, as always, there... Continue reading
Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez, Esq. For Cubans today it no longer seems strange, much less unusual. A lack of punctuality affects any number of activities, whether they be in the workplace, the classroom or at celebrations. There is always some excuse. T... Continue reading
By: Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez You don’t have to be skilled in economics to notice the gaps that instability in all spheres brings with it; every time you wake up it’s a holding pattern and we imagine we are dreaming, even if it’s the aftern... Continue reading