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Foreign Investment Bill | First Special Session | 8th Legislature | March 29, 2014 The National Assembly or Cuban parliament easily approved (nothing odd for that body when the issue is something that, although not divinely ordained, “comes from above”) … Continue reading Continue reading
A group of Cubans in Cuba and its diaspora agreed to promote a roadmap for a constitutional consensus. Organizations and public figures from different generations, all ideologies, religious creeds and interests, we believe it’s good that, first, we agree on … Continue reading Continue reading
An acquaintance of mine swapped his apartment of a room and a half for a smaller one and “some chump change on top of that” to relieve his alcoholism and misery.  I never entered his home and that’s why I was … Continue reading Continue reading
Foreign Investment Law Project. Taken from Cubadebate The National Assembly or Cuban parliament approved with no problems — not a rare thing for this organ where although it’s not divine it “comes from above” — the new foreign investment law. … Continue reading Continue reading
An acquaintance of mine traded his one-and-a-half-room apartment for an even smaller one and a little cash, to ease his alcoholism and misery. I never entered his house and so I was unaware of his poverty. His furniture looked like … Continue reading Continue reading
On March 14, the Cuban press spent another day with more grief than glory. Like previous years, some media guerrillas pledged to do more critical journalism. I wonder with whom. With society and grassroots leaders? So not fair! To criticize … Continue reading Continue reading
Adolfo Suárez, lawyer and Catholic Spanish politician, finally extended his hand to us in a physical goodbye. From now on, we will resort to memory, to photos and videos, to salute with a kind gesture his unwavering gallantry in the … Continue reading Continue reading
Image from Kubafotos On March 7th I returned to Cuba from Miami and they seized seventy pounds of food from me. I doesn’t matter that I bought the ticket at the travel agency, sent the money and packages to my … Continue reading Continue reading
Several years ago we often heard talk in the Cuban media about architectural barriers. Eliminating them is a goal injected some years ago in our national actions and lexicon by the teams of town criers from the government, who have … Continue reading Continue reading
Image Courtesy of Count on earthworm remains, bits of assorted garbage, tiny jaw-breaking pebbles, and the odd piece of moon rock mixed inside the minute ration of the people’s rice being offered by the State; this is the quota … Continue reading Continue reading
Heberprot-P 75  Human recombinant epidermal growth factor Heber Biotec, S.A. Havana, Cuba Last November, a group of Cubans and part of the exiled Cuban community living in the United States, co-published a document named A Humanitarian Appeal  which I already … Continue reading Continue reading
In recent weeks we have heard some information in the United States media about the possibility of selling medicines produced in Cuba in that country, particularly Heberprot-P, a drug for the treatment of diabetic foot. On the other hand, the … Continue reading Continue reading
The farm products we consume today in Havana, whether those offered by the self-employed itinerants — carters — or those sold by the State at the farmers markets, have a characteristic in common: they are all shrinking. So I see … Continue reading Continue reading It has been two years since Laura Pollan abandoned her physical presence and became eternal.  Now she is in the Sta. Rita Parish, the Quinta Avenida walk, and in many Havana streets where they saw her walking invincible clutching … Continue reading Continue reading
Graphic from: I am not going to tackle an everyday plot related to the cinemagraphic or literary genre that became one of the cardinal points of the United States, but that historic company that offers financial and commercial services, … Continue reading Continue reading
I found the body of a dead dog like a decal on the floor of the intersection of the streets Amado and Goss, in Vibora, and twenty meters closer to Mayia Rodriguez, a bird also laminated in the asphalt.  That … Continue reading Continue reading
It is not my invention, it was on Cuban TV where they announce the creation of national social network called “The Clothesline,” for domestic users. Do you think they’re finally respecting our rights to have Internet? Hopefully! But in any … Continue reading Continue reading
Dear cyber-accomplices and visitors in general: My writings reappear now that circumstances allow me to return to publishing. It has been more than fifteen days — I don’t know if it was a technical problem or one of censorship — … Continue reading Continue reading
Lyrics by Jorge Luís Piloto; sung by Amaury Gutiérrez (English translation follows) Laura, Dama de Blanco, te quisieron silenciar y hoy tu voz suena más alto por las calles de la Habana tu energía acompaña a tus hermanas, tu familia … Continue reading Continue reading
The killer sun that perches over Cuba every year hit me harder this August because I had to go several times to the branch of ETESCA in Casino Deportivo to use the online navigation room there.  It is two kilometers … Continue reading Continue reading
Image taken from Todo Fugas Every other night between 8:00 and 10:00 the zone where I live “has its turn” at the water, and when it runs for a while, my block shows itself off like a shiny glass mirror. … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo from I met Oscar Espinosa Chepe† at the home of another opposition activist around the year 1997.  Later, I had the opportunity to interact more with him when he would go to the headquarters of CubaPress, then situated … Continue reading Continue reading
As part of the Multilateral ’Cuba 360’ Program I taught the course “The technologies of information and communication for the socialization of ideas. Cyber-activism and citizen journalism in Cuba,” which began on August 12, had enrollment of eight tenacious and … Continue reading Continue reading
Christian Democrat Organization of America My husband Rafael León Rodríguez, who is the Coordinator of the Cuban Democratic Project (Prodecu), was invited months in advance to participate in the 20th Congress of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA) held … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo from: “The Taliban’s greatest fear has turned out to be a 14-year-old girl armed with some books.” ENCOURAGE MALALA Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani girl from a Muslim family, who has become an activist for the right to … Continue reading Continue reading
Image downloaded from A few days ago the Cuban actress Diana Rosa Suárez appeared on a national television program. Chatting with the moderator and responding to his questions, she reported that — at last! – after ten years, they had … Continue reading Continue reading
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Article 19, Universal Declaration of … Continue reading Continue reading
Taken from This August 5 will be the 19th anniversary of the Maleconazo. The rumor that boats from the United States were reaching the Havana Malecon to transport Cubans to that country, turned into the powder that moved hundreds … Continue reading Continue reading
Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas (1952-2012). Image taken from a Christian Liberation Movement magazine. Text of quote: “Let them call free and democratic elections on a the basis of a new electoral law and an environment that allows all Cubans to … Continue reading Continue reading On June 4, the 118 Internet centers that had been announced in the State press begin operating in Cuba. As I receive the newspaper Granma on Mondays I get Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores and Tribuna de La Habana, several days … Continue reading Continue reading
Yoel Martínez, guitarist and member of the duo Buena Fe, (Good Faith) bought a house facing the sea. He and Israel Rojas hired a brigade to repair it and convert it into a bar-cafeteria-restaurant, Melesio’s Grill, which opened its doors … Continue reading Continue reading
Photo taken by “The Voice of the Sandinismo” I am not going to refer to the song by Mexican Jose Alfredo Jimenez but to the spirit, the intention that gravitates like smog over the Cuban archipelago and part of the … Continue reading Continue reading
Wendy, my good little dog Wendy, the family dog, has always been pampered by my youngest son and me. My first born and husband haven’t been as engaged, but lately she’s been sick and since them everyone has equally lavished … Continue reading Continue reading
From The new immigration law that went into effect on January 14 of this year, returned the right to travel to most Cubans, although it’s a right euphemistically recovered, because only a privileged minority can manage a trip abroad. … Continue reading Continue reading
To demonstrate that diversity and true respect for differences exist in Cuba, the rights of ALL Cubans must be recognized, without excluding dissidents. 25 June 2013 Tweet Continue reading
The Multilateral Program «Cuba 360»  was launched. We started two months ago distributing the promotional brochure on this initiative — and other writings as part of the “Seed” — in various social sectors and it has been enriched with a … Continue reading Continue reading
My much appreciated visiting and habitual accomplices: This last May 15 my husband’s laptop just died. I blinked when I was working on it and the monitor went dark forever. It was the family computer, a material and good tool … Continue reading Continue reading
I discovered the bulge on the middle finger of my right hand while I was still in primary school. After remaining for years as a prominent trauma from gripping the pencil or pen too tightly while writing, it lost its … Continue reading Continue reading
The stench has overwhelmed Cuba for years, and in Havana it is more apparent in neighborhoods where the common people and workers live, where inhabitants do not have high positions in the state bureaucracy. We live among trash, and they … Continue reading Continue reading
from: It seems that the economic imperialism of so-called Latin American left is going to throw the ballots in favor of the election of Piedad Cordoba for the presidency of Colombia. Telesur’s news-ticker already announced her candidacy for the … Continue reading Continue reading My appreciated usual accomplices and visitors: On May 15th my husband’s laptop just died. It blinked when I was working on it and the monitor turned itself off forever. It was the family computer, a practical tool that, like … Continue reading Continue reading
“Corrupt lawyer and judge. Raúl Castro, help me. Unjust eviction.” Unfortunately, in Cuba anybody with a Communist Party ID, a title that gives them a substantial amount of power, and personality disorders that will predispose them to abuse their authority, can … Continue reading Continue reading
From The eighth and final page of the tabloid Granma hesitantly tells us the story. It’s about the Conrado Benitez Cancer Hospital in Santiago de Cuba, which completed its first capital repair, after the passage of the destructive Hurricane … Continue reading Continue reading
Miguel Diaz-Canel criticized the information silence imposed on us by the authorities and called it an “impossible dream” to maintain it due to the circulation of news that circulated among people who surf the internet or who have email, and … Continue reading Continue reading
Cesar Portillo de la Luz (La Habana, October 31, 1922), one of the kings of Cuban music, has died. He departed this world but he left behind his songs and a guitar widowed from arpeggios and creative harmonies. He crossed … Continue reading Continue reading