July 2018
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Rosario Morales la Rosa "Charito"

The Corner of the Indignant, an independent sales point established by Lady in White and activist Rosario Morales la Rosa, best known as “Charito”, turned 1 year old this 10th of April. Morales has withstood all kinds of repudiation and repression on behalf of the State during her time managing her small store which carries [...] Continue reading
Arrested for pots and pan protest in Havana’s Central Park, beaten, and confined in a dungeon for 3 days. She was fined for more than one thousand pesos and has a trial pending, which means she could soon go to prison for saying, out loud, what so many Cubans think. After the pots and pans [...] Continue reading
  “Down with police corruption”, “Long Live the Ladies in White”, “Long Live Human Rights”, and “Fair wages” were just some of the slogans shouted by two brave women who carried out a pots-and-pans protest in Havana’s Central Park this Thursday, February 14th (St. Valentine’s Day). The women were Rosario Morales la Rosa, best known [...] Continue reading
[A special thanks to Ivan Hernandez Carrillo (@ivanlibre) and activist Maria Cama (@mspianoteacher) for providing this interview] Rosario Morales La Rosa, better known amongst her friends as “Charito“, was expelled from her job in Cuba because of her participation in the Ladies in White.  Upon not being employed, Charito remained without any source of economic [...] Continue reading