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Sayli Navarro

Los diputados del grupo liberal (ALDE) en el Parlamento Europeo (PE) criticaron este martes la decisión de las autoridades cubanas de prohibir viajar a Bruselas a la miembro de las Damas de Blanco Sayli Navarro Álvarez, invitada por ese mismo partido político para participar este martes en una mesa redonda, reporta EFE.

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Fuerzas del régimen impidieron viajar a Bruselas este domingo a la activista y coordinadora de CubaDecide, Sayli Navarro, según denunció ella misma en un vídeo en su cuenta de Facebook.

"En la terminal número 3 del aeropuerto José Martí el ciudadano 'Alain' me acaba de informar que tengo una multa impuesta, que no sé cuándo, por qué ni quién me la impuso. Por este motivo no puedo salir del país", detalló Navarro.

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Saylí Navarro hizo la denuncia desde el aeropuerto Continue reading

"Esta es una ofensiva contra los promotores de Cuba Decide que no empezó hoy, que lleva tiempo ocurriendo. El nivel de represión contra nuestros promotores y contra toda la oposición está aumentando", condenó la activista Rosa María Payá a DIARIO DE CUBA.

Payá, quien acaba de arribar a la Isla, se refirió al "secuestro" de este lunes de tres promotores de Cuba Decide, la iniciativa que ella misma dirige.

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Se trata de Saylí Navarro, Félix Navarro e Iván Hernández Carrillo Continue reading
After two consecutive weekends of violence carried out by the political police against the Ladies in White and other dissidents in the province of Matanzas (especially in the cities of Cardenas and Colon), more photos of the scars left by the agents have emerged. Sayli Navarro, a young member of the Ladies in White from […] Continue reading
State Security and other police sectors of the Cuban regime repeated their violent actions against a number of Ladies in White and male dissidents in the province of Matanzas this Sunday, July 21st, mainly in the cities of Colon and Cardenas.  The news arrived just one week after similar violence on July 14th and after […] Continue reading
Despite a propaganda-based campaign by the Cuban dictatorship against the Ladies in White in recent days, this 30th of June – the last day of the month – these women managed to march and assist Mass in different areas of the country, demanding freedom for all those Cubans who reside behind bars for thinking differently. […] Continue reading
As occurs each Sunday, dozens of Ladies in White took to the streets of their respective cities this June 9th to participate in Mass and pray for the freedom of all political prisoners and later carry out civic marches carrying flowers and photos of some prisoners. In the Cuban capital- Havana- 76 Ladies in White […] Continue reading
Wearing flags with the image of the Virgin of Charity which were donated during her visit to the Ermita de la Caridad in Miami, Berta Soler led the march of the Ladies in White in Cuba’s capital, Havana, this past Sunday June 2nd.  The women marched throughout the country, despite the presence of the political […] Continue reading
After her first trip ever outside of Cuba to denounce the reality faced by those who defend freedom in the country, Berta Soler, the representative of the Ladies in White, has returned to the island this Monday, 27th of May. Soler was received by her two children and her husband, dissident leader and former political […] Continue reading
Dozens of members of the Ladies in White assisted Mass this Sunday, April 21st, despite numerous cordons set up by the political police.  The women prayed for the freedom of all political prisoners as they habitually do, and also in solidarity with victims of violence in Cuba, like the 40 hunger strikers of the Patriotic [...] Continue reading
Each Sunday various arrests of Ladies in White in different parts of Cuba are reported, but this 7th of April, the first Sunday of the month, a group of 60 women were detained by the political police in the province of Santiago de Cuba, simply for trying to make it to Mass. Regardless, members of [...] Continue reading
Numerous Ladies in White defied police operations and marched throughout Cuba this Easter Sunday, March 31st, to mark the religious date and also to celebrate the 10th anniversary in which they were founded as a movement composed by the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and other relatives of the political prisoners rounded up and jailed [...] Continue reading
This Sunday, March 24th 2013- Palm Sunday- Ladies in White marched to their respective churches throughout the country as they do each week to pray for the liberation of all political prisoners.  However, the religious date did not keep the political police from carrying out a number of arrests of these women.   20 dissidents [...] Continue reading
Father and daughter, Felix Navarro Rodriguez and Sayli Navarro- the first a former political prisoner and the latter an independent journalist- were arrested together along with the activist Nelson Ruiz, all of which belong to the Pedro Luis Boitel Movement for Democracy, this  Saturday August 25th when they were traveling from their city of residence- [...] Continue reading