December 2018
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Silvio Benítez Márquez

Silvio Benitez speaks of his experience in the dissidence. Watch it on the youtube channel desdelapuntabrava. August 2 2011 Continue reading
As of a few weeks ago members of the citizens’ protect Voices of the Neighborhood are announcing to national and international public opinion their supposed participation in the people’s debate on the economic and social policies with the intention of proposing to the communist government the modification of the current electoral system. The novelty of [...] Continue reading
Silvio Benitez, Promoter of Neighborhood Spokespeople, meets with Pastor Mario of Villa Clara to spread the initiative in the center of the country. April 14 2011 Continue reading
Weeks ago the Neighborhood Spokespeople sent a group of citizen demands to headquarters of the People’s Power National Assembly regarding public opinion about the measures of December 2010. These were gathered over months by the different bodies and no response has been received. This disinterest shown by the different channels of the People’s Power with [...] Continue reading
I’ve been meaning to write a post about someone I respect and think highly of in my neighborhood. I’m referring to José Quintana y Pérez, that illustrious figure who became submerged in an alcohol addiction from a very early age. As for his reasons, I only know what his drinking buddies have told me, which [...] Continue reading