June 2018
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Translator: Alexis Rhyner

The nutcases approach me. In Cuba it was the same. The United States need not be the exception. Crazy. Beautiful. Docile. The sufficient causes of great massacres lie at the margins of great truths. Cubanness, for example. There is no … Continue reading Continue reading
I have visited the Spanish Mediterranean but Cannes is, for me, a futuristic city approximated by its famous international film festival. The 66th ceremony closed with awards presented by Steven Spielberg, president of the jury that awarded the Grand Prix … Continue reading Continue reading
Julio César Solér Baró Blogs at Misceláneas de Cuba Claiming that the origins of poverty stem from politics is an insult. Poverty has no roots in the wings of determined politicss and departing from the vast hunger created by the … Continue reading Continue reading