December 2018
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Havana, Cuba. It happened in the Motel on 11th and 24th streets, near the iron bridge connecting Vedado and Miramar. In a room rented for two hours, the unpleasant whisper was heard: “Mami, you have a wonderful stench!” It was … Continue reading Continue reading
Points of the declaration from Virginia. The signatories below, members of a countless number of organizations which make up the Central Opposition Coalition, an entity affiliated with the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of Civic Resistance, have ... Continue reading
Public spaces In a recent column I published an anecdote with which I’m sure you agree: our meeting in 2004, by chance, on the corner of Palacio de los Matrimonios in Vedado, after months without seeing each other, in which, very concerned about the political and cultural pressures you were under, you told me, “You’re [...] Continue reading
Literary spaces There are five moments in your literary career that I want you to talk about, trying to salvage the most important details, those details of each success that would mold you into being the writer you are now, or those other moments that made you open your eyes to the harsh reality that [...] Continue reading
There was a definitive moment for your career as a writer that I believe is worth remembering, even when I know that it can be a difficult question: your meeting with the writer Eduardo Heras Leon. Leaving aside the possible differences that you could have had from the clear ideological differences between Eduardo and us, [...] Continue reading
“The responsibility of Cuban writers, more than ever, is to protest, to make their disagreements public.” For more than a decade, starting with invisible struggles that happened during literary events that were taking place in Cuban literature in the 90′s, the name of Angel Santiesteban was mentioned several times, but always strangely linked to the [...] Continue reading
Some days ago a brief note denounced to the world, what a mother described as hell. After she knew from the workers from Social Security that that agency decided to withdraw the pension given to her each month, for her handicapped daughter Keylis Caridad Alemán Rodríguez. A month after such arbitrariness, the situation is the [...] Continue reading
To ask for money from relatives who live in the United States of America is a constant in Cuba. Whether it is done through one of most expensive international collect calls from the island, an e-mail, or through a letter describing a string of scarcities, at the end of the missive money is requested from [...] Continue reading
Three tombs constantly receive the worship of numerous devotees of the whole country and of many Cubans who, for one reason or another, left for other lands. They are the ones of Mrs. Amelia Goyri, the renamed Alberto Yarini Ponce de León and that of Brother José. It’s curious that in the tomb where worship [...] Continue reading
I have always said, as a joke, to relatives and friends that when I am dead I want to be buried standing up. In my home town Santo Domingo, there is a story that the first parish priest José I. y Belasa was buried standing in what is today the oldest sculptural complex in the [...] Continue reading
Some time ago the press media of the Archdiocese of Havana, was cheerfully announcing that the chapel of what used to be the University of Santo Tomas de Villanueva, had been returned to them. The magazine Palabra Nueva (New Word) in a brief piece of news testified what was happening. Maybe just the fact of [...] Continue reading
Cuba looks like an anthill, and each one has contributed — as they say — a grain of sand. Believing that this grain of sand is so little that it means nothing because “nothing can change”. I am reading for the first time “El poder de los sin poder” (The Power of The Powerless), by [...] Continue reading
 By Ignacio Estrada Cepero Havana, Cuba: Once again human rights activists denounce the repression in the Eastern provinces, against a group of women who belong to the organization Ladies in White. Such an embarrassing event was characterized by a group of elderly and paramilitary people armed with many different types of sticks, some people say, [...] Continue reading
I have no words to describe the recent statements made by his Eminence Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino during his stay last week in the United States of America. Those who have followed each of the press releases that mention in one way or another the statements of the highest Cuban [...] Continue reading
Laura Álvarez Rojas, a Cuban woman resident in South Africa, in less than nine months lost two of her loved ones. Her brother, Alberto Álvarez Rojas, a resident in the island, died last March 13th, in a car accident in that country. “When I had not yet recovered from the pain of losing my mother, [...] Continue reading
Mr. Dictator Raul Castro From Placetas, in the center of Cuba, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez and his wife Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera are writing to you, a married couple openly opposed to your tyrant and totalitarian regime. On this occasion we want to send you a responsible summons motivated by the cruel, unfair, arbitrary [...] Continue reading
The city that looks toward the heavens, that looks toward the sea, at the infinite / asking itself from within what our destiny will be A neighbor from Taguayabón, scandalized with the growing brutality of the system, peculiar to dictatorships in decline, and sincerely worried about me, begged me with all her heart after my arrest [...] Continue reading