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News on Mondays tends to be unflattering, and that is why, instead of writing a story, I would rather share a gossip, which if it doesn’t get you informed will entertain you. So I risk it. You may surely remember … Continue reading Continue reading
Where are the documentaries about the Bahamian concentration camps where there are school-age children and women with their lips sewn shut? It has been a few weeks since South Florida’s media and social networks have been denouncing the systematic abuses … Continue reading Continue reading
The XCIII Plenary of the National Council of the Workers Central Union of Cuba (CTC) that recently met under the chairmanship of the Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), agreed to postpone the celebration of its XX Congress, … Continue reading Continue reading
Once the flag of the stripes and stars was lowered amid popular rejoicing on 20 May 1902, Generalissimo Máximo Gómez proceeded to raise the national ensign at Palace of the General Captains. “I think we have made it,” were his words … Continue reading Continue reading
By Jennifer Fonseca Padrón, Activist and Independent Journalist ( | Four years after the birth of the Network of Civic Libraries (NCL), its members and founders decided to come together to honor the date, look at the accomplishments of their … Continue reading Continue reading
The VI Assembly of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) came to an end, and this entity of Latin American churches missed out on the opportunity to make history in Cuba, adopting a genuinely prophetic position. Instead, the Assembly let … Continue reading Continue reading
Operation Truth Video & Transcript Site manager: We decided not to subtitle the video itself, given its length and poor sound quality, so a transcript is provided below and can be downloaded here.  The video of Eliecer’s encounter with Ricardo … Continue reading Continue reading
On the 29th of October of 1897 in the pasture of La Yaya, in Sibanicú, Camagüey, the drafting of what would become the last mambí Constitution came to an end. The resulting text represented a qualitative leap forward in Cuba’s … Continue reading Continue reading
By Jeovany Jiménez Vega I reread the letter from the surgeons from the Havana “Calixto García” Hospital to Raúl Castro, which was published on 20 September by Cubaencuentro anonymous and undated. At the time of posting my previous post on October 1, I didn’t know that on September 28 another digital site, Cubainformación, had published [...] Continue reading
Yesterday, while enjoying my coffee in the morning, the children bustling outside reminded me that it was Three Kings’ Day.” It has been a while, for my husband and me, since the suffocation of making this day happen for our son came to an end. Memorable for me, because I believed in the Kings for [...] Continue reading
Havana, Cuba – These are some of the realities that Mrs. Mariela Castro hides, leaving the LGBT community in absolute deprivation of all rights. A number of night clubs that hosted parties for the LGBT community have been closed in the past few days. To cite some examples: - Due to a general restoration, ’El [...] Continue reading
Upon arriving in this corner of France and reuniting with my family, whom I had not seen for seven years, I had the great pleasure of receiving a visit from the son of a very dear friend, whom I had first seen when he was born. Later on, as you might i... Continue reading
In the act of remembrance for the victims of the Independent Party of Color held in Central Park, at the statue of our apostle José Martí, Miguel Barnet, intellectual and ethnologist was in charge of the words of apology. With a solid document, Barne... Continue reading
The privileges granted by the regime to the Cuban military elite, behind the back of the people’s will and stepping over any consensus from the citizens, have as solemn goal to buy the loyalty of this elite. Bought loyalty is not acting in a reasonab... Continue reading
Racism was supposedly abolished by the revolution of the Constitution and from public places, but there were no policies to educate the citizens to be conscious about their actions. The revolution did not care about intellectual abolition of racism and... Continue reading
Social and racial equality in Cuba was grossly embezzled and supplanted by the greed of political power. To understand the achievements and chimeras of this equality that is nothing but virtual, it is essential to submerge ourselves in the discourse of... Continue reading
Miguel Coyula (a jury member for the exhibition) on the resignation of Fernando Pérez from the presidency of ICAIC* Young Filmmakers Exhibition: RESIGNATION I understand and respect Fernando’s decision. Beyond whether it was artistically accomplishe... Continue reading
This past July 2 was second anniversary of the death of Tomás Leopold Alfonso Manso. He was born on September 30, 1941, and unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack on July 2, 2010, leaving an irreplaceable emptiness in Taguayabón, the town in wh... Continue reading
Havana – Once again the international media talks about the shipment of 146 animals from Namibia to Cuba. The act will fulfill the agreements signed by both governments a few moths ago. Just to cite some examples, there are elephants, black rhin... Continue reading
The downfall of the black man’s ethnicity is a phenomenon that is part of universal history. In the Americas this ethnic downfall arose when the African stopped being called African but Negro, as a result of the slave trade. Taboos against blacks and... Continue reading
It’s no secret to anyone that Cuban baseball, regardless of the odd triumph, has been in crisis for some time. Exposing the story of the majors, showing that professionals are playing against amateurs, the successive defeats against teams playing in ... Continue reading
By Yaremis Flores The National Organization of Legal Collectives (ONBC) announced this past Tuesday,June 5th, on the official radio its first international congress: Advocacy 2012. The event will take place from the 19th to the 21st of September at the... Continue reading
Talitá, cum, is a phrase in Aramaic, a language spoken in Palestine in Jesus’ time, meaning “I speak to you”, and it belongs to the gospel of Mark 5, 21-43, and the church has set it has aside for us to meditate this week. This gospel tells us t... Continue reading
The sun is still rising in Cuba. The natural cycle of birth and death never fails to mock ideology and power. It is the rag that will wipe away all the actors of this diabolic drama. Recently I got to know through a friend who is a veteran of  the Lad... Continue reading
Mr. E. Javier Hernández H. As a consequence of the sad social deterioration and the weak rule of law in our country, for years now there has been an increase in the dangerous behavior of the citizens and other state entities that refuse to fulfill th... Continue reading
By Wilfredo Vallín Almeida “A ghost is traveling around Europe: it is the ghost of Communism” said Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their famous Manifesto. Over a century later, when he was Foreign Relations Minister and the one who best ... Continue reading
The well-known Bélico River in Santa Clara is showing, in these rainy days, the pollution in the city of Marta, causing astonishment among the people passing by and the rest of the population. Santa Clara, capital of the Villa Clara province, was foun... Continue reading
May, Havana, Cuba. FROM The process of transition towards democracy, in authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, should be included as a subject within the Political Science field, because of the worldwide vast experiences gained from re... Continue reading
Cubans get up and go to bed with politics. In Cuba, politics, far from being an exercise of citizenship, is a way of life and a must to get to the Party’s lines.  It has always been like this in the past; the only difference is that today’s politi... Continue reading
In the early years of the Revolution, the state shook the tree, as they used to say back then, but it left some rotten fruits that have germinated and that today defecate on its face. In the last two decades, there has been a mind set shift in a negati... Continue reading
One hundred years after the massacre of the Independents of Color, the most horrifying crime that has been committed in Cuba, against blacks and mestizos, who were only seeking the recognition of their rights after having fought for Cuba’s independen... Continue reading
“I do not agree with giving mercenaries the same rights as intellectuals,” claimed the writer Miguel Barnet, president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and member of the Communist Party Central Committee, at the 30th Conf... Continue reading
These are the forces that keep us alive: dignity, freedom, and courage. - José Martí I confess that if something causes me pain is to feel helpless, as a black citizen, every time I see the statue of José Miguel Gómez, located in area of El Vedado,... Continue reading
When Leandro was born, back in 1930, there was no television. Of course, there was no Internet, computers or mobile phones either. The radio and the movies were no longer silent, and newspapers used to have many pages. Leandro still remembers when at a... Continue reading
Yesterday’s afternoon, Yusaimi spent four hours in the studio of a professional photographer.Surrounded by lamps, umbrellas, a mirror in the background, she spent all the time changing clothes and posing like an international model. She ended up exha... Continue reading
Havana Cuba, Thursday, February 16, 2012. General Report of the Cuban League Against AIDS on Human Rights violations to the community of Lesbians, Gays,Bisexuals and Transgenders. It has been five decades from that fatal triumph led by people wearing olive green clothes coming down from the mountains, and proclaiming a society of equality for all, without discrimination by race, religion, political and sexual orientations. Not many years went on before the first exclusions of all Cubans who had [...] Continue reading
A journalist from abroad asked me about the content and the implementation of something known in Law as Right of Appeal, which in Cuba turns out to be problematic. In our case, the first problem is that our multi-awarded compatriot Yoani Sanchez brought this action against the Minister of Interior, General Abelardo Colome Ibarra. The [...] Continue reading
In this video people who were threatened, arrested, and imprisoned during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba in April 2012, speak of their experiences. Father Jose Conrado says that he is going to ask the Nuncio to share these testimonies with the Pope, “Because we have the obligation to inform him and he [...] Continue reading
Video 1 of 3 – Describes being barred from practicing medicine for circulating and submitting a petition signed by 300 healthcare workers requesting an increase in wages. Video 2 of 3 – Describes his attempts to have his case heard by government institutions. Video 3 of 3 – Describes the actions the authorities took against [...] Continue reading
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Note: This video is two minutes long. Translated by Chabeli 20 February 2012 Tweet Continue reading
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