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Regis Iglesias and Oswaldo Paya, prior to the 2003 Black Spring At 9 am I called tía Beba’s house. I was waiting to hear Efrén answer the phone as usual and update me on the early news of that March … Continue reading Continue reading
The Revolution has maybe two or three weekends left. Then, before or after that bad metaphor which is the arrival of spring, we’ll be living in a full holocaust. The State will probably have to kill liberally in order to … Continue reading Continue reading
Dictatorships leave indelible scars that neither a psychiatrist nor the best plastic surgeon can repair. We Cubans, forced to ignore the definition or concept of a personal computer, organize ourselves within our families to work in an orderly way on the computer. Disciplined by lines and trained in the art of waiting, we bite our [...] Continue reading
LOVE AT FIRST STAGE Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo The homeland’s Sunday devastates you, ravages you, tears you to shreds of a Cuban without illusions. Then you take your Canon and rush into a theater. In the Trianón theater, for example, where Carlos Díaz has been dazzlingly undressing his crew of actors for decades. You never [...] Continue reading
The Communist Party of Cuba works arduously to realize a full identity between its members and those of the government, and to guarantee that its politics are approved unanimously in the National Assembly, the body that represents and expresses the will of more than 11 million Cubans. The sixth Congress of the Communist Party of [...] Continue reading
THE DAWN* OF WAITING Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo José Lezama Lima waited for the death of his mother before feeling guilt-free enough to publish the scandalous Paradiso. Virgilio Piñera waited to amass 18 boxes of unedited material before letting himself die of loneliness or of State Security. Dulce María Loynaz sat down, like a character [...] Continue reading
In Cuba, my unknown homeland, published on January 3rd, 2010, a reader who signed under the name of Philipp, and who, because of the flag shown, must live in Germany, left the following comment on August 3rd, 2011. “A question remains: this I don’t understand…How is it possible that you have a blog (meaning you [...] Continue reading
Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo The dictatorship of the market. I have heard the phrase on countless occasions, in boring meetings of this, that or the other state institution. The market mutilates and kills the best. The market is one of many modern masks of mediocrity. The market is shit, my love. Invariably I felt guilty [...] Continue reading
THE NIGHT OF THE BOOKS Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo That propagandist title has always seemed a little terrifying to me: The Night of the Books… It sounds as if the sun had set for books, as if brightness and clarity had disappeared, as if we had come across literary darkness and the letters had to [...] Continue reading
FOR WHOM THE IBERIA TOLLS…? Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo History repeats itself. Once as comedy and another time as a black hole, abyss of pre-capitalist post-modernity that is inhabited in Cuba. Its name isn’t even known. Barely Adonis, a word that maybe even he ignored in his ancestral echoes of splendid or ruinous marble. His [...] Continue reading
Work Table of Madrid now….!,originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. Saturday July 9th, the second Work Table will be celebrated in Madrid. On the topic The Emerging Civil Society, we will have a participatory debate with Miguel Angel Garcia, president of the ONGD CENINFEC (Center of Information and Documentation of Cuban Studies), which will contribute interesting facts [...] Continue reading