July 2018
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Translator: Claudia Diaz Alemany

TO MORE BLOCKADE, MORE SOCIALISM Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Let yumas [Americans] do and undo in Yuma [America] as they democratically please. It would be too much already if from Cuba, we Cubans pretended to dictate norms in American politics. It is their Congress, their Committee, their Foreign Affairs, their House of Representatives or of [...] Continue reading
AMEN TO AMY…, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. Goodbye, Dear Amy. We had seen coming for a while that there would be no rehab for you. Only the good die young. The gods’ favorites. They didn’t see you. Not even Cuba saw you, did you see us? Will miss you forever… Translated by: Claudia Diaz Alemany [...] Continue reading
VOCES 9 PA´L VIERNES 29…!!!, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. VOICES, THE FREE-LANCE MAGAZINE REACHES ITS 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY…!!! Continue reading
Of Militants and Queers Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo …s they have tried to call it. They weren’t “five gray years.” Much less a “black decade.” The ‘70s were the splendor, the Cuban Revolution’s era of luxury. The ‘70s are and will be the crystal clear incarnation of the world totalitarian utopia, the twentieth century ideal. [...] Continue reading
MY POST FOR 2025… Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo The future is so distant. Such a lie that we are going to live it. Such a panic. Such a coward. That. It’s better to inhabit it a bit in writing just now, when no one can see or hear us at the level of the Cuban [...] Continue reading