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Translator: Ernesto Suarez

Cuban prosecutors have requested long prison sentences for Lady in White Sonia Garro Alfonso, her husband the activist Ramón Alejandro Muñoz González and the also dissident Eugenio Hernández Hernández, according to the independent Center for Information Hablemos Press.  According to … Continue reading Continue reading
LA HABANA, Cuba, September, Miriam Celaya, –The revolutionary movement that took power in 1959, from its inception kept women in a position subordinated to male leadership.  None of the revolutionary programs included female emancipation.  Moreover, no woman took part … Continue reading Continue reading
Not one lonely statement from the Cuban intelligence services’ spy recently released from US prison after serving out his sentence regarding political prisoners in Cuba. Nothing regarding Kilo 8, Kilo 9, Boniato…[1] A guy that calls for a campaign to … Continue reading Continue reading
Poor little doll made of tinsel and wood, so battered across the long and narrow stretch of thousands and thousands of kilometers. Last night, I saw her in Lawton, and it was daunting. Because of her, and because of the … Continue reading Continue reading
An interview with Father José Conrado, from Cuba, by La Nacion newspaper. By Ramiro Pellet Lastra  | LA NACION   José Conrado describes himself as a “small-town priest.” But from his parish in Santiago de Cuba, or in the colonial city … Continue reading Continue reading
“Corrupt lawyer and judge. Raúl Castro, help me. Unjust eviction.” Unfortunately, in Cuba anybody with a Communist Party ID, a title that gives them a substantial amount of power, and personality disorders that will predispose them to abuse their authority, can … Continue reading Continue reading
Havana, Cuba – Once again, the conga line led by Mariela Castro Espín swept through one of the city’s main thoroughfares, this past Saturday, May the eleventh, under heavy security and control measures. The conga line against homophobia, pretends to … Continue reading Continue reading
This Tuesday, in the morning, tens of thousands of Young Cubans will be taking their history exam as part of their entrance exams to higher education.  The main content of the test is Cuban history, and it covers from the … Continue reading Continue reading
From Monday the 8th at 7pm. Without water, nor clothes, nor toiletries, without light, on a concrete bed. God Inc. Imitating my patriotic readings they suppressed my horizon. I took hold of your name, of memory the last station. Every … Continue reading Continue reading
Times are changing in Cuba.  A simple comparison to five years ago will sustain this statement. One of the expressions of this change is the proposal brought forth by a heterogeneous group of citizens (I have grown fond of the … Continue reading Continue reading
Video 1 of 7 Video 2 of 7 Video 3 of 7 Video 4 of 7 Video 5 of 7 Video 6 of 7 Video 7 of 7 The live translator for Yoani is Ernesto Suarez. 17 March 2013 Tweet Continue reading