December 2018
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The Antillean archipelago’s authorities say that “In Cuba, we all count”, and that’s why from the 15th to the 24th of September all of the homes of the country will be visited to gather census information. I understand that the census is a stat... Continue reading
The news hits me because it’s so inconceivable: as he was trying to find out the situation of a person detained in Santiago de las Vegas, the young lawyer Veizant Boloy, of the Cuban Law Association, was arrested. This arrest took place inside a pol... Continue reading
Granma, Granma, Granma… Fidel Castro Díaz Balart, oldest son of the former Cuban president, was the featured subject of the eighth and last page of the national newspaper Granma, which in turn – for those who do not know it – is the ... Continue reading
Alas! Zoely is now in worse shape, because she went to see the original owner of her Aleko-make car to agree on the terms for the transfer of ownership, but it seems that someone whispered into the retired old man’s ear that the current value of the car is much higher and that he should [...] Continue reading
Yesterday I ran into a neighborhood acquaintance who asked me about my kid. She was very surprised that “the kid” is in the Military Service, and the following dialogue ensued: “How could you allow him to go into the Service, if you are not even in favor of ‘this’?” “Well, my son thinks for himself, [...] Continue reading
On my planet almost everything is difficult to obtain , but one of the most difficult is information – no small thing! It is said that information is power, so you can imagine how weak is our power. The sale of short-wave radios is prohibited. They are not to be found in any home appliance [...] Continue reading
The writer and journalist Amir Valle, in a still unpublished interview, asks me the following question. And what about the powerful Cuban culture that has been developing for five decades already in exile, in many parts of the world? How do you think it can contribute, from the outside, to the need for a social [...] Continue reading
Once more a phrase comes to mind, that famous one of Generalissimo Máximo Gómez, the Dominican who fought in our wars of independence, when he said in reference to us Cubans that we either didn’t get there or went too far. The authorities on our planet seem to have gone overboard in the media regarding [...] Continue reading
The law regarding vehicle sales finally came out. In its wait, my friend Zoely for more than two years has been taking tranquilizers and making offerings to Elegguá [one of the deities in Afrocuban mythology]. It happens that Zoely, a prosperous manager of a store that sells in foreign currency, bought an Aleko car from [...] Continue reading
Since Raul Castro announced that they would go back to blending chicory into the coffee they sell us through our ration cards and in local currency, I took up this topic; but the repulsiveness of the product they shipped from warehouses which results in a brew that is neither coffee nor porridge, motivated me to [...] Continue reading
It seems that an anti-kissing and anti-closeness strategy has been in place for some days in Havana: toothpaste went missing. The humble consumer who micromanages the pennies in strong currencies obtained from his meager worker’s incentive or received from relatives who have emigrated – workers exploited by capitalism who plan their vacations, travel and invest [...] Continue reading
On Wednesday, September 28th, the newspaper Granma published on its front page an editorial titled: New Injustice of the United States against the Five Heroes. René González, one of the five Cuban spies jailed in the US, will be released this coming October 7th after having served and suffered in its totality the brutal and [...] Continue reading
The Registry Offices on my planet have become human concentrations or people’s saunas. The long lines overflow to the outside of the building, most of them ending on the street, sidewalks and curbs, where those who aspire to be assisted hang around, waiting for the hoped-for moment. At lunch time, the office is closed and [...] Continue reading
This picture was take in the lobby of the Luis de la Puente Uceda Hospital in La Víbora. PRE-SURGICAL OPERATING ROOM THE PORK HAS ARRIVED. THE SALE STARTS AT 8:30 AM UNTIL 12:00 AM CONTINUES AT 2:00 PM UNTIL 4:00 PM THE COST IS $47 IN CUBAN CURRENCY. I DO NOT ACCEPT CHAVITOS (convertible currency) [...] Continue reading