July 2018
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Fifteen kilometers to the south of Ciego de Ávila, in the center of Cuba, there is another failed town, the outbuildings of the demolished central Stewart, that today is called Venezuela. One more ruin. Venezuela was once a thriving town. … Continue reading Continue reading
Amir, listen, I was remembering a lot of intellectuals we respected and loved who on many occasions went to my house to talk about the interviews you were doing with me because they claimed that you were going to betray … Continue reading Continue reading
Dear Regina, Having you and Alcides by my side is a luxury that a few mortals can have. You are a friendship treasure I keep jealously. Thanks for asking for justice, I only ask that, that is all I need … Continue reading Continue reading
Most intellectuals and readers agree the first book that managed to provide deep insights about the writer’s life was Virgilio Piñera en persona (Virgilio Piñera in person), an excellent compilation prepared by the critic and researcher Carlos Espinosa. It started to build the pedestal to the work of theintellectual Virgilio. In these pages his family, [...] Continue reading
By Daniel Morales The writer Angel Santiesteban-Prats has been sentenced to five years in prison by the gang of assassins that, for more than 50 years, dominates every living creature that lives in the beauty and always Faithful Island of Cuba. That se... Continue reading
It’s a widely accepted truth that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, but there are still a few who confer that honor on Vikings, a Chinese sailor or Americo Vespucio. The question is: Was America indeed discovered or isn’t it more of a... Continue reading
Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías won the Venezuelan elections as was expected, but only by 10 percentage points; translated to voters figure is assumed he will have to govern with an opposition that showed support from the 45% of the electorate: six million ... Continue reading
In recent days Havana has stood out as venue of countless events, most of them of an international nature and assorted disciplines. International Labiofam Congress 2012; International Law Congress 2012; VII Course on Tools of Control and Prevention Aga... Continue reading
The dancer dances surrounded by cords. He is lonely. Amid ropes, some chairs also take up the insufficient space. In front of the man, the spectators watch. Mozart’s music sounds different inside the show. The dancer wears white; he moves, suffers ea... Continue reading
As in the great circus, this year, on the centenary of the birth of the great writer, the “official culture” of the island has fired the warning shot that tells the contestants that the fight has begun. The regime has raised the vestiges of censors... Continue reading
In August the sixteenth summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) came to an end in Teheran, the capital city of Iran — the country which now assumes the presidency of the organization. The Syrian crisis and the Iranian nuclear program dominated the m... Continue reading
Last week a reader wrote me worried for my security after reading my name in the Diario de Cubaamong the working team for the citizen initiative For Another Cuba. I want to tell to my dear virtual friend and others that share her concern, that it’s a... Continue reading
By Yaremis Flores The summons for the citizens to attend the nomination of candidates assemblies are already spreading around the neighborhoods. Some are attending like robots, simply to make an appearance and so as not to be “branded” in the zone.... Continue reading
It has always surprised me how Cuban intellectuals, particularly the generation that lived through the seventies, which later came to be called “the five gray years,” have this bad public memory, and in general, among people they trust, they expres... Continue reading
It does not matter if you are superstitious or not. In Cuba anything can happen; even the most unimaginable of things.The three Parcas, the Fates, are out on recess in Cuba. Why deny that they are interested in the Spanish alphabet to cut the threads o... Continue reading
Recently I read two letters that caught my attention. The first, written by Rafael Hernández, a pro-government political scientist based in Cuba, under the title “Letter to a young man who leaves,” trying to undo this massive trend, arguing the su... Continue reading
The execution of the sentence of case 174 from 2010 remains without solution and the procedures to get back my house’s backyard are still under a sabotage On Wednesday August 22 I went for the umpteenth time to the Diez de Octubre Court. I was lucky.... Continue reading